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Intajour Fellowship Program

Intajour Fellowship Program

The Intajour Fellowship Program is a ten-month-long course called “Journalism in the Digital World”. The course consists of attendance phases as well as e-learning phases. It is a challenging high profile program.

If journalism means collecting, evaluating and publishing information, then this definition also applies in the digital world.

Only the conditions under which reporters and editorial staff pursue this activity are changing.

Each technical advance opens up new possibilities for research and publishing.

To take advantage of these opportunities, journalists must constantly build and update their skills.

Sometimes the new journalistic opportunities also require new responses to the question of freedom and responsibility in the media.

Journalists will have to adapt to this – and repeatedly because of ever-shorter innovation cycles.

Against this background, the International Academy of Journalism offers the 10-month ‘Journalism in the Digital World’ blended-learning training program.

As Intajour Fellows, journalists from around the world are given an opportunity to update their technical skills and discuss current media ethics issues.

Skills taught

By participating in the ‘Journalism in the Digital World’ program, Fellows acquire skills in the following fields:


  • Investigative research
  • Journalistic forms of presentation on the internet
  • Technical production of web content
  • Filming and editing webvideos
  • Journalism and ethics: freedom and responsibility in the media
  • Internet politicsCosts Covered by the FellowshipFellows receive a stipend from Intajour towards course fees and international travel costs.

    During the attendance phases Fellows are accommodated at Intajour’s expense in guesthouses or hotels and receive an adequate meals allowance.

    Fellowship Eligibility

    The ‘Journalism in the Digital World’ program is aimed at professional journalists from countries where there is a shortage of continued training of this kind.

    Applicants will have demonstrated their journalistic talent as a member of an editorial team or as a freelance.

    Applicants should be interested in the new technical opportunities for doing research and publishing on the Internet.

    An understanding of the role of independent media in democratic societies is a given.

For more information and application, see; Intajour Fellowship Program


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