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KNEC KCSE Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper / 2014 Kakamega County Mock

KNEC KCSE Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper / 2014 Kakamega County Mock

2014 Kakamega County Mock

Chemistry Paper 1

Answer all questions.

Study the following nuclear reaction and complete it by giving the values of m and n.

Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock

 2 marks


For the reaction

Cl2 (g) + 2I(aq) Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock 2Cl(aq) + I2(s)
Using oxidation numbers determine the reducing agent.

 2 marks


When aqueous sodium hydroxide solution was added to freshly prepared acidified iron(II)sulphate solution, a green precipitate was formed. When hydrogen peroxide was first added to iron (II) sulphate solution followed by sodium hydroxide solution, a brown precipitate was formed. Explain these observations.

 3 marks


Substances X and Y consist of molecules X2 and Y2 respectively. When the two elements react, they form a molecule XY. The X-X bonds are as strong as the Y-Y bonds but X-Y bonds are stronger than either X-X or Y-Y. The equation for the reaction for the reaction is:
X2 (g) + Y2 (g) Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock 2XY (g)

(a) Is the reaction exothermic or endothermic? Give a reason for your answer. (2mks)

(b) Draw an energy level diagram for the reaction in (a) above. (2mks)

 4 marks


5. Pentane is a saturated hydrocarbon.
(a) What does the term saturated hydrocarbon mean? (1mk)

(b) Give the equation for complete combustion of pentane when burnt in plentiful supply of air.

 3 marks


A solution of potassium chloride was added to a solution containing a lot of lead (II) nitrate. A
precipitate that weighed 5.56g was formed. Find the amount of potassium chloride in the
solution. (Pb=207, Cl=35.5, K=39)

 3 marks


Aluminium chloride vapour combines readily with ammonia gas to form a solid compound of
formula (AlCl3.NH3). Explain in terms of structure and stability of atoms why this reaction

 2 marks


(a) Give the systematic name of the following monomer and draw the structure of the
polymer it forms. (2mks)

Structure of polymer

(b) State one use of the polymer in (a) (1mk)

 3 marks


Gas A is 16 times denser than gas B. 100cm3 of A diffuses through a hole in 20 seconds.
Calculate the volume of B that will diffuse through the hole in 30 seconds.

 3 marks


Use the following information to answer the questions that follow.
Sn2+(aq) + 2e- Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock Sn(aq) EQ = -0.14V
Cu2+(aq) + 2e- Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock Cu(s) EQ =0.34V.
(a) Write the cell representation for the cell made up of two half cells. (1mk)

(b) Write an equation for the cell reaction. (1mk)

(c) Calculate the EQ value for the cell. (1mk)

 3 marks


A solution of hydrogen bromide in benzene does not react with sodium carbonate while an
aqueous solution of hydrogen bromide reacts with carbonates. Explain this observation.

 2 marks


A student prepared ammonia gas and led it into a solution of zinc sulphate using the
arrangement shown below.

Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock
(a) State and explain the observations that were made in the beaker. (2mks)

(b) Write the ionic equation for the reaction involving zinc ions. (1mk)

 3 marks


A solid mixture consists of substances Y, Y, and Z whose solubilities at room temperature are
shown in the table below.

Substance Solubility (g/100g water) At 25oC Solubility (g/100g water) At 60oC
X 0.02 0.02
Y 63 82
Z 48 64

Describe how you would separate X Y and Z.

 3 marks


When a hydrated sample of calcium sulphate CaSO4.XH2O was heated until all the water
was lost, the following data was recorded.
Mass of crucible = 30.296g
Mass of crucible + hydrated salt = 33.111g
Mass of crucible + anhydrous salt = 32.781g
Determine the empirical formula of the hydrated salt (RAM: CaSO4= 136, H2O= 18)

 3 marks


Zinc reacts with both concentrated and dilute sulphuric (VI) acid. Write equations for the
two reactions.

 2 marks


Starting with copper metal, describe how a sample of copper (II) chloride may be prepared
in the laboratory.

 3 marks


The atomic number of sulphur is 16. Write the electron arrangement of sulphur on the
(a) H2S………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

(b) SO2-…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

 2 marks


Using dots (.) and crosses (X) show bonding in:
(a) The compound formed between phosphorus and hydrogen. (P=15, H= 1) (1mk)

(b) carbon(II)oxide.(C=6, O=8) (1mk)

 2 marks


Hydrogen and oxygen can be obtained by electrolysis of acidified water. Using equation for
the reaction at the electrodes, explain why the volume of hydrogen obtained is twice that of

 2 marks


The energy level diagram below shows the effect of catalyst on the reaction path.

Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock
(a) What does point P represent? (1mk)

(b) With reference to the energy level diagram, explain how a catalyst increases the rate of
a reaction. (2mks)

 3 marks


(a) What is meant by a strong acid? (1mk)

(b)In an experiment 40cm3 of 0.5M sulphuric acid was reacted with excess sodium carbonate
and the volume of carbon (IV) oxide produced recorded with time. In another experiment, the
same volume and concentration of ethanedioic acid was also reacted with excess sodium
carbonate and the volume of carbon (IV) oxide produced recorded with time. On the grid
below, sketch and label the curves if the volumes of carbon (IV) oxide were plotted against
time. (2mks)

Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock

 3 marks


(a) State Gay Lussac’s law. (1mk)

(b) 10cm3 of a gaseous hydrocarbon, CxHy required 30cm3 of oxygen for complete combustion.
If steam and 20cm3 of carbon (IV) oxide were produced, what is the value of X? (2mks)

 3 marks


(a) Explain why permanent hardness in water cannot be removed by boiling. (2mks)

(b) Name two methods that can be used to remove permanent hardness from water. (2mks)

 4 marks


(a) Distinguish between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. (2mks)

(b) Describe how solid wastes containing radioactive substances should be disposed of.

 4 marks


Study the information below and answer the questions that follow.

Ions Electronic arrangement Ionic radius
Na+ 2.8 0.095
K+ 2.8.8 0.133
Mg2+ 2.8 0.65

Explain why ionic radius of:
(a) Kis greater than that of Na(1mk)
(b) Mg2+ is smaller than that of Na(2mks)

 3 marks


In the industrial extraction of lead metal, the ore is first roasted in a furnace. The solid
mixture obtained is then fed into another furnace together with coke, limestone and scrap iron.
State the function of each of the following in this process.
a. Coke (1mk)

b. Limestone (1mk)

c. Scrap iron (1mk)

 3 marks


(a) State Le-Chateliar’s principle. (1mk)

(b) Under certain conditions, carbon (IV) oxide reacts with water to form methanol and oxygen
as shown in the equation below.
2CO2 + 4H2OChemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock 2CH3OH + 3OH= +1452kJ/mol
What would be the effect on yield of methanol if the temperature of the reaction mixture is
decreased? Explain. (2mks)

 3 marks


Some average bond energies are given below.

Bond Energy(kJ/mol)
C-C 348
C-H 414
CI-CI 243
C-CI 432
H-CI 340

Calculate the energy change for the reaction below:
C2H6(g) + Cl2(g) Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock CH3CH2Cl(g) + HCl(g)

 3 marks


Study the flow chart below showing the reaction involved in the preparation of sulphuric
acid and answer the questions that follow.
Chemistry Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock
(a) Name the reagents.
L……………………………………. (1/2mk)

M…………………………………………… (1/2)
(b) Write the equation for the reaction between reagent M and H2S2O7 (1mk)

 2 marks

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