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KCSE Biology Paper 1 – Kabarak High School Mock 2015

KCSE Biology Paper 1 – Kabarak High School Mock 2015

Mock 2015 – Kabarak High School

Biology Paper 1

Answer all the questions in the spaces provided.

In what two ways does excretion differ between plants and animals?

 2 marks


(a) Give two contributions made by Carolus Linneus to classification (2marks)

(b) Classify Human being based on the Order and Family it belongs to? (2marks)

i) Order

ii) Family

 4 marks


(a)State two functions of the plasma membrane? (2marks)

(b) Give the synthesis role of smooth endoplasmic reticulum. (1mark)

 3 marks


(a) Distinguish between Plasmolysis and turgidity (2marks)

(b) Explain how the following factors affect active transport (4marks)

i) Oxygen concentration

ii) Metabolic poisons

 6 marks


How is a palisade cell suited to carry out photosynthesis?

 3 marks


(a) What is anaphylaxis (1mark)

(b) State the difference between active artificial acquired and active natural acquired immunity. (2marks)

 3 marks


State how the following structural features affect transpiration (3marks)

a) Leaf fall

b) Sunken stomata

c) Thin cuticle

 3 marks


The diagram below represents a specialized plant structure

Biology Paper 1 Question Paper - Mock 2015 - Kabarak High School

(a) Name the cells labelled A and B (2marks)

A ………………………


(b) Describe the mechanism of closing of aperture C (4marks)

 6 marks


Name the causative agent of whooping cough (1mark)

 1 marks


State the economic importance of the following excretory products in plants (2marks)

a) Nicotine

b) Quinine

 2 marks


Give three distinguishing features of class Aves (3marks)

 3 marks


State two differences in the roots of Monocotyledonae and Dicotyledonae?

Biology Paper 1 Question Paper - Mock 2015 - Kabarak High School

 2 marks


The following set up was used in an experiment

Biology Paper 1 Question Paper - Mock 2015 - Kabarak High School

At the start of experiment at the end of experiment

(a) State the function of the following in the set –up (3 marks)

i). damp cotton wool

ii) Silica gel.

iii) Wax

b) Deduce the condition that must be present in a termite habitat (2 marks)

 5 marks


(a) Give the importance of nitrogen cycle. (1mark)

(b)What are the roles of the following organisms in an ecosystem? (2 marks)



 3 marks


Define the term:

1) Greenhouse effect (1mark)

2) Global warming (1mark)

 2 marks


(a)What is organic evolution? ( 1mark)

(b)Briefly explain how the peppered moth (Bistonbetularia) shows natural selection (3marks)

c) Distinguish between convergent and divergent evolution (2 marks)

 6 marks


Study the diagram and answer the questions that follow

Biology Paper 1 Question Paper - Mock 2015 - Kabarak High School

(a) In which set-up did the lime water become turbid? ( 1 mark)

(b) Explain your answer in (a) above ( 2 marks)

 3 marks


State the three structural adaptations of the lungs in mammals ( 3marks)

 3 marks


What are the roles of each of the following on transmission of impulses:( 2 marks)

i) Nodes of Ranvier

ii) Myelin Sheath

 2 marks


(a) Give three effects of over secretion of adrenaline?

 3 marks


(a) Define non disjunction? (1 mark)

(b) Name two genetic disorders of the blood. (2marks)

 3 marks


How are female parts of wind pollinated flowers adapted to perform their function?

 2 marks


State how herbaceous plants obtain their support

 3 marks

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