Global Citizenship Fellowship

Global Citizenship Fellowship

Dr. Arthur Clark, Professor in the department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary has been the primary supporter and funder of the Consortium for Peace Studies since its inception.

As Director of the Irma Parhad Programmes, established in memory of his late wife to recognize humanity’s creative potential around the world, Dr. Clark has been instrumental in bringing issues of human health and well-being, international law, human rights and social justice to the University and the larger community.

This Fellowship is open to both scholars and practitioners working in areas including but not limited to:


  • the true costs of conflict;
  • conflict prevention;
  • human health and well-being;
  • community-building; International Human Rights and/or Humanitarian Law;
  • the link between humanity and the environment; the true meaning of citizenship;
  • post-conflict reconstruction and resolution;
  • factors contributing to human disease and unhealthy living conditions;
  • democracy and accountability in government;
  • mediation and negotiation in post-conflict areasThe successful Fellow will be expected to conduct independent research while at the University of Calgary.Eligibility:
  • Ordinarily, the Fellowship is open to full-time practitioners or scholars.
  • Under exceptional circumstances, we are happy to consider applications from those who have a strong voluntary track record with organizations working in the areas mentioned above, or those who have considerable related experience and are now retired.Awards:
  • Valued at CAD $6,000 (including travel), the Fellowship is intended to support a period of residence from two to eight months.
  • One award is available per fiscal year (April 1 – March 31).
  • A second, consecutive Fellowship will not be awarded to the same individual.
  • Exclusive of the salary paid to the Fellows by their home institution (when applicable), Fellows may not undertake any paid employment during the term of the award.
  • However, individuals may hold other awards, including a sabbatical leave, provided the terms of reference do not require the recipient to perform duties that are normally remunerated.
  • Conference travel and participation in normal study abroad or field school programs are not eligible.To Apply:Applications are made by letter and consist of:

    The applicant’s curriculum vitae

    A 2 to 5 page single-spaced Program Statement, which must include:

  • A brief professional biography (not to exceed 3 paragraphs) a statement of the overall goals of the project and plans to achieve them;
  • please include a proposed timeline for your stay in Calgary a statement of personal objectives and the gains (short and long term) to be garnered as a result of the Fellowship experience an outline of the specific as well as the broader scope of the activities in which you will be involved.
  • Specific plans may include, but should not be limited to, collaborative research or an individual research project to be undertaken.
  • a description of the affiliation or collaborative arrangements that have been made (if applicable) an indication of the significance of the plans to the candidate’s personal development and home institute/organization, and how this furthers one or more of the program objectives an identification of the contributions that the applicant will make to the Consortium for Peace Studies.
  • The form and order of presentation of the material may vary according to the nature of the project and in the interests of clarity.Two letters of Support from well-established / recognized individuals (scholars, practitioners, or both) who can attest to the excellence of the applicant’s previous track record and the strength of their proposed program statement.Letters will be accepted electronically provided they are emailed as attachments

    Follow the links below for more details and application contacts.

Application Deadline; December 15 Annually.

For More Information and Application, Please Visit; Global Citizenship Fellowship Website

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