Internships at Global Policy Forum in New York

Internships at Global Policy Forum in New York

Internships at Global Policy Forum in New York: Global Policy Forum welcomes applications for internships.

Qualified undergraduates as well as graduate students are encouraged to apply.

Global Policy Forum welcomes applications from students who have studied the United Nations and international organizations, but will consider specialized academic training less important than dedication to GPF’s goals, intelligence and enthusiasm for learning.

Global Policy Forum is looking for applicants who are students of Political Science, International Relations, International Law, Political Economy or International Public Policy Studies.

Applications are encouraged from those with broad international travel and work experience and those with a progressive, egalitarian and global outlook.

Global Policy Forum gets many applications for internships and only well-qualified, highly-motivated applicants are chosen. As a result, the success-rate of the internships is very high.

Candidates who are highly talented but who are also ready to do more ordinary tasks with a spirit of enthusiasm and cooperation are being sought for Internships at Global Policy Forum in New York.

Global Policy Forum knows that interns who are motivated, eager to learn and work hard, often have more successful internships.

Global Policy Forum values those who work well in a team setting and who gladly lend a hand to fellow interns and staff when needed.

Summer internships have a deadline of February 1. Fall and Spring internship have suggested application dates of May 1 and October 1 respectively.

Contact Information:

Global Policy Forum,

777 UN Plaza,

Suite 3D,

New York,

NY 10017, USA.

Phone: +1-212-557-3161.

Fax: +1-212-557-3165.

E-Mail: gpf[at]

For more information see; Internship Programmes » International Internships » Students Internships

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