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KNEC KCSE Agriculture Paper 1 – 2014 Gatundu Mock

KNEC KCSE Agriculture Paper 1 – 2014 Gatundu Mock

2014 Gatundu Mock

Agriculture Paper 1

SECTION A (30 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.


Give four characteristics of plantation farming.

 2 marks


Name one biotic factor that affects agriculture both positively and negatively.

 0.5 marks


Describe two effects of liming soil.

 1 marks


State two ways in which good transport and communication system influence agriculture

 1 marks


Give three reasons why platy soil structure may not favour crop production.

 1.5 marks


Name two crop nutrients that are not available in low soil PH.

 1 marks


State four reasons why its important to drain water logged soils.

 2 marks


Give reasons why the following field practices are carried out in crop production.

(i) Rogueing

(ii) Pricking out

(iii) Gapping

 3 marks


List six Agricultural support services available to the farmers.

 3 marks


Give three ways in which pruning helps in control of diseases in crops.

 1.5 marks


List two types of weeds that cause the following effects.
(i) Lower the quality of agricultural products. ( 1 mark)

(ii) Irritate the workers hence lowering their efficiency. (1 mark)

(iii) Poisonous to livestock (1 mark)

 3 marks


State four qualities of a good farm manager.

 2 marks


Distinguish between liquid capital and working capital.

 2 marks


List two factors that influence carrying capacity of a pasture.

 1 marks


State four advantages of raising tea seedlings in polythene sleeves.

 2 marks


List three aspects of light which have influence on crop production.

 1.5 marks


Outline three ways in which amount of Light harnessed by crops can be increased.

 1.5 marks

SECTION B (20 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.


The diagram below shows a type of a silo. Use it to answer the questions that follow.

(a) Identify the type of the silo drawn above. (1 mark)
(b) Give two ways in which temperature can be reduced in the above structure during silage
making. (2 marks)
(c) State the roles of additives in silage making. (2 marks)

 5 marks


Mr. Kamau intends to increase his dairy herd from 4 to 6. He intends to change 1 hactare of land from maize production to keep his two extra cows. Each cow requires the purchase of a replacement heifer each year at 3000 ksh milk yield for each cow is 3000 kg per year, price of milk is 20 ksh per kg.

Each cow gives birth to a calf worth 500 ksh every year. Veterinary service charge per cow is 600 ksh per year while the cost of concentrate and minerals per cow is 360 ksh per year. The seeded preparation cost for maize production is kshs 1,500 per ha. Planting and fertilizer cost maize are shs 500 per ha ad 2700 per ha respectively.

Pest control cost for stalkborer is shs 300 per ha, weeding cost is shs 600 per ha, while the cost of harvesting maize is sh 600 per ha. Maize yield is 40 bags per ha, and the maize price is shs 800 per bag.
(a) Prepare the partial budget for Mr. Kamau’s plan. (Show your working) (8 marks)
(b) State whether the change is worth while (2 marks)

 10 marks


Study the diagrams and answer the questions that follow.

(a) Identify weeds A and B. (2 marks)

(b) Classify weed A according to lifecycle. (1 mark)

(c) Describe one economic importance of weed B. (1 mark)
(d) Give a reason why weed A is difficult to control. (1 mark)

 5 marks

SECTION C (40 Marks)

Answer two questions in this section.


(a) Explain ten precautions that a farmer should observe when using farm chemicals. (10 marks)

(b) Give five reasons for pruning in coffee production. (5 marks)
(c) Describe five factors that influence soil formation. (5 marks)

 20 marks


(a) Describe five methods used in water harvesting. (5 marks)

(b) Explain five importance of agro forestry in soil and water conservation. (5 marks)

(c) Explain ten effects of strong wind on crop production. (10 marks)

 20 marks


(a) Describe five factors that determines time of harvesting. (5 marks)

(b) Explain five post harvest practices carried out in the production of cereal crops. (5 marks)

(c) Explain five effects of liberalization of farming in Kenya. (5 marks)

(d) Explain five factors considered when designing crop rotation programme. (5 marks)

 20 marks


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