Historical Background of Al-Neelain University

Historical Background of Al-Neelain University

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Al Neelain University was established by a presidential decree on March 13, 1993. Under the general policy of Sudan and the National Council programs, the University operates to enhance knowledge and learning prospects and the development of curricula for the purpose of contributing to the development of Sudan in different cultural, social and economic fields. In addition, the University aims to achieve the following objectives:

– Affirmation of the identity of our nation through the curriculum approved and applied by the University.

– To pay special attention to the Arab, African, and Islamic Studies;

– Working closely together with the surrounding society both nationally and internationally, and cooperating with other universities, institutions, and related academic institutions;

– To pay special attention to the history of the Nile Valley and its civilization and culture;

– Undertaking the necessary social studies to improve the environment, and conducting scientific research related to the issues of the community with its various and multiple needs in order to contribute to its development;

– To prepare the University students with the necessary skills and capabilities for the future.

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