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Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT Offices

Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT Offices

Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT Offices

Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT Offices – Check below:

KNUT HQ ( headquarters )


Secretary General

P.O. Box 30407, 00100 Nairobi,Kenya

254(0) 20 2220387,340301,22223509,22223849

254(0) 20 2222701

0710 600981, 0710, 600983, 0733 600880

Here are the contacts for KNUT Branch Executive Secretaries in all  branches in Kenya

1 KNUT BARINGO BRANCH JOSHUA CHEPTARUS 0720-219670 knutbaringo@knut.or.ke
2 KNUT BOMET BRANCH MALEL LANGAT 0725-763663 knutbomet@knut.or.ke
3 KNUT BONDO BRANCH GILBERT N. OWOUR 0711-280833/0737-049209 knutbondo@knut.or.ke
4 KNUT BORABU BRANCH PETER M. MUNDE 0725-382865 knutborabu@knut.or.ke
5 KNUT BUNGOMA EAST BRANCH AGGREY NAMISI 0728-399664 knutbungomaeast@knut.or.ke
6 KNUT BUNGOMA NORTH BRANCH CHRISPINUS SIFUNA 0710-890724 knutbungomanorth@knut.or.ke
7 KNUT BUNGOMA SOUTH BRANCH KENNETH NGANGA 0715-494559 knutbungomasouth@knut.or.ke
8 KNUT BUNGOMA WEST BRANCH MOSES MASIKA 0721-300680 knutbungomawest@knut.or.ke
9 KNUT BURETI BRANCH DANIEL CHUMO 0721-577476 knutbureti@knut.or.ke
10 KNUT BUSIA BRANCH MARK OSENO HANNINGTONE 0726-979198 knutbusia@knut.or.ke
11 KNUT BUTERE BRANCH SHIKHULE ALBERT TUNGANI 0734-788773/0708-246805 knutbutere@knut.or.ke
12 KNUT CHEPKOILEL BRANCH SAMMY BOR 0721-334600 knutchepkoilel@knut.or.ke
13 KNUT ELDORET WEST BRANCH JACOB K. ARUSEI 0723-947466 knuteldoretwest@knut.or.ke
14 KNUT EMBU BRANCH JOSPHAT K. KATHUMI 0716-731548 knutembu@knut.or.ke
15 KNUT EMUHAYA BRANCH DANIEL ANDAFU 0727-629861 knutemuhaya@knut.or.ke
16 KNUT GARISSA BRANCH ABDIRIZAK H. ADEN 0722-571582 knutgarissa@knut.or.ke
17 KNUT GATUNDU BRANCH JOHN MACHARIA 0725-203879 knutgatundu@knut.or.ke
18 KNUT GUCHA BRANCH LUCY MACHUKI 0725-252982 knutgucha@knut.or.ke
19 KNUT GUCHA SOUTH BRANCH JOSEPH M. MOGUCHE 0722-210745 knutguchasouth@knut.or.ke
20 KNUT HAMISI BRANCH NATHANIEL SHIBIRA 0725-596178 knuthamisi@knut.or.ke
21 KNUT HOMABAY BRANCH CORNEL A. AJUOK 0713-359112 knuthomabay@knut.or.ke
22 KNUT IJARA BRANCH NOOR SHEIKH OMAR 0720-621657 knutijara@knut.or.ke
23 KNUT ISIOLO BRANCH DADE BORU 0727-279045 knutisiolo@knut.or.ke
24 KNUT KAKAMEGA CENTRAL BRANCH BITONYE WAKHISI 0726-443877 knutkakamegacentral@knut.or.ke
25 KNUT OLKEJUADO BRANCH ELLY SOLONKA KORINGO 0721-718943 knutolkejuado@knut.or.ke
26 KNUT KAKAMEGA EAST BRANCH PATRICK CHUNGANI 0723-987224 knutkakamegaeast@knut.or.ke
27 KNUT KAKAMEGA NORTH BRANCH SHADRACK TOVOKO 0724-264404 knutkakameganorth@knut.or.ke
28 KNUT KAKAMEGA SOUTH BRANCH ARCHEDIUS LIYAYI 0727-487843 knutkakamegasouth@knut.or.ke
29 KNUT KALOLENI BRANCH TOM KITU 0721-881299 knutkaloleni@knut.or.ke
30 KNUT KANGUNDO BRANCH DANIEL NGINGA 0713-033590 knutkangundo@knut.or.ke
31 KNUT KEIYO BRANCH MUSA KIMAIYO BUSINEI 0722-449840 knutkeiyo@knut.or.ke
32 KNUT KERICHO BRANCH STANLEY MUTAI 0722-594002 knutkericho@knut.or.ke
33 KNUT KIAMBU EAST BRANCH CLEMENT GICHARU 0727-514445 knutkiambueast@knut.or.ke
34 KNUT KIAMBU WEST BRANCH MICHAEL N. MUNA 0722-327065 knutkiambuwest@knut.or.ke
35 KNUT KIBWEZI BRANCH MICHAEL MUTUSE 0721-351666 knutkibwezi@knut.or.ke
36 KNUT KILIFI BRANCH MWALIMU RASI 0729-304945/0733-538656 knutkilifi@knut.or.ke
37 KNUT KILINDINI BRANCH DAN ALOO 0720-670087 knutkilindini@knut.or.ke
38 KNUT KINANGO BRANCH JAPHETH TSUMA J. NZAI 0717-432561 knutkinango@knut.or.ke
39 KNUT KIPKELION BRANCH DAVID K. BORE 0720-880226 knutkipkelion@knut.or.ke
40 KNUT KIRINYAGA BRANCH HARRISON GICHIRA 0728-450107/0732-256436 knutkirinyaga@knut.or.ke
41 KNUT KISII CENTRAL BRANCH ALBERT ONKUBA ONDIMU 0721-952951 knutkisiicentral@knut.or.ke
42 KNUT KISII SOUTH BRANCH GEOFFREY MOGIRE 0722-668996 knutkisiisouth@knut.or.ke
43 KNUT KISUMU EAST BRANCH JOSHUA O. OGALO 0723-316731 knutkisumueast@knut.or.ke
44 KNUT KISUMU WEST BRANCH EDWARD O. OLANDO 0720-801203 knutkisumuwest@knut.or.ke
45 KNUT KITUI BRANCH SIMON M. FRANCIS 0722-247435 knutkitui@knut.or.ke
46 KNUT KOIBATEK BRANCH STANLEY KIPTIS 0722-362115 knutkoibatek@knut.or.ke
47 KNUT KURIA EAST BRANCH MANGITENI JOSEPH 0727-501208 / 0735-394364 knutkuriaeast@knut.or.ke
48 KNUT KURIA WEST BRANCH PAUL GIRWA 0722-964655 knutkuriawest@knut.or.ke
49 KNUT KWALE BRANCH DAUDI HERI 0722-562300 knutkwale@knut.or.ke
50 KNUT KYUSO BRANCH AGNES KAMBUA 0727-471819 knutkyuso@knut.or.ke
51 KNUT LAIKIPIA BRANCH JACKSON THANGEI 0722-832997 knutlaikipia@knut.or.ke
52 KNUT LAMU BRANCH IBRAHIM S. SHEEKIJE 0710-842198 knutlamu@knut.or.ke
53 KNUT LUGARI BRANCH MAKHANU NAMWINGULI 0722-699299 knutlugari@knut.or.ke
54 KNUT MACHAKOS BRANCH JUDA WEWA 0726-491138 knutmachakos@knut.or.ke
55 KNUT MAKUENI BRANCH BENSON MUTUKU NDAMBUKI 0710-398206 knutmakueni@knut.or.ke
56 KNUT MALINDI BRANCH FRED NGUMA 0725-483176 knutmalindi@knut.or.ke
57 KNUT MANDERA BRANCH KULLOW SHEIKH 0728-211202 knutmandera@knut.or.ke
58 KNUT MANGA BRANCH NICHOLAS NYANGAU 0722-468214/0733-492464 knutmanga@knut.or.ke
59 KNUT MARAKWET BRANCH JOHN KEMBOI CHOBERI 0724-672550 knutmarakwet@knut.or.ke
60 KNUT MARSABIT BRANCH LUFLE GAMBARE TORDER 0716-032345 knutmarsabit@knut.or.ke
61 KNUT MASABA BRANCH ONKOBA ALBERT ONSARE 0721-832725 knutmasaba@knut.or.ke
62 KNUT MBEERE BRANCH DICKSON MURUNGUMA 0725-792262 knutmbeere@knut.or.ke
63 KNUT MBOONI BRANCH EDNA K. MUTINDA 0711-200064 knutmbooni@knut.or.ke
64 KNUT MERU CENTRAL BRANCH CAXTON MIUNGU 0720-320479 knutmerucentral@knut.or.ke
65 KNUT MERU SOUTH BRANCH ALBERT NJERU MUTANI 0721-876989 knutmerusouth@knut.or.ke
66 KNUT MIGORI BRANCH CALEB OPONDI 0720-655600 knutmigori@knut.or.ke
67 KNUT MOMBASA BRANCH STEPHEN OUMA 0722-841468 knutmombasa@knut.or.ke
68 KNUT MOYALE BRANCH MOHAMED ALI JARSO 0726-272167 knutmoyale@knut.or.ke
69 KNUT MSAMBWENI BRANCH BASHIRI KILALO 0713-156963 knutmsambweni@knut.or.ke
70 KNUT MT. ELGON BRANCH STEPHEN CHEMONGES 0724-689401 knutmtelgon@knut.or.ke
71 KNUT MUMIAS BRANCH JOHN WESONGA 0733-410708/0724441338 knutmumias@knut.or.ke
72 KNUT MURANGA NORTH BRANCH ROSALINE NJOKI 0722-639568 knutmuranganorth@knut.or.ke
73 KNUT MURANGA SOUTH BRANCH JOHN NJAKA 0720-793944 knutmurangasouth@knut.or.ke
74 KNUT MUTOMO BRANCH DAVID N. MWANZWII 0721-536669 knutmutomo@knut.or.ke
75 KNUT MWALA BRANCH DANIEL MUTINDA 0736-751339/0726-962001 knutmwala@knut.or.ke
76 KNUT MWINGI BRANCH JONATHAN MUTAMBU 0733-643210 knutmwingi@knut.or.ke
77 KNUT NAIROBI BRANCH MACHARIA MUGWE 0729-526472 knutnairobi@knut.or.ke
78 KNUT NAKURU BRANCH MUNGAI MUHIA 0721-406148 knutnakuru@knut.or.ke
79 KNUT NANDI CENTRAL BRANCH SILVESTER TALLAM 0715-446898 knutnandicentral@knut.or.ke
80 KNUT NANDI EAST BRANCH BONFACE K. TENAI 0728-242232 knutnandieast@knut.or.ke
81 KNUT NANDI NORTH BRANCH JOSPHAT SEREM 0724-394792 knutnandinorth@knut.or.ke
82 KNUT NANDI SOUTH BRANCH STEPHEN K. MISOI 0726-648160 knutnandisouth@knut.or.ke
83 KNUT NAROK BRANCH PAUL LEPORE 0700-925061 knutnarok@knut.or.ke
84 KNUT NYAMBENE BRANCH JULIUS TAITUMU 0721-669069 knutnyambene@knut.or.ke
85 KNUT NYAMIRA BRANCH KENNEDY MIGOSI 0725-934481 knutnyamira@knut.or.ke
86 KNUT NYANDARUA NORTH BRANCH SIMON MAINA KAIRU 0726-900654 knutnyandaruanorth@knut.or.ke
87 KNUT NYANDARUA SOUTH BRANCH CHARLES NGUNJIRI 0715-150212 knutnyandaruasouth@knut.or.ke
88 KNUT NYANDO BRANCH EPHRAIM O. KANANG’A 0720-333707 knutnyando@knut.or.ke
89 KNUT NYERI BRANCH EDWARD MUTAHI 0722-383047 knutnyeri@knut.or.ke
90 KNUT NZAUI BRANCH DANIEL WAMBUA 0721-849775 knutnzaui@knut.or.ke
91 KNUT RACHUONYO BRANCH ELIUD OMBORI 0721-100436 knutrachuonyo@knut.or.ke
92 KNUT RARIEDA BRANCH GEORGE AREK 0717-678612 knutrarieda@knut.or.ke
93 KNUT RONGO BRANCH THOMAS OCHIEL AWINO 0721-749144 knutrongo@knut.or.ke
94 KNUT SAMBURU BRANCH RAPHAEL L. LESHALOTE 0721-226829/0734-544473 knutsamburu@knut.or.ke
95 KNUT SIAYA BRANCH CLEMENT OMOLO 0720-686700 knutsiaya@knut.or.ke
96 KNUT SOTIK BRANCH MATHIAS K. LANGAT 0710-923053 knutsotik@knut.or.ke
97 KNUT SUBA BRANCH RICHARD MONGO 0724-278604 knutsuba@knut.or.ke
98 KNUT TAITA-TAVETA BRANCH ROSALIA MKANJALA 0735-451578/0704-778185 knuttaitataveta@knut.or.ke
99 KNUT TANA RIVER BRANCH RABWOYA B. MICHEAL 0726-701649 knuttanariver@knut.or.ke
100 KNUT TESO BRANCH OWAYA DEO ADUNGO 0735-221360/0710-814615 knutteso@knut.or.ke
101 KNUT THARAKA BRANCH NDIA WATIA KIGANO 0711-993713 knuttharaka@knut.or.ke
102 KNUT THIKA BRANCH JOSEPH MUNGAI NGIGE 0722-385447 knutthika@knut.or.ke
103 KNUT TRANSMARA BRANCH WILLY K. KORIR 0710-4135587 knuttransmara@knut.or.ke
104 KNUT TRANS-NZOIA BRANCH REUBEN WASWA MAKHINO 0710-944910 knuttransnzoia@knut.or.ke
105 KNUT TURKANA BRANCH TONY NASIA 0712-846315 knutturkana@knut.or.ke
106 KNUT VIHIGA BRANCH CHALENGA I. MAURICE 0711-896095 knutvihiga@knut.or.ke
107 KNUT WAJIR BRANCH NOOR MOHAMED 0728-072320 knutwajir@knut.or.ke
108 KNUT WARENG BRANCH JOHN BOOR 0722-449077 knutwareng@knut.or.ke
109 KNUT WEST POKOT BRANCH SEMBELO ERICK 0716-303072 knutwestpokot@knut.or.ke
110 KNUT YATTA BRANCH MICHAEL KASIMBA NGUI 0734-963214 knutyatta@knut.or.ke

Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT Offices



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