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About University of Eastern Africa Baraton (UEAB)

About University of Eastern Africa Baraton (UEAB)

Welcome to Ugfacts.net/ke, on this page you will find details on University of Eastern Africa Baraton (UEAB) Admissions And Intake 2024-2025. It is our aim to provide this information as accurately as possible. Kindly check out our top pages on KUCCPS Admission letters 2024-2025 – KUCCPS Admission Lists 2024-2025 – Fees Structure for All Institutions – 2024-2025 Intake for Schools and List of Courses Offered.

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About University of Eastern Africa Baraton (UEAB) – Read full details below:


The beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist education in East Africa dates back to the establishment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the region.

1903: The earliest church was established in Tanzania in 1903, followed by more missionary work around Lake Victoria in Kenya in 1906. 1927: Missionary work started in Uganda.

1928: what is now known as Kamagambo Adventist College was established near Kisii town. Many primary and secondary schools have since been established. In addition, the church established several training institutions, but none of them had offered bachelor’s degree programmes. For this reason, students desiring to pursue higher education in an Adventist institution before 1980 had to go outside Eastern Africa.

During the I970’s, the Middle East College in Beirut, Lebanon, served many such students. Thus there was a great need for a full fledged university in Eastern Africa.

October 1978, the Afro-Mideast Division of Seventh-day Adventists took an action to establish such an institution in Kenya.

December 21, 1978: The Kenya Government allotted 339 acres of the then Baraton Animal Husbandry Research Station in Nandi District to the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the purpose of founding what is now known as the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton.

September, 1979: Classes began in the temporary farm structures. Some of these structures have since been replaced with modern buildings.


To provide and advance holistic quality Christian education which develops men and women to be earnest seekers of truth and be adequately equipped with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes for service to God and humanity.


To be a self-sustaining Christian center of excellence providing higher education to learners


The University of Eastern Africa, Baraton (UEAB) operates on the Seventh-day Adventist world view which holds that God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe and life and is the source of true knowledge. The entrance of sin caused man’s alienation from God; therefore, the restoration of man’s relationship with God is the foundation of Christian education. This leads students into self-actualization and to discover and understand the truth through critical thinking.


All true knowledge has its source in God and is made available to man through a variety of channels. This knowledge enables human beings to appreciate life and its challenges. This knowledge is derived from the past as well as from continuing research. The University seeks to provide opportunities for developing proficiency in discovering knowledge that is relevant to life.


UEAB is accredited by the Commission for University Education(CUE), the Adventist Accrediting Association(AAA) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the International Board of Education (IBE). It is also a member of the Inter-University Council for East Africa (ICEA), the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and the Association of African Universities.


The foregoing statements give rise to the following objectives:

1.Provide a balanced educational program that gives each student the opportunity to develop spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially.

2. Encourage the student to understand, appreciate, and adopt a Christian lifestyle and value system by:

• Providing appropriate religious instruction and integrating faith and learning in the classroom.

• Providing a variety of religious services and activities.

• Fostering an atmosphere where Christian principles find practical expression in all relationships.

3. Help the student to strive for mental excellence by:

• Providing qualified faculty to guide the student in the pursuit of knowledge.

• Developing intellectual curiosity, engaging in reflective thought, and maintaining the desire to reach the highest level of professional growth.

• Refining mental abilities to enhance individuality and self-reliance.

4. Assist the student to achieve and maintain physical health by:

• Guiding the student to attain a better understanding of healthful living.

• Helping the student to appreciate the dignity of labour and recognize the value of manual work.

• Providing appropriate sports activities and encouraging the adoption of a personal exercise program.

• Providing healthful food and living quarters.

5. Prepare the student to become a useful member of society by:

• Promoting understanding and acceptance of persons from various backgrounds in the university community.

• Helping to develop social skills that make for harmonious relationships with other people.

• Emphasizing selfless service as the goal of life.

• Encouraging the application of knowledge within the students’ societal context.

6. Equip the student for:

• An active role in the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

• Service-centered vocations and professions which contribute to the betterment of society.

7. Provide adequate facilities and infrastructure for quality education, such as library, internet, laboratories, research facilities, classrooms, and buildings to support the various curricula and syllabi

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