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KNEC KCSE Agriculture Paper 2 – 2014 KCSE COMA Joint Exam

KNEC KCSE Agriculture Paper 2 – 2014 KCSE COMA Joint Exam

2014 KCSE COMA Joint Exam

Agriculture Paper 2

SECTION A (30 Marks)

Answer ALL Questions in the Spaces Provided


(a) Name a breed of sheep with a lambing percentage of above 125% and whose fleece
may be inferior due to black features. (½mk)

(b) Name a goat breed which can be used for production of mohair. (½mk)

 1 marks


Differentiate between the following tools:
(a)Baslard file and rasp file. (1mk)

(b)Coping saw and hack saw.

 1 marks


List two equipment used in handling cattle during Agricultural exhibition.

 2 marks


State four methods of maintaining good health in livestock.

 2 marks


(a) State four signs of external parasite infestation. (2mks)

(b) State four non-chemical methods of controlling ticks. (2mks)

 4 marks


(a) State four characteristics of livestock roughage feedstuff. (2mks)

(b) Give four functions of proteins in an animal’s body. (2mks)

 4 marks


(a) State four advantages of using corrugated iron sheets for roofing instead of asbestos.

(b) Give two reasons for spreading a polythene paper in the slab of farm buildings. (1mk)

 3 marks


(a) State four roles played by engine oil in tractor engine. (2mks)

(b) State four practices through which a farmer would ensure that no engine knock occurs
in a tractor. (2mks)

 4 marks


State two factors that influence the respiration rate in animals.

 1 marks


State four practices that ensure maximum harvest of fish.

 2 marks


State four reasons why farmers herd livestock.

 2 marks


State one farm implement which can be used in both primary and secondary operations.

 0.5 marks


Give a reason why Irish potatoes should not be fed to non-ruminants.

 0.5 marks


(a) What is hybrid vigour? (½mk)

(b) Give two instances when hybrid vigour may be lost. (1mk)

 1.5 marks


State three reasons why farmers give milk to kids using artificial methods.

 1.5 marks

SECTION B (20 Marks)

Answer all questions in the spaces provided in this section


Diagrams M, N, P and Q show some structures used in apiculture. Use them to answer the questions that follow:
(a) Identify the structures labeled M, N, P and Q. (2mks)

(b) State the uses of equipment P and Q. (2mks)

(c) State one advantage structure N has over structure M. (1mk)

(d) State the uses of the parts labeled 1 and 2 on structure N. (2mks)

 7 marks


Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follow.
(a) Outline the reason for raddling. (2mks)

(b) Using letter R, indicate on the diagram, the site of ringing. (1mk)
(c) Using letter C, show the position of breeding chutes. (1mk)

 4 marks


Below is an illustration of a farm implement. Study it carefully and answer the questions
that follow.

(a) Identify the implement. (1mk)

(b) Name the parts labeled L, M, O and P. (4mks)

(c) Give one function of the parts K, M, N and P. (4mks)

(d) Give the adjustment on the store implement to ensure deep ploughing with a wide slice.(2mks)

 11 marks

SECTION C (40 Marks)

Answer any two questions in the spaces provided


Using appropriate illustration, describe the process of egg formation in a layer.

 20 marks


(a) Describe hand milking in a dairy cow. (12mks)
(b) Explain the practices observed in clean milk production. (8mks)

 20 marks


(a) Discuss Pneumonia in calves under the following sub-headings:
(i) Predisposing factors. (3mks)
(ii) Symptoms (5mks)
(iii) Control measure (3mks)
(b)Name and describe features of an ideal calf pen. (9mks)

 20 marks

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