African Fellows Programme (AFP) – Rothamsted International Fellowship Scheme

African Fellows Programme (AFP) – Rothamsted International Fellowship Scheme

African Fellows Programme: The Rothamsted International African Fellows Programme aims to provide problem-focused training in Europe for mid-career African scientists.

The aim of the African Fellows Programme (AFP) is to support sustainable agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa by catalysing innovative solutions needed to achieve food security.

Projects should aim to develop lasting partnerships and strategic alliances that will help in developing local scientific capacity relevant to sustainable agricultural production.

The potential impact of the project will be taken into account during proposal assessment.

African scientists will carry out research projects in a partner European research institute or university for periods normally of 6 to 8 months.

The fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis in a two-stage assessment process.

Research projects must:


  • focus on solving an agricultural problem or constraint
  • demonstrate a clear path from research to application
  • be of benefit to small-holder African farmers and the rural economy.

Deadlines for Applications: Pre-proposals can be submitted at any time and will be considered in the next closing date.

Contact Information:

Rothamsted International, Harpenden,

Hertfordshire, AL5 2JQ,

United Kingdom.

Tel: ++ 44 (0) 1582 763133 ext. 2441.

Fax: ++ 44 (0) 1582 467490.

Email: [at]

For more Fellowship information and application: African Fellows Programme (AFP)

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