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KCSE Computer Studies Paper 2 – Kabarak High School Mock 2015

KCSE Computer Studies Paper 2 – Kabarak High School Mock 2015

Mock 2015 – Kabarak High School

Computer Studies Paper 2

Answer all questions

(a)​ Using Desktop Publishing application program, design the following publication. Name the file as HEALTHY_SCHOOL (19mks)

Computer Studies Paper 2 Question Paper - Mock 2015 - Kabarak High School

(b) Prepare the page layout out as follows:

(i)​ Custom paper size: Width = 11.6”, Height = 8.268 (2mks)

(ii)​ Set the margins to 0.787” all round (2mks)

(iii)​ Divide the page into TWO equal horizontal parts using a ruler guide. (2mks)

(iv)​ The border of the design should start from the set margins (2mks)

NB: After designing one part of the divided page, TWO copies of the publication should fit into one page in landscape as set up above.

(c)​ Create a logo as shown to measure height 1.213” and width 1.118” (3mks)

(d)​ (i) The main title text (near the logo) should be of Candara, Font size 26, Bold and Right aligned (4mks)

(ii) Set-up the rectangular object with the main heading to a background color of Accent 1 (1mk)

(e)​ The text on the lower part of the publication should to be formatted as follows: (3mks)

-​ Color: Custom color combination (Red=51, Green=4, blue=252)

-​ Alignment: Left

-​ Font: Size 10

(f)​ Format all other text to times new roman font type and font size 12 (2mks)

(g)​ Apply a style to the line below the text in columns and a thickness of 4.5” in weight (1mk)

(h)​ Enforce hyphenations to the text in columns (1mk)

(i)​ The star object with text “Reach every group” should be a 24-point star. Format the text inside to font type calibri (2mks)

(j)​ Make the designs to fit one page (1mk)

(k)​ Group all objects in the two designs as one. (2mks)

(l)​ Insert a footer using your name index number, aligned to the center (2mks)

(m)​ Print the publication. (1mk)

 50 marks


The information in the table below was obtained from the books of Safiri Transport Company.

Computer Studies Paper 2 Question Paper - Mock 2015 - Kabarak High School

a.​ Using a database management application split the information in the above table into two tables namely vehicle and drivers respectively and save the database as Safiri Transport Company (15 Marks)

b.​ Create a relationship between the two tables (2 Marks)

c.​ Create an appropriate form that would be used to enter new records in the driver’s table and save it as form driver (7 Marks)

d.​ Create a query that will display a list of all the drivers who made more than 5 trips to kericho, include all the necessary details. Save it as kericho. (5 Marks)

e.​ Create a query with a calculated field named total allowance to display the total allowance earned by each driver, include all the necessary details. Save it as allowance (5 Marks)

f.​ Using both tables, create a query that would be used to complete each driver’s earnings and save it as pay roll. (3marks)

g.​ Using the payroll query in (f) design a report for Safari Transport Company that would used to calculate total allowance and monthly pay for each driver, assuming that each driver works for 25 days in a month. (7marks)

h.​ Print vehicle, driver, form driver, kericho, allowance and payroll (6 Marks)

 50 marks

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