Human Rights Summer Institute

Human Rights Summer Institute

Human Rights Summer Institute: The Human Rights Summer Institute (HRSI) is an intensive scholarship program for international high school students in New York City.

The purpose of the program is to provide a forum for young leaders to explore local and global human rights issues.

Through out the program a range of concepts and methodologies relevant to the realization of universal human rights as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) are utilised.



  • To create a cadre of young human rights activists in New York City who will lead their generation in promoting respect for human rights in the new millennium.
  • To provide students with an active, participatory learning environment in which everyone strives together to act in accordance with human rights principles.
  • To provide a multi-disciplinary, critical and creative framework for approaching human rights principles, problems, and visions.
  • To provide youth and leadership development through hands-on group activist training.Scholarship:Each participant will be provided with full program materials, transportation, daily lunch, and a $500 stipend.



International Center for Tolerance Education (ICTE),
25 Washington Street,
4th Floor, Brooklyn,
NY 11201.
Tel: 718-237-6262.
Fax: 718-237-6264.

For more information and scholarships application, see ; USA Human Rights Summer Institute Scholarships

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