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The Kenya National Examinations Council

K.C.P.E 2012

DAY 3 Thursday 15/11/2012


Social Studies And Religious Studies

Time: 2 hours 15 minutes

Instructions to candidates (Please rend these instructions carefully)

1. You have been given this question booklet and a separate answer sheet. The question booklet contains 90 questions.

2. Do any necessary rough work in this booklet.

3. When you have chosen your answer. mark it on the ANSWER SHEET, not in this question booklet.

How to use the answer sheet

4. Use an ordinary pencil.

5. Make sure you have written on the answer sheet:

Your index number

Your name

Name of your school

6. By drawing a dark line inside the correct numbered boxes mark your full Index Number (i.e. School Code Number and the three-figure Candidate’s Number) in the grid near the top of the answer sheet 7. Do not make any marks outside the boxes.

8. Keep the sheet as clean as possible and do not fold it.

9. For each of the questions 1—90 four answers are given. The answers are lettered A, B, C and D. in each case only ONE of the four answers is correct. Choose the correct answer.

10. On the answer sheet the correct answer is to be shown by drawing a dark line inside the box in which the letter you have chosen is written.


In the Question Booklet:

3] . The main reason for establishing settlement schemes in Kenya after independence was to A. improve standards of living in the rural areas

B. avail farms to the people who had no land

C. reduce pressure on land in densely populated areas

D. increase crop and livestock production.

The correct answer is “B”

On the answer sheet:

31. [A] [B] [C] [D] 32.[A] [B] [C] [D] 33.[A] [B] [C] [D] 34.[A] [B] [C] [D] 35.[A] [B] [C] [D]

In the set of boxes numbered 31, the box with the letter B printed in it is marked.

11. Your dark line MUST be within the box.

12. For each question ONLY ONE box is tn be marked in each set of four boxes.

This question paper consists of 12 printed pages.





Study the map of Kita Area provided and answer questions 1 to 7.

1. The general direction of flow of River Kita is

A. North East to South West

B. North West to South East

C. South East to North West

D. South West to North East.

2. The approximate length of the tarmac road in Kita area is

A. 10 km

B. 13 km

C. l9 km

B. 23 km.

3. The main means of transport in Kita area is A. Water transport

B. railway transport

C. air transport

D. road transport.

4. The highest point in Kita area is

A. 1000 m

B. 1200 m

C. 1500 m

D. 2000 m.

5. Which one of the following divisions is likely to have a cool and wet climate‘?

A. Lako Division.

B. Bita Division.

C. Bao Division.

D. Koma Division.

6. Kenda found a person breaking into a shop at Ziko shopping centre. Which one of the following would be the appropriate office in Kita area for him to report the crime?

A. The headteacher’s office.

B. The chief’s office.

C. The CDF office.

D. Municipal Council office.

7. A tourist Was travelling along the Murram Road from Lita Market towards Pinya Hill. Which one of the following is the correct order of the natural vegetation that he sawon the way? A. Forest, papyrus. scrub.

B. Papyrus, scrub. forest.

C. Scrub, papyrus. forest.

D. Forest, scrub, papyrus.

8. One of the results of the interaction between the Agikuyu and the Maasai during the pre-colonial period was that the

A. Agikuyu learnt the skill of crop farming from the Maasai

B. Agikuyu intermarried with the Maasai

C. Maasai borrowed the art of circumcision from the Agikuyu

D. Maasai learnt the practice of cattle keeping from the Agikuyu.

9. The statements below describe a type of climate in Africa.

(i) It has hot and dry summers.

(ii) It has cool and wet winters.

(iii) lts average rainfall is between 500 mm-1000 mm.

(iv) It is experienced in areas that lie about 35″ North and South of the Equator.

The type of climate described above is

A. Mediterranean climate

B. Equatorial climate

C. Semi-desert climate

D. Tropical continental climate.

10. Three of the following statements are true about the Kingdoms of Old Ghana and Buganda.

Which one is not? Both Kingdoms

A. had powerful nilers

B. had a standing army

C. prospered due to trade

D. declined when slave trade was abolished.

11. Which one of the following was a characteristic of African traditional education‘?

A. Children started learning after initiation.

B. Songs were used as a method of teaching.

C. Parents avoided teaching their own children.

D. Children were allowed to choose what to learn.

12. Which one of the following is a modern method of preserving fish?

A. Sun-drying.

B. Smoking.

C. Salting.

D. Canning.

13. Laibon Lenana collaborated with the British because he wanted

A. his people to get western education

B. to acquire better breeds of cattle

C. to get support against his enemies

D. to be trained as a soldier.

14. Which one of the following statements describes direct democracy‘?

A. All citizens are involved in making decisions.

B. Citizens must agree with what the govemment decides.

C. All decisions are made by the head of state.

D. Citizens elect representatives to make decisions for them.

15. Which one of the following minerals is correctly matched with the method of mining through which it is extracted?

Mineral Method of mining

A. Gold – Dredging.

B. Copper – Panning.

C. Soda Ash – Adit.

D. Petroleum – Drilling.

16. Which one of the following soil conservation methods is used to control gully erosion?

A. Constructing terraces.

B. Planting cover crops.

C. Building gabions.

D. Contour ploughing.

17. Jane. a Standard Eight pupil. was punished by her class teacher for arguing against some school rules. Which of the following fundamental freedoms was Jane denied‘?

A. Freedom of worship.

B. Freedom of expression.

C. Freedom of association.

D. Freedom of assembly.

18. Who among the following members ofa school management committee ensures that money is used properly?

A. The chairperson.

B. The sponsor.

C. The head teacher.

D. The treasurer.

19. Which one of the following statements is true about the policy of assimilation used by the French in Senegal?

A. Africans became citizens of France.

B. The French were made to learn African languages.

C. The French appointed Africans to rule Senegal.

D. Africans were refused to vote in general elections.

20. Which one of the following is a qualification for a person who wishes to be elected as a member of the National Assembly in Kenya? One must be A. a civil servant

B. over 35 years of age

C. registered as a voter

D. a Kenyan by birth.

21. Which one of the following types of marriages allows a man to marry up to four wives?

A. Christian marriage.

B. Muslim marriage.

C. Hindu marriage.

D. Traditional African marriage.

22. Three of the following are reasons why European powers scrambled for Africa. Which one is not‘?

A. They wanted land to re-settle some of their population.

B. They wanted to control areas where they would get more slaves.

C. They wanted to establish markets for their manufactured goods.

D. They were looking for sources of raw materials for their industries.

23. Which one of the following is the main reason why the Kariba Dam was built?

A. To create a lake for fishing.

B. To provide water for irrigation.

C. To control floods on the River Zambezi.

D. To generate hydro-electric power.

24. Which one of the following archaeological sites in Eastern Africa is correctly matched with the country where it is found‘?

Archaeological site Country

A. Olduvai Gorge – Uganda

B. River Omo Basin – Tanzania

C. Olorgesaillie – Kenya

D. lshango – Ethiopia

25. Which one of the following activities is likely to weaken national unity in Kenya‘?

A. Employing relatives.

B. Amending the constitution.

C. Using a national language.

D. Pardoning reformed criminals.

Use the map of Africa below to answer questions 26 to 29.


26. The dotted area marked U is sparsely populated because it

A. is forested

B. is hot and dry

C. is mountainous

D. experiences floods.

27. If the time at Accra is 9.00 a.m.. what is the time at Kigali?

A. 11.00 a.m.

B. 11.00 p.m.

C. 7.00 a.m.

D. 7.00 p.m.

28. The country marked T was colonized by

A. Britain

B. Spain

C. Portugal

D. Germany.

29. The main economic use of the lake marked S is 35. that it

A. provides water for irrigation

B. is used as a fishing ground

C. is a tourist attraction

D. is used as a transport route.

30. The green colour of the National Flag of Kenya 36. represents the

A. love for the country

B. rich agricultural land

C. beauty of the forest

D. peace enjoyed by the citizens.

31. Which one of the following groups of communities live in West Africa‘?

A. Artkole



B. Zulu



C. Amhara



D. Hausa



32. The following are some events that took place in Kenya before independence.

(i) Jomo Kenyatta was arrested.

(ii) Kikuyu Central Association was formed.

(iii) Africans were recruited to fight in the Second World War.

Which one of the following is the correct order in which these events took place‘?

A. (i), (ii) and (iii).

B. (i). (iii) and (ii).

(ii). (iii) and (i).

(iii). (i) and (ii).

33. Family planning is encouraged in Kenya because A. makes it easy for the government to carry out population census

B. enables the government to plan for future developments

C. makes families raise manageable numbers of children

D. makes it possible for families to eam money.

34. Which one of the following types of industries has existed in Kenya since the pre-colonial period‘?

A. Leather processing.

B. Cotton ginning.

C. Paper making.

D. Fruit canning.

35. The Harambee movement was introduced in Kenya in order to

A. promote equality among the people

B. increase government revenue

C. enable people to share national wealth

D. promote development in the country.

36. Which one of the following is the main reason why Africans in Kenya started the Mau Mau War? They wanted .

A. African culture to be respected

B. to regain their independence

the Kipande system to be abolished

African Reserves to be done away with.

37. The areas under forests in Kenya have been reducing at a fast rate due to human activities.

The main action the government should take to control the destruction is to

A. punish those found cutting down forest trees

B. encourage people to use paraffin instead of wood for cooking

C. educate people on the importance of conserving forests

D. increase the price of timber.

38. Below are statements describing a group of people found in Kenya.

(i) They were the first foreigners to settle in Kenya.

(ii) They intermarried with African communities along the coast.

(iii) Their main occupation was trade.

The group of people described above is the

A. British

B. Arabs

C. Germans

D. Chinese.

39. Which one of the following factors enables horticultural farming in the Netherlands to be carried out throughout the year?

A. Applying fertilizers in the farms regularly.

B. Growing of crops on reclaimed land.

C. Growing crops in green houses.

D. Spraying of Crops regularly.

40. The statements below describe a method of fishing. (i) The method is used to catch large fish and whales.

(ii) It uses a net that has floats at the top and weights at the bottom.

(iii) The net is attached to a large ship by a rope or string.

(iv) A small boat is used to spread the net around a shoal offish.

(v) A string at the bottom of the net is pulled to close up the fish in the net then it is pulled to the ship.

The method described above is

A. gill net method

B. drift net method

C. basket method

D. purse seining method.

41. Below are conditions that favor the growth of a certain crop.

(i) High rainfall.

(ii) High temperatures.

(iii) Deep well drained soils.

(iv) Protection from strong winds.

(v) High humidity.

the conditions listed above favour the growth of

A. coffee

B. pyrethrum

C. wheat

D. cocoa.

42. Three of the following are elements of good citizenship in Kenya.

Which one is not?

A. Being patriotic to the country.

B. Obeying the laws of the country.

C. Owning property in the country.

D. Participating in the general elections.

43. The symbol of spears on the National Coat of Arms in Kenya represents the

A. ability of people to work hard

B. readiness to defend our country

C. protection of wildlife from poachers

D. strength of the people.

44. Which one of the following is a role of the local community to a school?

A. Providing resources to the school.

B. Overseeing admission of pupils to the school.

C. Appointing head teachers for the school.

D. Supervising teachers in the school.

45. Which one of the following road signs shows a motorist that there could be danger ahead?


46. Below are characteristics of a type of vegetation found in Africa.

(i) Trees are tall and near each other.

(ii) There are creepers on trees.

(iii) Trees are evergreen.

(iv) Tree branches form a canopy.

The type of vegetation described above is the

A. bamboo forest

B. savanna woodland

C. savanna grassland

D. tropical rain forest.

47. The main reason why petroleum products are transported using a pipeline is that it

A. reduces the number of heavy vehicles on roads

B. costs less than using other forms of transport

C. protects the petrol from being stolen

D. ensures that petrol is safe from fire.

48. Which one of the following crops in Kenya is grown mainly for export’?

A. Tea.

B. Cotton.

C. Maize.

D. Bananas.

49. Which one of the following regions in Kenya is correctly matched with its representative to the Legislative Council in 1957?

Region Representative

A. North Nyanza – Oginga Odinga

B. Rift Valley – Daniel Moi

C. Ukambani – Bernard Mate

D. Central Region – David Muimi

50. Which one of the following towns in Kenya is an agricultural collection centre

A. Thika.

B. Malindi.

C. Kisumu.

D. Eldoret.

51. Which one of the following groups of tourist attractions are found in Northern Africa‘?

A. Mummies‘ pyramids and sand dunes

B. Gorillas. water falls and hot springs

C. Tropical forests. mountains and slave trade market sites.

D. Migration of wildebeests, Rift Valley and Portuguese historical sites.

52. Lake Chad was formed as ii result of

A. Volcanic activity

B. human activity

C. down warping

D. river erosion.

Use the diagram below to answer questions 53 and 54


53. The arrows pointing towards the clouds represent

A. rain

B. water vapour

C. lightning

D. sun’s rays.

54. In which one of the following parts of Eastern Africa is the type of rainfall represented on the diagram commonly experienced

A. On the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

B. On the Ethiopian Highlands.

C. Around Lake Victoria.

D. Central Tanzania.

55. Which one of the following is the main factor that contributes to low agricultural production in Northern Kenya?

A. Long periods of dry weather conditions.

B. Shortage of suitable land for cultivation.

C. Uncontrolled soil erosion.

D. Over dependence on relief food.

56. Three of the following are benefits of a society that is free from corruption.

Which one is not?

A. It allows equal treatment for all citizens.

B. It leads to fair distribution of resources.

C. It enables the government to provide good services.

D. It enables some people to become rich in a short time.

57. One of the recent means of communication to be introduced in Africa is the

A. radio

B. telegram

C. television

D. mobile phone.

58. The process where citizens vote for a proposed constitution is known as

A. general election

B. by-election

C. Consensus

D. referendum.

59. ln Kenya. a member of the National Assembly may lose the seat as a result of

A. making little contributions during debates in parliament

B. failing to make regular visits to the constituency

C. missing eight sittings in parliament continuously

D. being sacked from the cabinet.

60. Which one of the following would be the main factor to consider when deciding where to set up a jua Kali industry?

A. Availability of market.

B. Availability of raw materials.

C. Nearness to a source of power.

D. Nearness to a source of water.


Section A

Christian Religious Education

61. Which one of the following is the main reason why God placed human beings in the garden of Eden? He wanted them to

A. give names to the animals in the garden

B. eat the fruits of the trees in the garden

C. take care of the garden

D. have a family while in the garden.

62. Abraham left Haran to an unknown land because he

A. wanted to obey his father

B. wanted to obey God

C. had many animals

D. wanted to get more land.

63. Which one of the following activities was performed by the Israelites on the passover night in Egypt‘! They

A. smeared blood on door posts

B. selected animals for sacrifice

C. prayed in the temples

D. collected manna.

64. God revealed Himself to the Israelites during the exodus through the

A. flaming torch

B. buming bush

C. wind and rain

D. cloud and fire.

65. Which one ofthe following commandments promises long life for those who obey it?

A. “Observe the sabbath and keep it holy.“ B. ‘Respect your father and your mother.

C. ‘Worship no god but me.‘

D. ‘Do not commit adultery.‘

66. Who among the following people was a Judge in Israel?

A. Elkanah.

B. Joshua.

C. Esther.

D. Deborah.

67. A lesson that Christians leaRN from the incident when David killed Goliath is that they should be

A. tolerant

B. patient

C. courageous

D. repentant.

68. He asked for wisdom. God added him wealth and honour. Who was he?

A. Solomon.

B. Ahab.

C. Jeroboam.

D. Rehoboam.

69. Prophet lsaiah foretold that the Messiah would be called

A. the king of kings

B. the giver of life

C. the son of the most high

D. a wonderful counsellor.

70. “l chose you before l gave you life, and before you were bom l selected you to be a prophet to the nations”. These words were spoken by God to prophet

A. Samuel

B. Jeremiah

C. Amos

D. hosea.

71. When emperor Augustus ordered a census to be taken, Joseph went to the town of Bethlehem because

A. it was a religious centre

B. it was nearer to Nazareth

C. it was his ancestors‘ birth place

D. he was commanded by an angel.

72. Who among the following women witnessed the dedication of baby Jesus in the temple?

A. Martha.

B. Anna.

C. Elizabeth.

D. Mary Magdalene.

73. “You are my own dear Son. 1 am pleased with you.” (Luke 3:22). These words were spoken during the

A. resurrection of Jesus

B. transfiguration of Jesus

C. birth of Jesus

D. baptism of Jesus.

74. Which one of the following groups of people made up the first disciples of Jesus?

A. Andrew. John, Simon, James.

B. Simon. Judah, James, Andrew.

C. Levi, Thomas, John, Simon.

D. Matthew, John, Phillip. Andrew.

75. Which one of the following statements is a teaching of Jesus from the sermon on the Mount‘?

A. Love God with all your heart.

B. Let the children come to me.

C. Happy are the pure in heart.

D. You must be born again.

76. Jesus teaches about forgiveness in the parable of A. a friend at midnight

B. the prodigal son

C. the mustard seed

D. the sower.

77. Which one of the following events took place during the crucifixion of Jesus‘?

A. The disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit.

B. The rooster crowd.

C. Moses and Elijah appeared to Jesus.

D. The curtain in the temple tore into two.

78. The Christian ceremony held to mark Christ’s victory over death is

A. Easter

B. christmas

C. pentecost

D. ascension.

79. Christians in the early church best showed their unity by

A. singing praise

B. baptizing one another

C. sharing food

D. reciting scriptures.

80. Paul was chosen by God to preach the gospel mainly to

A. the Gentiles

B. the Jews

C. women

U. slaves.

81. Which one of the following beliefs about God is found in both the Apostles Creed and traditional African communities? God is

A. three in one ‘

B. the creator

C. all knowing

D. everywhere.

82. In traditional African communities. sacrifices are made in order to

A. prove one‘s abilities

B. Show one‘s bravery

C. appreciate God’s gift of life

D. reduce ones livestock.

83. ln traditional African communities, initiation is carried out mainly because

A. parents are able to give presents to the initiates

B. it helps them to know those initiates who are able to lead others

C. it prepares the initiates for marriage

D. it enables the initiates to learn about the society.

84. ln both Christianity and traditional African communities. children are told stories mainly to

A. keep them busy

B. entertain them

C. teach them about their past

D. teach them moral values.

85. Your desk mate Timothy, asks you for advice on how to use money given to him by his uncle. As a christian, what will you do? Tell him to

A. give you the money

B. donate some to the needy

C. buy himself a pair of shoes

D. return it to the uncle.

86. Mary and Joan have been close friends. Of late they have started showing signs of disagreements. As a Christian. what advice would you give them. Tell them to

A. seek for guidance and counselling

B. stop talking to each other

C. forget about each other and get new friends

D. stop seeing each other.

87. Brian has been spending a lot of time playing games and his parents are complaining that his performance in class has dropped. As a Christian. what action should he take’?

A. Stop playing games.

B. Transfer to another school.

C. Stay with a friend and continue with the games.

D. Balance the time used in games and studies.

88. A teacher of Standard Six has asked the pupils to weed the flower-bed. Janet is not willing because it will make her dirty. As a Christian, what advice can you give her’?

Tell her to

A. do the work as well as she can

B. ask a friend to do the work for her

C. report the matter to her parents

D. ask for permission to go home.

89. Anna, a Standard Eight pupil has been found to be pregnant. A Friend has advised her to carry out an abortion. As a Christian, what action should she take‘

A. Stop going to school.

B. Get married immediately.

C. Follow the friend’s advice.

D. Keep the pregnancy.

90. Joseph, a Standard Seven pupil meets George a Standard Four pupil in the company of boys smoking cigarettes. He fears that George might also be involved. As a Christian, what is the best action for Joseph to take?

A. Report the matter to the parents.

B. Tell George the dangers of smoking.

C. Let the class teacher know about it.

D. Report the matter to the Chief.



61. Which one of the following Surahs asks Muslims to proclaim Allab‘s favour?

A. Al-Inshiruh.

B. A-tiin.

C. Dhuha.

D. AI-Qadar.

62. Sm-ah Al-Fatiha teaches Muslims to follow the path of those who

A. earned Allah’s forgiveness

B. earned Allah‘s grace

C. performed Swala!

D. praised Allah.

63. The main message of Surah A1-Qariah is

A. the last day

B. oneness of Allah

C. importance of time

D. evil of piling wealth.

64. The Surah that warns Muslims against delay in the performance of Swular is

A. Al-Kafirun

B. Al-Quraish

C. Al-Humaza V

D. AI-maun.

65. “Woe to every slanderer and backbiter”. This verse is quoted from Surull

A. Al-Fiil

B. Al-Humaza

C. AI-Bayyinah

D. A1—Qariah.

66. Your neighbor has a habit of throwing dirt at your doorstep. According to the teaching of the Prophet (P.b.u.h.); which one of the following is the best action for you to take in order to solve this problem?

A. Move to another house.

B. Report to the Chief.

C. Ignore the neighbor.

D. Advise the neighbor.

67. “Whoever is not thankful to people is not thankful to Which one of the following words completes the quoted Hadith of the Prophet‘?

A. Parents.

B. Oneself.

C. Allah (s.W.).

D. Prophet (l”.b.u.h.).

68. Which among the following statements is true about the congregational prayer?

A. It should have a minimum of two people.

B. It should have a maximum of forty people.

C. It must be performed in a central mosque.

D. It is only performed on Friday.

69. On which one of the following occasions is optional ghusl performed‘? A. After giving birth.

B. After experiencing a wet dream.

C. After menstruation period.

D. After washing a dead body.

70. In Swalulul Januza, the prayer for the Prophet (P.b.u.h.) is said after the A. first Tukhir

B. second Takbir

C. third Takbir

D. fourth Takbir.

71. Which one of the following is a ritual of Umrah A. stoning Jamarat.

B. visiting Arafat.

C. performing twuwaf

D. offering a sacrifice.

72. Ibrahim, a Standard Eight pupil, was asked by his non-Muslim friend, “How does a person convert to lslam?“ Which one of the following statements answers the question?

A. By reciting Surah Fatiha.

B. By reciting the Kulima.

C. By performing Wudhu.

D. By performing Swulat.

73. Muslims can show tolerance towards followers of other religions by

A. praying with them

B. giving them money

C. giving them Muslim names

D. living with them peacefully.

74. On her way to school, Maryam a Standard One pupil tmet her uncle. Maryam should greet her uncle by saying A. “Assalamu Aleikum“

B. “Swubah-ul-kheir”

C. “How are you“

D. “Good morning”.

75. Which one of the following is the best way of caring for people infected with HIV/AIDS‘? A. Pray for them.

B. Provide them with food.

C. Encourage them to live positively.

D. Keep their status a secret.

76. Which one of the following is a miracle of Nabi lssa? A. Turning a rod into a snake.

B. Bringing the dead back to life.

C. Dividing the Red Sea into two.

D. Producing light from his armpit.

77. The correct meaning of Tawakul is

A. developing fear of Allah

B. believing in Allah only

C. worshiping Allah only

D. developing trust in Allah.

78. Which one of the following names of Allah shows that He is the Creator?

A. Al-khaaliq.

B. Al-Qahhaar.

C. AI-Wahhab.

D. Al-Razzaq.

79. The correct order of events of the Last Day is

A. Mahshar. Baath. Hukmu. Jannah/Naar

B. Mahshar. Hukmu. Baath. Jannah/Naar

C. Baath. Mahshar. Hukmu. Jannah/Naar

D. Baathh, Hukmu. Mahshar. Jannah/Naar.

80. Which one of the following is the correct way of caring for the school environment?

A. Sweeping the compound.

B. Uprooting plants.

C. Eating in the dining hall.

D. Playing on the grass.

81. Amina, a Standard One pupil has received a gift from her father. Which one of the following is the best way of thanking her father?

A. Singing for him.

B. Praying for him.

Embracing him.

Clapping for him.

82. Nassir. a Standard Seven pupil finds Hassan and Ali fighting in the playground. The best course of action for Nassir to take is to

A. shout at them to stop fighting

B. call the head boy to assist

C. separate them and advise them

D. separate them and leave them.

83. At the age of twelve, Muhammad (P.b.u.h.) traveled to in the company of his uncle AbuTalib.

A. Masjidul Aqsa

B. Masjidul Haraam

C. Shaam

D. Taif.

84. The attribute given to Muhammad (P.b.u.h.) by the Quraish of Makka is

A. AI-Faruuq

B. Ar-Swiddiq

C. AI-A ‘lim

D. A1- Amin.

85. Which one of the following is not a method of persecution of Muslims by the Quraish of Makka?

A. Boycotting of the Muslims.

B. Bombing their houses.

C. Killing them.

D. Beating them.

86. Which one of the following is not an activity performed by Prophet Muhammad (P.b.u.h.) immediately after hijruh?

A. Fighting the battle of Badr.

B. Construction of a mosque.

C. Establishment of Muslim brotherhood.

D. Drawing of Madina constitution.

87. Friday is an important day to Muslims because it is

A. the first day of the week

B. the birthday of the Prophet (P.b.u.h.)

C. the day the Prophet (P.b.u.h.) migrated to Madina.

D. the day Prophet Adam (A.S.) was created.

88. Which among the following is the correct order of the first four months in the Islamic Calendar‘?

A. Muharram. Safar. Rabbiul-awwal, Rabbiul-thani.

B. Muharram, RRabbiul-awwal. Rabbiu-thani. Safar.

C. Muharram, Safar. Rabbiu-thani. Rabbiul-awwal.

D. Muharram. Rabbiul-awwal. Safar. Rabbiu-thani.

89. The main lesson that Muslims leam from the story of Nbi Nuh is

A. forgiveness

B. generosity

C. patience

D. humility.

90. Which one of the following is the place of worship for the Hindus?

A. Synagogue.

B. Temple.

C. Church.

D. Mosque.



61. Which one of the following attributes of Paramarma is displayed through the worship of the sun‘?

A. Nirgun Nirakar.

B. Sat Chit anand.

C. Sagan Sakur.

D. Surva Drushlu.

62. The sound OM is heard through the medium of A. Agni

B. Akash

C. Vayu

D. Prithvi.

63. The white dress of Goddess Saraswati is a symbol of

A. purity

B. power

C. Health

D. strength.

64. Who among the following Tirrhankars adopted the path of Diksha at the age of a hundred years? A. Adinath.

B. Shantinath.

C . Parshvanath.

D. Mallinath.

65. Which one of the following Daan was given to Vaman by King Bali after the performance of Yajna?

A. Kingdom.

B. Land.

C. Gold.

D. Money.

66. The Buddhists regard the Jatak Katha as sacred because it contains

A. Anand‘s teachings on lord Buddha

B. sayings of Lord Mahavir

C. life history of King Ashok

D. stories of Lord Buddha’s past life.

67. Which one of the following is a reason why idol worship is discouraged in the book of Satyarth Prakash‘

A. Paramatma will punish evil doers.

B. Paramatma is eternal.

C. Paramatma is fomtless.

D. Paramatma is the source of life.

68. Which one ofthe following scriptures is correctly matched with its followers‘? Scriptures Followers

A. Shiksha Palri Swami Narayau

B. Kalpa Sutra Buddhists

C. Dhamma Pada Sikhs

D. Guru Gramh Sahib Jains

69. Sikhs eam their living through honest means. By doing so. they practise the principle of A. Naam Jupna

B. Wand ke Chakhna

C. Ishnan Kama

D. Dharam Ki Kira].

70. Which one of the following principles emphasizes on the protection of living beings‘? A. Axleyu.

B. Ahintsa.

C. Salya.

D. Apurlgruha.

71. Below are statements describing the principle of Punarjanma

(i) the body becomes lifeless

(ii) the soul leaves the body.

(iii) the body is cremated

(iv) the soul is born again.

Which one of the following is the correct order of the principle?

A. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv).

B. (ii) (iii) (iv) (i).

C. (ii) (i) (iii) (iv).

D. (iv) (iii) (i) (ii).

72. Which among the following is a teaching of Lord Buddha?

A. Following the Veda.

B. Practicing non-violence.

C. Performance of Puja.

D. Observing fast.

73. Snehal, a Standard Six pupil visited her Muslim friends during ldd celebrations. By doing so she practiced the principle of

A. Kshamu.

B. Shaucham.

C. Brahmacharya.

D. Anekunrvad.

74. Which one of the following principles, it‘ practiced will stop the spread of HlV/AIDS?

A. Bruhmuvharya.

B. Dhee.

C. Akrodha.

D. Vicivu.

75. In which one of the following rituals is the Muhapati used?

A. Aarti.


C. Samaik.

D. Puchkum.

76. Which one of the following Kakars is correctly matched with its meaning?

Kakars Meaning

A. Kesh maintaining decency

B. Kirpan readiness to protect others

C. Kaccha righteous deeds

D. Kada connecting with God

77. Which one of the following is a place of worship for the Buddhists?

A. Mandir.

B. Derasar.

C. Gurudwara.

D. Stupa.

78. Which one of the following statements describes the temple of Badrinath?

A. The temple was built by Adi Shankaracharya.

B. The temple contains three wooden Murtis.

C. The temple is a seventy-storeyed building.

D. The temple was visited by Lord Rama.

79. Which one of the following events did not take place on the day of Dashera‘?

A. Arjun performed Puja of Shami tree.

B. Lord Rama killed Ravan.

C. Lord Shiva saved Ganesh.

D. Durga killed demon Mahisasur.

80. On which day of Paryushan do Jains celebrate the birthday of Lord Mahavir?

A. Fifth.

B. Fourth.

C. Third.

D. Second.

81. Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi mainly because

A. it marks the beginning of the harvest season

B. it is the day Khalsa Panth was established

C. it is a day of Bhangra dance

D. it is the day Nishan Sahib is changed.

82. Who among the following Karmayogi inspires the youth to sacrifice their lives for Dharma?

A. Guru Amardas.

B. Bhagini Nivedita.

C. Samarth Ramdas.

D. King Bhagirath.

83. The Yoga Asana that helps the spinal cord and abdomen muscles is

A. Adrdha Chakrrasana

B. Puda Hastasana

C. Supta Vajrasana

D. Bhujang Axann.

84. Namdev was able to convince the idol ofVitthal to accept his milk offering through A. Karma Yoga

B. Jnana Yoga

C. Raja Yoga

D. Bhukli Yoga.

85. The main reason why people living with HIV/ AIDS should be treated with compassion is because

A. HIV/AIDS victims experience mental suffering

B. they need encouragement to carry on with life

C. the society stigmatizes HIV/AIDS victims

D. anyone can be infected by the disease.

86. Anil, a Standard Seven pupil finds his classmates smoking cigarettes in the toilet. The correct action for him to take is to

A. warn the classmates on the harmful effects of cigarettes

B. join his classmates in smoking the cigarettes

C. take the cigarettes and throw them away

D. run to the staff room and call the class


87. When the teacher entered the class, the pupils greeted her by saying “Namaste”. By doing so. they practiced the Saduchar of A. love

B. friendship

C. faith

D. respect.

88. Which one of the following if practised will show simplicity in action?

A. Taking pan in cleaning the classroom.

B. Visiting friends and relatives.

C. Listening to the radio.

D. Playing football with friends.

89. Which one of the following rivers originates from the Himalaya mountains?

A. Narmada.

B. Saraswati.

C. Godavari.

D. Sindhu.

90. The festival that is celebrated during the months of Shravana and Bhadrapad is

A. Guru Purnima

B. Rakshu Bandhan

C. Rama Navmi

D. Buddha bayanti.



Free KNEC KCPE Past Papers Social Studies and Religious Education 2012 Answers


# Social IRE HRE

1 B

2 C

3 D

4 D

5 A

6 B

7 C

8 B

9 A

10 D

11 B

12 D

13 C

14 A

15 D

16 C

17 B

18 C

19 A

20 C

21 B

22 B

23 D

24 C

25 A

26 B

27 A

28 C

29 B

30 B

31 D

32 C

33 C

34 A

35 D

36 B

37 C

38 B

39 C

40 D

41 D

42 C

43 B

44 A

45 A

46 D

47 B

48 A

49 B

50 D

51 A

52 C

53 B

54 C

55 A

56 D

57 D

58 D

59 C

60 A

Same as CRE

61 C

62 B

63 A

64 D

65 B

66 D

67 C

68 A

69 D

70 B

71 C

72 B

73 D

74 A

75 C

76 B

77 D

78 A

79 C

80 A

81 B

82 C

83 C

84 D

85 B

86 A

87 D

88 A

89 D

90 B



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