Graduate Scholarships in Reproductive Health Law

Graduate Scholarships in Reproductive Health Law

Graduate Fellowships in Innovation Law and Policy: The Graduate Fellowships in Innovation Law and Policy were established through an endowment fund by the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund.

The Centre for Innovation Law and Policy sponsors a minimum of five Graduate Fellowships each year of up to $25,000 each.

Examples of subject areas that Centre Fellows might explore include:


  • the law and economics of intellectual property rights to promote innovation;
  • the regulation of electronic commerce;
  • the law of intellectual property;
  • Internet law and governance;
  • the regulation of telecommunications, the relationships between competition law and innovation;
  • the effect of different tort liability regimes on innovation;
  • law and policy affecting the provision of capital to innovation enterprise;
  • and the legal, ethical, social and cultural implications of particular innovations or technological developments.Centre Fellows will be expected to make a significant contribution to the activities of the Centre, such as by assisting with conferences or similar events, becoming involved in networking, policy advisory or teaching initiatives of the Centre or assisting in the development of new Centre activities.

    The Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) determines recipients of Centre Fellowships and award amounts based on academic promise, financial need and consultation with Faculty members associated with the Centre.

    Centre Fellowships for SJD candidates may be granted for more than one year (to a maximum of three), provided that the recipient’s research is progressing well and that the recipient continues to contribute to the activities of the Centre.

    A fellow’s contribution will usually amount to approximately five hours per week.

    Deadline: Feb 15.For questions, contact: law.graduate [at]

    For more information, see; Graduate Fellowships in Innovation Law and Policy – College scholarships

List of International Scholarships 


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