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Kenya Prisons Service Rank Structure And Uniforms

Kenya Prisons Service Rank Structure And Uniforms

Kenya Prisons Service Rank Structure; See details on Kenya Prisons Service Rank Structure

Discover all you need to know about Kenya Prisons Service Rank Structure today!

Kenya is one of the countries located in South Africa, Nairobi been the capital and largest city while the Coastal city of Mombasa is the oldest and first capital city of the country. The country is bordered to the south and south-west by Tanzania, Uganda bounds it to the west, bounded by South Sudan to the north-west, and Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east. Kenya spans across the area of 581,309 km2 (224,445 sq. mi) and has a population of over 48 million.


The Kenya Prisons Service is under the Department of the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government. Its function is to ensure the safety and security of the public through the provision of safe custody of all persons who have been lawfully committed or sentenced to prison facilities, also, to foster the rehabilitation of custodial sentenced offenders (prisoners) for community reintegration.

As it has been noted that the grade or level of staffs is in two parts, the senior staff and the junior staff. Below is the rank of the staffs of Kenya Prison Service, listed from lowest rank to the highest attained rank.

  •    Constable of Prisons-PG
  •    Corporal of Prisons-PG
  •    Sergeant of Prisons-PG
  •    Senior Sergeant of Prisons-PG
  •    Inspector of Prisons-PG
  •    Chief inspector of Prisons- PG
  •    Superintendent of Prisons-PG
  •    Senior Superintendent of Prisons-PG
  •    Assistant Commissioner of Prisons-PG
  •    Senior Assistant Commissioner of Prisons-PG
  •    Deputy Commissioner of Prisons-PG
  •    Senior Deputy Commissioner of Prisons-PG
  •    Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons-PG
  •    Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons-PG
  •    Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 15

Still On Kenya Prisons Rank Structure

Kenya prison wardens typically earn higher than the average worker in the United States, and justifiably so. The job description of a prison warder is tasking and demanding, reason been that a prison wardens’ life is daily in danger, due to gang rivalries within the prison, the use of contraband items and violence among the inmates in the workplace. Fresh graduate or Entry-level salaries and earning potential is considerably different, reasons been that according to experience, education, type of facility, and the size of the institution is considered.

It is noteworthy to have a foreknowledge and adequately informed about the Kenya Prison Service. The Ranks of Kenya Prisons Service is listed below in respect to their order as well as the salary scale and allowances they earn. Kenya Prisons ranking structure comprises or is subdivided into two levels, which are, the Senior Officers and Junior officers.



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