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KNEC KCSE Biology Paper 2 Question Paper / 2014 Kakamega County Mock

KNEC KCSE Biology Paper 2 Question Paper / 2014 Kakamega County Mock

2014 Kakamega County Mock

Biology Paper 2

SECTION A (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.


The figure below represents a feeding relationship.

Biology Paper 2 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock
(a) What is the difference between a food chain and a food web? (2mks)
(b) Construct two food chains ending with a tertiary consumer. (2mks)
(c) Name one secondary consumer in the food web. (1mk)
(d) Name one organism through which energy from the sun enters the food web. (1mk)
(e) Suggest two ways in which the ecosystem would be affected if there was prolonged drought (2mks)

 8 marks


The flow chart below shows blood transfusion pathway.

Biology Paper 2 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock
(a) What five conclusions can you draw from the flow chart? (5 mks)

(b) Why is the knowledge of blood groups necessary before blood transfusion (1mk)
(c) A part from knowledge of blood groups, state two precautions that must be observed during
blood transfusion (2 mks)

 8 marks


A drop of blood was placed in each of the three test tubes A, B and C. The conditions in each test tube
were as follows:-
A – 1 cm3 of distilled water
B – 1 cm3 of 0.8 5% sodium Chloride solution (Isotonic with blood plasma)
C – 1 cm3 of 1.70% sodium chloride solution
(a) What physiological process was being investigated? (l mk)
(b) (i) From which test tube were red blood cells observed (l mk)
(ii) Give a reason for your answer in b (i) above (2 mks)
(c) (i) What observation was made of the appearance of red blood cells on the slide prepared from
tube C? (1 mk)
(ii) Give a reason for your answer in c (i) above (2 mks)
(d) What is the functions of red blood cells in human blood. (l mk).

 8 marks


The diagram below shows a portion of a lower epidermis of a sukuma wiki leaf.

(a) Name the parts labeled P and Q. (2 mks)
(b) Briefly describe the photosynthetic theory of stomatal opening. (5mks)
(c) State one modification in the stomata of xerophyte plant other than being sunken and hairy (1mk)

 8 marks


In maize the gene for purple colour is dominant to the gene for white colour. A pure breeding maize
plant with purple grains was crossed with a heterozygous plant.
(a) (i) Using letter G to represent the gene for purple colour, work out the genotypic ratio of the offspring.(5 mks)
(ii) State the Phenotype of the offspring. (1mk)
(b) What is genetic engineering?(1mk)
(c) What is meant by hybrid vigour?(1 mk)

 8 marks

SECTION B (40 Marks)

Answer question 6 and either 7 or 8 in this section.


The menstrual cycle is a sequence of events repeated monthly in the female reproductive system. The table below shows the concentration of oestrogen and progesterone hormones and body temperatures of female against time.
Biology Paper 2 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock

(a) Using the same axes draw graphs of oestrogen and progesterone against time (days).Use the graph paper provided. (8mks)

Biology Paper 2 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock

(b) State the possible event taking place in the uterus during the first week? (1mk)
(c) State the events taking place in the ovary between day 1 and day 13. (2 mks)
(d) Account for the sudden increase in the progesterone concentration day 14 and day 18 (2 mks)
(e) Account for the change in temperature between day 14 and 17. (1mk)
(f) Account for the change of the curve of progesterone between day 19 and 27. (2 mks)
(g) State the function of the following (1 mk)
(i) Ovary
(ii) Progestrone (1mk)
(iii) Oestrogen (1mk)
(iv) Follicle Stimulating Hormone. (1mk)

 20 marks


(i) Blood has two broad functions namely protective and transport. Describe how the blood protects
the body. (4mks)
(ii) Describe the structural adaptation of the mammalian heart to its function. (16mks)

 20 marks


Describe how the structure of a flowering plant is adapted to tis photosynthetic functions.

 20 marks

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