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KCSE Computer Studies Paper 2 – 2015 KCSE Ikutha Sub-County Joint Examination

KCSE Computer Studies Paper 2 – 2015 KCSE Ikutha Sub-County Joint Examination

2015 KCSE Ikutha Sub-County Joint Examination

Computer Studies Paper 2

Answer all questions

The following is a worksheet extracted from business partners vendors. They have come together to do a business of selling computer accessories.
Computer Studies Paper 2 Question Paper - 2015 KCSE Ikutha Sub-County Joint Examination
Additional information
i) Reserves is 10% of Gross Profit
ii) Net profit = Gross profit – (Expenditure + reserves)
a) Create a workbook and enter the details as above. Save as vendor (20 marks)
b) Keep the title of the workbook to be PARTNER’S VENDORS and format it to be bold,
font size 14 and align at 45. (3 marks)
c) Format the figures in sale column to 2 decimal places. (2 marks)
d) Use appropriate formulae/function to calculate:
i) Gross profit for each member. (3 marks)
ii) Reserves for each member (3 marks)
iii) Net profit for each member. (3 marks)
e) Use ‘IF function’ and net profit to analyse the vendors, taking the following remarks: (6 marks)
i) If net profit >= 500, then ‘V. good vendor’
ii) If net profit > 400, then ‘Good vendor’
iii) If net profit <= 300, then ‘Dormant vendor’.
f) Use names of the vendor and cost to insert line graph, keep the title of the graph to be
PRODUCTIVE ANALYSIS, format it and place it in a separate sheet. (5 marks)
g) Print the ‘PARTNER’S VENDOR’ and ‘PRODUCTIVE ANALYSIS’ chart. (4 marks)

 50 marks


Sylvia is the chairlady for the World Starts With Me Club. She has been told to use a database
management system (DBMS) to help the club maintain record on the clubs’ members. Perform
the following operations just like Sylvia would.
a) Create a database file called World Starts that has the following fields of data for each member:
(2 marks)
b) Input the following data save the tables the table as WSM (14 marks)
Computer Studies Paper 2 Question Paper - 2015 KCSE Ikutha Sub-County Joint Examination
c) Create a report that contains Members first name, number, date of registration and payment
status for those registered on 12/1/01. (4 marks)
d) Make the membership number primary key (2 marks)
e) Format the fee figures to 2 decimal places. (1 mark)
f) Save the query as club24 (2 marks)
g) Create another query that would be used to display those last name starts with letter A and aged 15
name it ‘Age 15’. (5 marks)
h) There was an outcry that the registration amount is very little, using another update the members
fee by 10% save the table as WSM2. (4 marks)
i) Excluding the FULLY PAID field, create a report and give it the title: World Starts With Me
Club. (4 marks)
j) Save the report as Our World (2 marks)
k) Create a tabular form and get the total fees collected. Save it as From fees. (6 marks)
l) Print Club24, Our Word, WSM, WSM2 (4 marks)

 50 marks


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