How Many People in Zimbabwe?

How Many People in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe, a nation known for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, stands as a testament to resilience and diversity. As of 2024, this Southern African country’s population is estimated to have reached approximately 16,665,409 people. This figure represents about 0.21% of the total world population, positioning Zimbabwe uniquely on the global demographic map.

A Deep Dive into Demographics

In 2023, Zimbabwe’s population density was calculated at 43 people per square kilometer, highlighting a spread that’s both vast and varied across its 386,850 square kilometers of land. The demographics of Zimbabwe show a vibrant mix of age, gender, and distribution, with a significant portion of the population being under the age of 14, reflecting a youthful nation with a dynamic future ahead.

The population’s growth rate, alongside its gender parity and fertility rates, provides insights into the social and economic structures of the country, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in terms of development, education, and healthcare.


As Zimbabwe continues to evolve, its population remains a central aspect of its identity, driving the nation forward. The diversity and youthfulness of its people are sources of strength, promising a future filled with potential and hope.

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