How Many Provinces in Zimbabwe?

How Many Provinces in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe, a country known for its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, is structured into an administrative framework that is both practical and strategic. Understanding this framework is crucial for grasping the governance and regional characteristics of the nation. So, how many provinces does Zimbabwe have?

The Ten Provinces of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is divided into ten provinces, a structure that facilitates local governance and administrative efficiency across the country. These provinces include both urban and rural areas, each with its unique cultural and economic profiles. Notably, two of these provinces, Harare and Bulawayo, enjoy the status of cities with provincial status, underscoring their significance in the country’s socio-economic landscape.

The Provinces:

  1. Harare – The capital city, which is also a province, is the main administrative, commercial, and communications center.
  2. Bulawayo – Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, also enjoying provincial status.
  3. Manicaland – Known for its natural beauty and bordering Mozambique.
  4. Mashonaland Central
  5. Mashonaland East
  6. Mashonaland West
  7. Masvingo – Home to the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  8. Matabeleland North – Where the famous Victoria Falls is located.
  9. Matabeleland South
  10. Midlands – The province that is considered the heart of Zimbabwe due to its central location.

Administrative Districts

These provinces are further divided into 64 districts, providing a granular level of administrative control and local governance. This structure aids in the effective management of resources and the implementation of government policies at the local level.

Provinces of Zimbabwe:

  1. Total Number of Provinces: 10
  2. Cities with Provincial Status: 2 (Harare and Bulawayo)
  3. Administrative Divisions: Each province is further divided into districts and wards.
  4. Total Number of Districts: 64
  5. Total Number of Wards: Approximately 1,970

Notable Provinces and Their Features:

  • Harare: The capital city, enjoying provincial status and serving as the country’s administrative and commercial heart.
  • Bulawayo: Zimbabwe’s second city with provincial status, known for its historical and cultural significance.
  • Manicaland: Borders the Republic of Mozambique, known for its scenic landscapes.
  • Matabeleland North: Home to the natural wonder, Victoria Falls.

These provinces contribute to the diverse and rich tapestry that makes up Zimbabwe, each with its own unique identity and role within the national context.


Zimbabwe’s ten provinces serve as the backbone of the country’s administrative and governance framework. Each province, with its distinct identity, plays a crucial role in the nation’s development, contributing to Zimbabwe’s rich tapestry of cultures, economies, and natural beauty.

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