How Many Constituencies in Zimbabwe?

How Many Constituencies in Zimbabwe?

In Zimbabwe, the structure of parliamentary constituencies is a cornerstone of its democratic process, ensuring representation for its diverse population in the National Assembly. As of the latest delimitation process and constitutional guidelines, Zimbabwe is divided into a precise number of constituencies, each playing a vital role in the nation’s governance.

The Number of Constituencies

Zimbabwe boasts 210 parliamentary constituencies, as stipulated in the 2013 Constitution. This number is foundational to the electoral process, with one member elected from each constituency to serve in the National Assembly . The delineation of these constituencies is a critical aspect of Zimbabwe’s electoral commission’s responsibilities, ensuring fair and equitable representation for all citizens.

The Delimitation Process

The delimitation of constituencies in Zimbabwe is an essential process conducted by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. This process involves dividing the country into constituencies and wards for electoral purposes, ensuring that each constituency is represented in the National Assembly . The most recent delimitation report, as declared by President Mnangagwa, outlines the names and boundaries of these constituencies, reflecting changes in population and ensuring compliance with constitutional requirements .


Zimbabwe’s 210 parliamentary constituencies are a testament to the country’s commitment to democratic representation. Through careful planning and delimitation, Zimbabwe ensures that its legislative assembly reflects the diverse voices and interests of its population, paving the way for inclusive governance and policy-making.

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