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KNEC KCSE Computer Studies Paper 1 Question Paper / 2014 Kakamega County Mock

KNEC KCSE Computer Studies Paper 1 Question Paper / 2014 Kakamega County Mock

2014 Kakamega County Mock

Computer Studies Paper 1

SECTION A (40 Marks)

Answer ALL the questions in SECTION


(a) Distinguish between Computer Aided Instruction and Computer Aided Learning(2mks)

(b) Describe three advantages of using computers in banking(3mks)

 5 marks


Identify two reasons why a computer needs to be connected to a stable power

 2 marks


Mention four things that are likely to cause strain- in the computer room

 2 marks


State any four components found on the computer motherboard

 2 marks


Give four human attributes used during biometric analysis.

 2 marks


George connected new multimedia speakers to his computer and tried to play his favorite
music CD, but no sound came out. Suggest four problems that might have occurred

 2 marks


Give any two peripheral devices which get their power supply through ports.

 2 marks


List any three techniques used by the operating system to perform job scheduling.

 3 marks


Raphael selected a paragraph in word processing. Explain what happened after pressing
the following keys on the keyboard.
(i) Ctrl + X

(ii) Ctrl + U

(iii)Ctrl + V

 3 marks


(a) Outline three qualities of a good programmer (3mks)

(b) State four computer related courses offered at National polytechnics in Kenya(2mks)

 5 marks


List any two methods used to secure data in a database (1mk)

 3 marks


A school intends to set-up an e-learning system. Briefly describe four problems that are
likely to be encountered.

 2 marks


State the difference between pasteboard and printable page.

 2 marks


Outline four features of spreadsheet that are useful in financial modeling

 4 marks


Briefly describe the two most common protocols for the internet.

 3 marks

SECTION B (60 Marks)

Answer Question 16 (Compulsory) and Any other THREE in this Section


(a) Mention three characteristics of web scripting language (3mks)

(b) List three things which are considered as improper use of language rule which may
cause syntax errors (3mks)

(c) Mumias sugar company pays casual employees based on the number of hours worked
as follows

Less than 10 hours @ khs.100/= per hour
Up to 15 hours @ khs150/= per hour
More than 15 hours @khs200/= /per hour

(i) Write a pseudo code that will prompt the user to input the name, rate hours worked.
The pseudo code should output the name, hours worked and the wage paid for five
employees (4mks)

(ii) Draw a flowchart for the pseudo code (5mks)

 15 marks


(a) List two advantages of digital signals over analogue signals (2mks)

(b) If ASCII-7 represent letter B as 1000010 suggest how letter P will be represented (2mk)

(c) Convert 57.410 to its Octal equivalent (3mks)

(d) Determine the value of X in this equation (3mks)
X2 + 11012=1068

(e) Convert 7AEH to a decimal number(2mks)

(f) Use twos compliment to subtract 15 from 7 (2mks)

(g) State two use of hexadecimal notation in a computer (1mk)

 15 marks


(a) List two protocols that operate at the application layer (1mk)

(b) Describe three main features of single mode fibre optic cable (3mks)

(c) Describe three factors to consider when choosing transmission media (3mks)

(d) Explain two techniques used to control data flow between the nodesin an Ethernet
topology (2mks)

(e) Use the diagram below to answer the questions that follow

Computer Studies Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Kakamega County Mock
(i) Identify the topology represented by the diagram above (1mk)

(ii) Give two advantages of the above topology (2mks)

(iii)Explain how MSAU is used in (i) (1mk)

(f) State two limitation of networking (2mks)

 15 marks


(a) Highlight three circumstances that necessitate the development of new information
systems (3mks)

(b) Describe three factors that cause system entropy(3mks)

(c) State two tools that a system analyst may use to design a system (1mk)

(d) Outline three factors that should be considered when sourcing for hardware and
software resources required for a new system (3mks)

(e) Name two circumstances in which it is better to use a Questionnaire than an Interview for
gathering information(2mk)

(f) State three reasons why users may resist the introduction of an information system in
their place of work (3mks)

 15 marks


(i) What is robot (1mk)

(ii) Mention four advantages of robot (2mks)

(b) Describe three major components of expert system (3mks)

(c) Describe the trends in computer technology base your argument on size, memory and
speed (3mks)

(d) What is flaming (1mk)

(e) State four limitations of natural language processing (2mks)

(f) Discuss the effects of ICT on employment (3mks)

 15 marks

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