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KNEC KCSE Agriculture Paper 1 Question Paper 2015

KNEC KCSE Agriculture Paper 1 Question Paper / 2015 KCSE Starehe Boys Centre Mock

2015 KCSE Starehe Boys Centre Mock

Agriculture Paper 1

Answer all questions in this section.

State three advantages of single fertilizer.

 1.5 marks


(a) Give two characteristics of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer (1 mark)
(b) Why is Diammonium phosphate fertilizer considered to be acidic? (½ marks)

 2.5 marks


List three factors that affect quality of Farm Yard manure

 1.5 marks


State four factors that would influence the demand of casual labour in a farm.

 2 marks


Name three financial documents.

 1.5 marks


State two control measures of squirrels in a rice field.

 1 marks


State two ways of overcoming the problem of water logging in crop production.

 1 marks


Given that at a price of Ksh 100 per bag, 30 bags are demanded but when price changes to Ksh400 per bag then 20 bags are demanded. Calculate the Elasticity of demand.

 2 marks


Differentiate between a bulbul and a bulb as storage organs for propagation.

 2 marks


(a) What two factors encourage shifting cultivation? (1mark)

(b) List two characteristics of fixed inputs. (1mark)

(c) State the law of equi-marginal returns. (1mark)

 3 marks


Give two advantages of adding organic matter to clayey soils.

 1 marks


Give two symptoms of bacterial diseases to crops.

 1 marks


What three factors influence labour productivity in a farm?

 1.5 marks


Give three importance of ridging.

 1.5 marks


Why should a farmer regularly test the soil on his farm?

 2 marks


Give two ways through which aphids attack crop plants.

 1 marks


Define the following terms as used in pasture establishment and management.


 2 marks


(a) Give four importance of farm budgeting.
(b)List two functions of Pyrethrum board of Kenya.

 3 marks

Answer all questions in this section.

(a) Identify the following crop pests and diseases (2marks)

(b)Name the causal organisms for diseases D and E. (1mark)
(c)State two ways through which pest B affects crop production. (2marks)

(d) List two ways of controlling disease D. (2marks)

 7 marks


(a)Identify the weeds in the photograph below. (2 marks)

(b) Classify the weeds according to their morphology. (2marks)

(c)How is weed W and X propagated? (1mark)

 5 marks


Study the graph below and then answer the questions that follow.

(a)What is the name given to the part labelled P? ( ½ mark)

(b)What is the relationship between P1, Q1 and Q3? . (2marks)

(c)State why there is excess of supply at P2. (1mark)

(d)Identify market forces that influence price theory. (1mark)

 4.5 marks


(a) Identify the following soil structures. (1½ marks)

(b) Which of the structure(s) above are found in the sub soil. (1mark)

(c)Distinguish between soil structure and soil texture. (1mark)

 3.5 marks

SECTION C (40 Marks)

Answer two questions in this section.


(a) List five advantages of budding. (5marks)
(b) Discuss factors that affect spacing in crops (8 marks)
(c)Describe harvesting and precautions to be observed during tea plucking. (7marks)

 20 marks


(a) Describe human factors that influence agricultural production. (7marks)

(b)Describe the preparation of Farm Yard Manure clearing stating the factors that influence the quality. (8marks)

(c)State five objectives of million acre scheme. (5marks)

 20 marks


(a)The following is a list of financial transactions and position of Mr Kamau’s farm for the year ended 2007. Study it and then answer the questions that follow
purchase of fertilizer sh 1600, coffee sales sh 7000, wages sh 3400, milk sales sh 4300, Interest payable sh 700, purchase of hand hoes sh 5000, construction of crush sh 1600, opening valuation sh 8000, purchase of dairy meal sh 2000, purchase of fungicides sh 1250. Closing valuation sh 16000, veterinary bills sh 1800, sale of sheep sh 4000, depreciation of machinery sh 3700

(i)Prepare a profit and loss account for the farm. (10marks)
(ii)Calculate the percentage profit or loss (2marks)
(iii)State the information contained in an invoice (3marks)

(b)Describe the basic concept of agricultural economics. (5marks)

 20 marks

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