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KNEC KCSE Agriculture Paper 1 – 2014 Homa-Bay Mock

KNEC KCSE Agriculture Paper 1 – 2014 Homa-Bay Mock

2014 Homa-Bay Mock

Agriculture Paper 1

SECTION A (30 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.


State two reasons why farmers should be encouraged to practice organic farming

 1 marks


State two ways in which crop rotation controls weeds.

 1 marks


List two market forces which help to determine the price of a commodity in a free market.

 1 marks


State four qualities considered when selecting seeds for planting.

 2 marks


State four advantages of crop rotation.

 2 marks


State three physical agents of weathering in soil formation.

 1.5 marks


Give three properties of a foliar fertilizer which makes it possible to be used as a foliar

 1.5 marks


Give three reasons why Banana should be pruned.

 1.5 marks


State four factors considered when classifying crop pests.

 2 marks


Give four reasons for land fragmentation.

 2 marks


State two mechanical methods used in separating soil in soil analysis.

 1 marks


State three ways in which inorganic fertilizers are classified.

 1.5 marks


State three effects of raindrops on bare soil.

 1.5 marks


Give three reasons why layering would be preferred to the use of cutting as a method of raising
planting materials.

 1.5 marks


State the forms in which nitrogen is absorbed by plants.

 1 marks


Outline four factors which effect herbraidal selectivity.

 2 marks


State four natural factors that may influence soil erosion.

 2 marks


Give four advantages of liberalization in marketing agricultural products.

 2 marks


Outline four factors which encourage soil erosion.

 2 marks

SECTION B (20 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.


Below are illustrations of common weeds. Study them and answer the questions that follow.

(a) Identify the weeds A and B (2mks)

(b) State the harmful effects of the weed B above (1mk)

(c) Give four advantages of leasehold tenure systems (2mks)

 5 marks


Describe the procedure which should be followed when spraying a crop of onions using a
fungicide in powder form, water and a knapsack sprayer

 5 marks


The diagram below illustrates a nursery practice carried out on tree seedlings before transplanting.
Study it carefully and then answer the questions below.

(a) Identify the practice being carried out on the diagram. (1mk)

(b) Give three reasons why the practice is encouraged when raising tree seedlings. (3mks)

(c) Give two reasons why the polythene sleeves are used in the nursery bed as shown in the diagram.(2mks)

 5 marks


(a) Calculate the elasticity of demand when 20 bags of potatoes are demanded at a price of
Kshs.1000 while 22 bags were demanded at Kshs.800. (4mks)

(b) Identify the type of elasticity of demand resulting from the situation above. (1mk)

 5 marks

SECTION C (40 Marks)

Answer two questions in this section.


(a) Describe harvesting of pyrethrum under the following sub-headings
(i) Procedure (4mks)
(ii) Precautions (6mks)
(b) Describe the safety measures observed when handling farm herbicides (10mks)

 20 marks


Describe the production of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) under the following sub-headings
(a) Land preparation (5mks)
(b) Pasture establishment (8mks)
(c) Maintenance (7mks)

 20 marks


(a) State four major questions a farm manager needs to ask and answer while preparing a partial
budget (4mks)

(b) Under what conditions is partial budget an appropriate tool for planning (4mks)

(c) A farmer has 160 ha of land, 60 ha of which is under wheat, 32 ha under maize, 12ha under fodder crops and the rest under pastures. She wishes to know whether replacing 12 ha of maize with irish potatoes the following year would be worthwhile. The fertilizer would have to be increased from 5 bags per ha for maize to 7 bags per ha for irish potatoes and an extra 100 man –days of casual labour per ha will be necessary as a result of the change. The average yield of maize and irish potatoes is 45 and 115 bags/ha respectively. The prices are Shs. 1400 per bag for maize and Ksh.1200 per bag for irish potatoes seed costs are Sh.2500 per ha for maize and Shs. 30,000 per ha for irish potatoes. Fertilizer costs are Shs.1300 per bag. Labour is paid at Shs. 150 per man-day.

Draw up a partial budget and indicate the effects of the change (12mks)

 20 marks

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