Kampala International University Bachelor of Law Grading System

Kampala International University Bachelor of Law Grading System

Weighting System for Bachelor of Laws Kampala International University

(a) Each course shall be graded out of a maximum of one hundred (100) marks and assigned appropriate letter grades and grade point average as follows:


Marks  Letter Grade  Grade Point Average 
 80 – 100  A  5.0
75 – 79.9  B+  4.5 
70 – 74.9  4.0 
65 – 69.9 B- 3.5
60 – 64.9 C+ 3.0
55 – 59.0 C 2.5
50 – 54.9 C- 2.0
45 – 49.9 D+ 1.5
40 – 44.9 D 1.0
35 – 39.9 D- 0.5
Below 35 E 0


(b) The course pass grade is 2.0
(c) No credit unit shall be awarded for any course in which a student fails.


Pass Grades and Passing
The pass grade for any course is 2.0. A student shall be required to maintain a minimum of 2.0 in each course taken in order to progress. Students who fail a core course may progress on probation (promotion under warning). A student who obtains a Grade Point Average (GPA) of less than 2.0 shall fail the semester and shall be required to re-do (repeat) that semester. Receipt of two probations on the same core course or receipt of two consecutive re-dos based on a Grade Point Average shall result in automatic discontinuation from the course.


Re-taking a course
There are no supplementary or special examinations in any course of the Law Programme. However, a student may re-take any course when it is offered again in order to pass it if the student had failed it before. A student who wants to improve the grade if the first grade was low (the transcript shall indicate so if done), shall have to apply to the Director Academic Affairs through the Dean School of Law for permission to do so.

A student who does not wish to re-take a failed elective course shall be allowed, upon application, to take a substitute elective course.

Kampala International University Bachelor of Law Examinations

Kampala International University Bachelor of Law Entry Requirement

Kampala International University Bachelor of Law Graduation Requirement

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