ANSTI Conference Grants

ANSTI Conference Grants

ANSTI Conference Grants: Academic staff of African Network of Scientific and Technological Institutions (ANSTI) member institutions can also benefit from conference grants (a maximum amount of award being $2,500) to attend international meetings where they will present papers.

Applicants for the conference grant must send the following to us when applying for this grant: –


  • A curriculum Vitae (C.V)
  • An abstract of the paper one is going to present
  • The invitation letter to the conference you intend to attend which also will include the acceptance of the paper for presentation in the conference.
  • The application letter for the conference grant.Conference Grants – Method of Application

    There are no special application forms for these fellowships.

    All such application letters have to indicate that the conditions of the award mentioned above have been fulfilled. ANSTI does not take responsibility for the identification of conferences for the applicant.

    Conference Grants Application Deadline: There is no deadline for submission of applications. Each application is acted upon as soon as it is received subject only to the availability of funds at the time.

    For further details, and application materials, contact: ANSTI Conference Grants


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