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KNEC KCPE Past Papers Social Studies and Religious Education 2015

KNEC KCPE Past Papers Social Studies and Religious Education 2015








Study the map of Pambo Area provided and answer questions 1-7.

1. The land in Pambo area rises from

A. North to South

B. North to South West

C. South West to North East

D. South West to North.

2. The approximate area of the game park in Pambo area is

A. 8 km2

B. 10 km2

C. 15 km2

D. 16 10 km2.

3. The most likely factor that may have influenced the setting up of Mali ranch is the availability of

A. labour

B. space

C. transport

D. cattle dip.

4. The following economic activities are carried out in Pambo area except

A. farming

B. lumbering

C. mining

D. tourism.

5. The climate to the west of Pambo Town can be described as

A. cool and wet

B. hot and dry

C. hot and wet

D. cool and dry.

6. Which one of the following statements is true about river Pambo?

A. It is a seasonal river.

B. It forms the town boundary.

C. It is used for transportation.

D. It has few meanders.

7. What evidence on the map shows that Pambo town is an administrative centre?

A. District office.

B. Law courts.

C. Post office.

D. Police station.

8. The main reason for the migration of the Pokomo from Shungwaya was to

A. search for pasture

B. look for fertile land

C. reduce population pressure

D. escape attacks from the Galla.

9. School motto describes

A. the history of a school

B. the achievement of a school

C. the aims of a school

D. the routine of a school.

10. Which of the following groups of mountains were formed as a result of folding?

A. Ruwenzori and Usambara.

B. Elgon and Kilimanjaro.

C. Tibesti and Drakensburg.

D. Atlas and Cape Ranges.

11. Which one of the following groups of people consists of Highland Nilotes of Kenya?


12. The diagram below shows the formation of a type of rainfall.


The type of rainfall represented in the diagram above is

A. frontal

B. cyclonic

C. relief

D. convectional.

13. The importance of cultural artefacts is that they

A. are national symbols

B. are used for decoration

C. form the basis of trade

D. preserve culture of the people.

14. The following are factors that influence population growth

(i) Government policy

(ii) Level of education

(iii) Early marriages

(iv) Religious believes

(v) Cultural practices

Which of the following combination of the factors may lead to high population growth?

A. (i), (ii) and (iii).

B. (ii), (iii) and (iv).

C. (i), (iv) and (v).

D. (iii), (iv) and (v).

15. Who among the following traditional African leaders collaborated with the British during the establishment of colonial rule?

A. Lewanika.

B. Samori Toure.

C. Kabaka Mwanga.

D. Koitalel Arap Samoei.

16. Wildlife conservation refers to

A. protecting and preserving wild animals and plants

B. planting and protecting trees

C. protecting and preserving water catchment areas

D. caring and protecting animals.

17. The following are roles of pupils in school management except

A. ensuring cleanliness of the school

B. reporting issues affecting pupils to the headteacher

C. participating in the tree planting in school

D. appointing prefects to assist in maintaining order.

18. Jamal‘s cattle have destroyed his neighbor’s crops. This has caused a dispute between them. The most appropriate way of settling this dispute is by

A. reporting Jamal to the police

B. Jamal negotiating the issue with the neighbor

C. the neighbor giving Jamal a warning.

D. reporting Jamal to a religious leader.

19. One of the demands made by Kavirondo Taxpayer’s Welfare Association to the colonial govemment in Kenya was to

A. have roads built in Nyanza

B. appoint paramount chiefs

C. allow Africans to grow cash crops

D. release Harry Thuku from prison.

Use the map of Eastern Africa provided below to answer questions 20 to 23.


20. The country marked W is

A. Djibouti

B. Ethiopia

C. Eritrea

D. Somalia.

21. The early visitor who followed the route marked X was

A. John Speke

B. H. M. Stanley

C. Johannes Rebman

D. Vasco Da Gama.

22. The Lake marked Y is

A. Kivu

B. Albert

C. Edward

D. Kyoga.

23. The crop grown in the area shaded Z is

A. Coffee

B. Maize

C. Sugarcane

D. Bananas.

24. Otieno has witnessed a pedestrian being hit and injured by a cyclist. The immediate action that he should take is to

A. take the pedestrian to hospital

B. report the matter to the police

C. give first aid to the pedestrian

D. stop onlookers from crowding the scene.

25. Which one of the following statements is true about the policy of direct rule in Zimbabwe?

A. Many Africans were allowed to go to Britain for higher education.

B. All Africans became British citizens.

C. All administrators were whites.

D. Africans were exempted from paying taxes.

26. Below are some characteristics of a type of soil.

(i) It has grains of medium size.

(ii) It has medium size air spaces.

(iii) It has good water retention.

The type of soil described above is

A. Black cotton.

B. Loamy

C. Alluvial

D. Sandy.

27. Three of the following are responsibilities of persons with special needs. Which one is not?

A. Treat other people fairly.

B. Obey safety guidelines.

C. Take part in nation building.

D. Ensure they pay income tax.

28. Which one of the following groups of requirements consists only of family basic needs?


29. Which one of the following is a negative effect of migration of people into Kenya?

It has led to

A. industrial development

B. introduction of new culture

the growth of informal settlement

the growth of health services.

30. In Kenya natural forests are preserved mainly to

A. make the environment beautiful

B. increase production of timber

C. protect water catchment areas

D. provide habitat for wild animals.

31. The Great North Road passes through the following countries in Africa, except

A. Uganda

B. Egypt

C. Zambia

D. South Atria.

32. Who among the following African leaders was a founder member of the Kenya African Union (KAU)?

A. Eliud Mathu

B. Daniel Arap Moi

C. Ronald Ngala

D. Albert Owino.

33. Three of the following are measures that can be used in public transport to cater for persons with disabilities. Which one is not?

A. Organising group transport for persons with disabilities

B. Increasing the nmnber of traffic police

C. Providing mini buses fitted with ramps

D. Training drivers on how to handle persons with disabilities.

The table below represents the climate of a town in Africa. Use it to answer questions 34 and 35.


34. Which one of the following statements is true about the town represented in the table?

A. It receives the highest rainfall during the cold season.

B. It receives rainfall throughout the year.

C. It is cold throughout the year.

D. It has a large annual range of temperature.

35. The type of climate represented by the table is likely to be

A. Savanna

B. Desert

C. Mediterranean

D. Equatorial.

36. Which one of the following parties led Tanganyika to independence?

A. United Tanganyika Party.

B. Tanganyika African Association.

C. Tanganyika African National Union.

D. Chama cha Mapinduzi.

37. The most recent way of interaction among communities in Kenya is through?

A. Sports.

B. Religious festivals.

C. Schooling.

D. Social media.

38. Which one of the statements below is true about wheat farming in Kenya?

A. It is the main export crop.

B. It is grown under irrigation.

C. It is the staple food.

D. It is harvested using machines.

39. The main reason for the establishment of the oil refinery industry at Changamwe in Mombasa was the

A. nearness to water supply

B. nearness to source of raw materials

C. availability of transport facilities

D. availability of a ready market.

40. The main objective for the formation of the East African Community was to

A. promote cultural cooperation among member states

B. promote trade among member states

C. improve food security in the region

D. ease the movement of people within the region.

41. A road contractor employed members of his extended family which caused conflict in the community. The contractor practiced

A. Tribalism

B. Racism

C. Favoritism

D. Nepotism.

42. Which one of the following statements is true about the Rift Valley region in Kenya?

A. It has several inselbergs.

B. It lies between 1000 metres and 3000 metres above sea level.

C. It has an extensive gently sloping depression.

D. It is generally dry land.

43. Below are characteristics of a poultry farming method

(i) There is a cage for each bird

(ii) Feeding troughs are placed in front of the cage

(iii) There are sloping grounds behind the cage for birds to lay eggs.

(iv) Eggs roll to a collection point.

The poultry method described above is

A. fold system

B. deep litter system

C. battery system

D. free range system.

44. Which one of the following is the main benefit of tea growing in Kenya?

A. It earns the country foreign exchange.

B. It improves the standard of living in rural areas.

C. It leads to development of service industries.

D. It promotes development of towns.

45. John intends to identify a business opportunity in the service industry. Which one of the following businesses is he likely to choose?

A. Selling farm produce.

B. Setting up a bakery.

C. Opening a barber shop.

D. Buying and selling livestock.

46. A foreigner intends to become a Kenyan citizen. Which one of the following requirements must she fulfill?

A. Get married to a Kenyan.

B. Visit Kenya often.

C. Register as a member of a political party.

D. Live in Kenya continuously for seven years.

47. Makau Wanted to cross a busy road near his school. The appropriate action for him to take to cross safely is to

A. run across the road

B. cross when the road is clear

C. signal the drivers to allow him to cross

D. look right and left and then cross the road.

48. Below are some statements about a type of transport

(i) It is cheap to use.

(ii) It can transport large volume of bulky goods.

(iii) It is very slow.

The type of transport described above is

A. water

B. air

C. road

D. pipeline.

49. Which one of the statements below is a solution to challenges lacing tourism in Kenya?

A. Building hotels and game parks.

B. Constructing feeder roads.

C. Improving security in the country.

D. Providing flee domestic tourism.

50. Which one of these following is a problem resulting from industrial development in both Kenya and South Africa? .

A. Decline in growth of towns.

B. Increase in rural-urban migration.

C. Shortage of labour.

D. Reduction in food production.

51. One of the achievements of Nelson Mandela was that he

A. was a founder member of the O.A.U.

B. negotiated for a democratic constitution

C. led a demonstration at Sharpville.

D. was the first African president to retire voluntarily.

52. Which one of the following statements is true about the common wealth?

A. It was formed to maintain world peace.

B. It is based in Addis Ababa.

C. It functions through specialized agencies.

D. It is headed by the British Monarch.

53. Democracy is a system of government in which leaders

A. have inherited their posts

B. are nominated by the president

C. are elected by people

D. impose themselves on people.

54. Which of the statements below best explains why Kenyans sing the National Anthem?

A. To express their respect for the country.

B. To please their leaders.

C. To obey the laws of the country.

D. To preserve their cultural heritage.

55. Which one of the following actions by the government would best promote national unity?

A. Encouraging people to participate in economic activities.

B. Punishing the wrongdoers.

C. Encouraging domestic tourism.

D. Building more educational facilities.

56. In Kenya, a person becomes a speaker of the County Assembly through

A. election by voters

B. appointment by the president

C. nomination by the electoral body

D. election by members of the County Assembly.

57. Cases concerning military offences are heard by the

A. High court

B. Kadhis court

C. Court of Appeal

D. Court martial.

58. The body in charge of elections in Kenya is headed by

A. The president

B. A chairman

C. The Chief Justice

D. A Cabinet Secretary.

59. The Bill of Rights contains the

A. powers of the Chief Justice.

B. freedoms of citizens in a state.

C. records of parliamentary debates.

D. court proceedings.

60. In Kenya, a parliamentary by-election is held when a member of parliament is

A. jailed for more than six months

B. resides in another constituency

C. becomes a leader of a political party

D. gets a vote of no confidence.




61. Which one of the following books of the Bible tells about the beginning of things?

A. Exodus.

B. Genesis.

C. Ezekiel.

D. Numbers.

62. “Leave your country, your relatives and your father’s home and go to a land that I am going to show you.” (Genesis 12:1). These words were spoken by God to

A. Abel

B. Cain

C. Abraham

D. Adam.

63. Who among the following people were the parents of Jacob?

A. Laban and Leah.

B. Elikana and Hannah.

C. Eli and Peninah.

D. Isaac and Rebecca.

64. “You know that I am such a poor speaker; why should the King listen to me?” (Exodus 6:30). These words were spoken by Moses when he was

A. being sent to deliver the Israelites from Egypt

B. receiving the ten commandments at mountain Sinai

C. talking to the Pharaoh in the palace

D. performing the miracles in Egypt.

65. Which one of the following commandments teaches about respect for marriage?

A. “Do not commit murder”.

B. “Do not steal”.

C. “Do not commit adultery”.

D. “Do not accuse anyone falsely”.

66. King Solomon is mainly remembered in Israel because he

A. married many wives

B. built the temple

C. built a big palace

D. ruled with wisdom.

67. King Ahab sinned against God when he

A. took Naboth’s vineyard

B. married Uriah’s wife

C. made Jerusalem a famous city

D. ordered for the killing of Baal prophets.

68. Which one of the following miracles was performed by both Elisha and Jesus?

A. Healing the lame.

B. Healing lepers.

C. Multiplying the oil.

D. Turning water into wine.

69. The prophet who referred to the messiah as the “prince of peace” was

A. Nathan

B. Samuel

C. Amos

D. Isaiah.

70. Which one of the following activities was being performed by Zachariah when the angel Gabriel visited him?

A. Burning incense.

B. Reading the scriptures.

C. Cleaning the temple.

D. Receiving offerings.

71. Which one of the following statements explains why the wise men visited baby Jesus?

A. To know his parents.

B. They wanted to worship him.

C. They wanted to know his home.

D. They had been sent by King Herod.

72. The similarity between the annunciation of the birth of John the baptist and that of Jesus is that in both

A. it occurred in the temple

B. the babies were to be born at the same time.

C. names of the babies were given

D. the parents believed the message.

73. Jesus showed his love for children by

A. placing his hands on them

B. giving them gifts.

C. listening to their songs

D. playing with them

74. Which one of the following parables teaches about the growth of the Kingdom of God? The parable of the

A. Lost sheep.

B. Mustard seed.

C. Sower.

D. Wheat and tares.

75. Who among the following people was raised from the dead by Jesus?

A. Nicodemus.

B. Martha.

C. Jairus’ daughter.

D. The widow of Nain.

76. Which one of the following words were spoken by the Roman officer who witnessed the death of Jesus on the cross?

A. “Today salvation has come”.

B. “Save yourself and us”.

C. “Father, forgive them”.

D. “Surely, this was a righteous man”.

77. The disciple who ran to the tomb to find out whether Jesus had resurrected is

A. Philip

B. Peter

C. James

D. Andrew.

78. Which one of the following events took place on the day the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples?

A. The heavens opened up.

B. There was an earthquake.

C. There was a sound of a mighty wind.

D. The sun stopped shinning.

79. The main lesson that Christians leam from Ananias and Sapphira is that they should

A. give away their wealth

B. respect church leaders

C. give offerings

D. speak the truth.

80. “I have no money at all, but I give you what I have;….” (Acts 3:6). Peter said these words when he

A. healed a crippled man at the temple gate

B. collected a big catch of fish

C. visited Cornelius in his house

D. raised Tabitha back to life.

81. Which one of the following is both a gift and a fruit of the Holy spirit?

A. Peace.

B. Kindness.

C. Love.

D. Humility.

82. In traditional African communities, the best way to honour God is by

A. building shrines for him

B. praying to him

C. dancing for him

D. offering sacrifices to him.

83. Which one of the following reasons best explains why new born babies in traditional African communities are not eirposed to many people

A. to protect them fiom evil

B. to feed them properly

C. to give them herbs

D. to please the ancestors

84. The main reason why people in traditional African communities share material things with others is because they want to

A. become popular;

B. show their concern

C. show off their wealth

D. avoid calamities.

85. Which one of the following actions by Christians show the best way of caring for those infected with HIV and AIDS?

A. Praying for them.

B. Providing them with food.

C. Keeping their status secret.

D. Encouraging them to live with hope.

86. On your way to school, you meet two standard one pupils fighting. As a Christian, what action would you take?

A. Separate them and tell them the need for peace.

B. Take a whip and beat them.

C. Report the matter to the class teacher.

D. Cheer them to continue fighting.

87. During the holidays Keith finds himself with some extra time. Which one of the following is the best leisure activity that he should involve himself in?

A. Playing football.

B. Helping the aged.

C. Watching films.

D. Reading story books.

88. Your classmate Catherine tells you she does not help in the farm because she feels it is tiresome. As a Christian, what advice would you give her?

Tell her

A. to ask her elder sisters to do the work

B. to ask her parents to employ a worker

C. that work is a part of life

D. that work makes people tired.

89. Martha, a standard seven pupil is being forced by her grandmother to undergo circumcision so that she can be married after school. As a Christian, what action should she take?

A. Tell her classmates about it.

B. Undergo the ritual quietly.

C. Run away and stay with her schoolmates.

D. Refuse and report the matter to the headteacher.

90. You leam that your deskmate Andrew is being used by his neighbour to sell drugs to other pupils in school. As a Christian, you should tell him to

A. be careful not to be caught.

B. sell the drugs and not use them

C. stop selling the drugs and concentrate in class

D. ask his neighbor to pay him well.



61. “And whosoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom, shall see it.”

The above verse is taken from Surah

A. Al-Inshirah

B. Al-Zilzalah

C. AI-Maun

D. AI-Lahab.

62. According to Surah Al-Alaq, Allah has created man from

A. moulded clay

B. Nabi Adam’s rib

C. a clot of blood

D. a drop of sperm.

63. Salma your classmate is sad because her parents are unable to pay for her school trip due to financial hardships. Which among the following Surahs would you use to encourage her?

A. AI-Humaza.

B. Al-Bayyinah.

C. Al-Aadiyat.

D. I-Inshirah.

64. The following are verses of Surah Al-Quraish.

(i) so let them worship the Lord of this house.

(ii) who has fed them against hunger and has made them safe from fear:

(iii) the caravans to set forth in winter and summer

(iv) for the protection of the Quraish.

The correct order of the above verses is

A. (iv), (iii), (i), (ii)

B. (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)

C. (iv), (iii), (ii), (i)

D. (i), (ii), (iv), (iii).

65. A lesson that is learnt from Surah Al-Aadtlvat is

A. Muslims should uphold the virtue of patience

B. Muslims should care for the poor

C. Man should be grateful to the Lord

D. Man will be punished for his evil deeds.

66. “Those dearest to Allah (s.w.) are the ones . who….” Which one of the following statements completes the quoted Hadith of the Prophet (P.b.u.h.)?

A. are respectful towards their parents

B. are kind to animals

C. pay their employees on time

D. treat their children kindly.

67. According to Hadith, the reason why a Muslim should always be the first one to greet others is because it

A. creates closeness to Allah

B. is a way of establishing friendship

C. creates Muslim brotherhood

D. is a way of showing concern.

68. A Sunnah prayer performed during the eclipse of the sun is

A. Khusuf

B. Kusuf

C. Tahajjud

D. Taraweh.

69. Which one of the following statements is true about the Kalima?

A. It is a pillar of Swalat.

B. It is a pillar of Ihsan.

C. It must be uttered at the beginning of Swalat.

D. It must be uttered before one becomes a Muslim.

70. Which among the following are dates of Ayyamul Beidh?

A. 13th, 14th and 15th of every Islamic month.

B. 10th, 11th and 12th of every Islamic month.

C. 11th, 12th and 13th of Dhulhijja. D. 25th, 27th and 29th of Ramadhan.

71. It is Asr time and Ali wants to perform Wudhu but there is no water. What should he do?

A. Postpone Asr prayer.

B. Perform tayamum.

C. Ask for Allah’s forgiveness.

D. Perform Asr without Wudhu.

72. The similarity between Hajj and Umrah is that in both the pilgrims

A. stand at Arafat

B. stone the Jamaarat

C. perform Sa‘ay

D. stay at Mina.

73. Swaleh a standard six prefect notices his classmates throwing litter all over the classroom. To ensure that this does not happen again he should

A. advise them on the importance of environmental hygiene

B. ask his classmates to kneel down

C. request the school cleaner to clean the classroom

D. clean the classroom himself.

74. Which one of the following is an unlawful source of earning a living?

A. Selling foreign currency.

B. Lending money with interest.

C. Working as a tour guide.

D. Working in a hotel.

75. Islam discourages stigmatization of people suffering from HIV/AIDS mainly because

A anyone can be infected by the disease

B. HIV/AIDS is a very painful disease

C. Sick people should be treated with compassion

D. the effects of HIV/AIDS are experienced by the whole society.

76. One of the following boxes contains the revealed books in their order of revelation. Which one is it?


77. Who among the following Prophets is correctly matched with his miracle?

A. Musa — survived afler being swallowed by a whale.

B. Ibrahim — survived afier being thrown into a fire.

C. Yunus — communicated with animals.

D. Issa – split the Red Sea into two.

78. Athman, a standard five pupil who has been stealing from his classmates has decided to repent after realizing his mistake. Which one of the following attributes of Allah will encourage him to seek for repentance?

A. Al-Malik.

B. Al-Rahman.


Al- Wahhab.

79. The difference between Iman and Ihsan is

A. Iman is related to this life while lhsan is related to the hereafter

B. Iman is related to Allah while Ihsan is related to the Prophet

C. Iman is fardh while Ihsan is Sunnah

D. Iman deals with belief while Ihsan deals with worship.

80. An employer can demonstrate justice towards his employees by

A. paying them their salaries on time

B. providing them with accommodation

C. sharing meals with them

D. giving them gifts.

81. The standard eight pupils wish to elect their class prefect. Which among the following is the best quality they should consider?

A. Patience.

B. Kindness.

C. Honesty.

D. Forgiveness.

82. Your parents have discovered that the headmaster of your school is asking for a bribe in order to admit pupils in class One. The correct course of action for your parents to take is to

A. organise a demonstration against the headmaster

B. keep quiet about the issue

C. transfer you to another school

D. report the headmaster to the police.

83. Which one of the following qualities made the Quzraish admire Muhammad (P.b.u.h.)?

A. Trustworthiness.

B. Generosity.

C. Humility.

D. Patience.

84. The following are events in the life of Prophet Muhammad (P.b.u.h.);

(i) Israh wal Miiaj

(ii) Boycott ofBanu Hashim

(iii) Marriage to Lady Khadija

(iv) Public preaching at Mount Swafa

(v) Pledge of Aqaba

The correct order in which the events took place

A. (iii), (ii), (v), (i), (iv)

B. (iii), (iv), (ii), (i), (v)

C. (i), (ii), (iv). (iii), (V)

D. (i), (iii), (ii), (iv), (v).

85. The main reason for the persecution of Muslims by the Quraish is because Islam

A. threatened their economic practices

B. preached on the equality of mankind

C. disrupted their political set up

D. was against the religion of their forefathers.

86. Which of the following Muslims were the first to fight against the Quraish during the battle of Bad?

A. Hamza, Ali, Ubayda.

B. Hamza, Umar, Ali.

C. Abubakar, Umar, Uthman.

D. Abuhakar, Uthman, Ubayda.

87. The similarity between Jum’ah and Idd prayers is that they

A. both have Takbir

B. both have Khutba

C. are both performed at midday

D. are both performed in an open field.

88. Below are festivals in the Islamic calendar:

(i) Milad-un-Nabi

(ii) Idd-ul-Adha

(iii) Idd-ul-Fitr

(iv) Isra-wal-Miraj

The correct order in which the festivals are observed is

A. (iv), (i), (iii), (ii)

B. (iv), (iii), (ii), (i)

C. (i), (iv), (iii), (ii)

D. (i), (iii), (ii), (iv)

89. The reason why Adam and Hawa were sent away from paradise is because

A. Disrespected other creatures of Allah

B. refused to prostate before the Angels

C. quarreled with each other

D. went against the orders of Allah

90. In which one of the following acts did the Muslims demonstrate the spirit of “harambee”?

A. Writing of the treaty of Hudaibiya.

B. Writing of the constitution of Madina.

C. Construction of the Prophet’s mosque.

D. Migration to Abbysinia.


61. The attributes of Paramatma shows that He is the ever existent is

A. Anand

B. Sat

C. Nirakar

D. Chit

62. Which one of the following attributes was displayed by Guru Nanak when he was protected from the sun rays by a cobra?

A. Humility.

B. Truthfulness.

C. Fearlessness.

D. Generosity.

63. Which one of the following is the role of Lord Shiva in Trimurti?

A. Creator.

B. Sustainer.

C. Nourisher.

D. Liberator.

64. Who among the following avatars advocated for non-violence?

A. Buddha.

B. Vaman.

C. Narsirnha.

D. Parshurarn.

65. The Jain Tirthankar who organized the order of monks and nuns is

A. Neminath

B. Parshvanath

C. Mahavir

D. Mallinath.

66. The following are teachings from a Hindu Scripture;

(i) Honouring a promise

(ii) Obedience to parents

(iii) Love for family members

Which one of the following scriptures contains the above teachings?

A. Bhagvat Puran.

B. Gita.

C. Mahabharat.

D. Ramayana.

67. Bhishma took a vow of celibacy in order to

A. enable his father to marry Satyavati

B. serve the Kuru Kings

C. rule Hastinapur

D. enable his brother to marry Ambika.

68. The Adi Granth Sahib is preserved at

A. Anandpur

B. Amritsar

C. Kartarpur

D. Talvandi

69. According to the Principle of Punarjanma, when a person dies his soul

A. goes to heaven

B. is cremated

C. remains in the body

D. enters another body

70. Which One of the following acts is forbidden according to the principle of Aparigraha?

A. Accumulating wealth.

B. Killing living beings.

C. Telling lies.

D. Destroying property.

71. The Principle of Dharma teaches Hindus to have control over A. health

B. mind

C. wealth

D. heart

72. By donating food to needy people, Sikhs practice the Principle of

A. Naam Japna

B. Kirt Karna

C. Wand Chakna

D. Ishnan Karna.

73. Which one of the following Principles of Dhanna is correctly matched with its meaning?


74. By exercising control over the five senses, Hindus practise the Principle of

A. Aparigraha

B. Indriya Nigraha

C. Anekanrvad

D. Brahmacharya.

75. The following are lines from Navkar Mantra:

(i) Namo Uvajayanam

(ii) Namo Siddhanam

(iii) Namo Arihantanam

(iv) Namo Ayariyanam

The correct order in which they are recited is

A. (i), (ii), (ii), (iv)

B. (iv), (iii), (ii), (i)

C. (iii), (ii), (iv), (i)

D. (ii), (iv), (iii), (i).

76. Which one of the following prayers is recited by the Sikhs in the evening?

A. Hukamnama.

B. Ardas.

C. Japji.

D. Rehras.

77. When a dead body is cremated, the ashes become part of

A. Jal

B. Prithvi

C. Vayu

D. Akash.

78. Who among the following deities is worshipped at Rarueshwaram?

A. Rama.

B. Brahma.

C. Shiv.

D. Krishna.

79. Buddhists celebrate Buddha Jayanti in the month of

A. Ashadh

B. Falgun

C. Shravan

D. Vaisakh.

80. Which one of the following festivals is celebrated to honour Veda Vyasji?

A. Guru Pumima.

B. Vijaya Dashami.

C. Raksha Bandhan.

D. Makar Sankranti.

81. Which one of the following rituals is not performed during the festival of Navratri?

A. Worshipping Goddess Durga.

B. Singing Garba and Raas.

C. Burning of the effigy of Ravan.

D. Installing the Garbo in the centre.

82. Which one of the following combination of Asans is performed in the standing position?


83. Narshi Mehta practiced Bhakti Yoga by

A. singing bhajans

B. employing poor people

C. educating the illiterate

D. reading the scriptures.

84. Which one of the following boons was granted to Nachiketa by Yamraj?

A. Long life.

B. Knowledge.

C. Beautiful maidens.

D. Wealth.

85. Which one of the following ekadashi is correctly matched with the month in which it is observed?


86. Which one of the following planets corresponds with Mangal Var?

A. Mars.

B. Saturn.

C. Venus.

D. Jupiter.

87. A person can contract HIV/AIDS by

A. having a friend of the opposite sex

B. having irresponsible sexual behaviour

C. sharing food with an infected person

D. shaking hands with an infected person.

88. Sandeep, a standard four pupil gave a story book to his friend Ashok for helping him in the Science project. Which one of the following Sadachar was demonstrated by Sandeep?

A. Respect.

B. Kindness.

C. Gratitude.

D. Love.

89. On her way to school, Krishna a standard seven pupil notices a passenger drop his wallet while boarding a bus. She picks up the wallet containing money and identity cards. The best course of action for Krishna to take is to

A. run after the bus

B. leave the wallet on the roadside

C. give the money to a needy student

D. take the wallet to the class teacher.

90. During a school trip, Nisha a standard eight pupil, notices her classmates dumping rubbish in the field. The correct course of action for Nisha to take is to

A. report the classmates to the Headteacher.

B. chase away the classmates from the field.

C. organize the classmates to clean up the field.

D. ignore the classmates and walk away.


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