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KNEC KCSE Computer Studies Paper 1 Question Paper – Bomet County Joint Examinations

KNEC KCSE Computer Studies Paper 1 Question Paper – Bomet County Joint Examinations

2015 KCSE Bomet County Joint Examinations

Computer Studies Paper 1

SECTION A (40 Marks)

Answer ALL questions in this section in the spaces provided


State one main reason why typing tutor is recommended to be used by computer students.

 1 marks


Give three main ways of classifying computers.

 1.5 marks


Peter was sent to buy computers for the students’ laboratory. He was supposed to take into account the following factors.
• Processor speed
• Memory capacity
• Compatibility
Give three main reasons for taking into account the above factors.

 1.5 marks


Basic computer setup and cabling is a very important concept to be taught in a computer class. Give two reasons to support the above concept.

 2 marks


State any two factors to be considered when selecting hard copy output devices. State any two factors to be considered when selecting hard copy output devices.

 2 marks


State four benefits of using a computer in a school store.

 2 marks


Define the following terms as used in word processing




 4 marks


You have been asked to change your password state a precaution you need to take in order to avoid each of the following.
(a) Piracy

(b) Forgetting the password

 2 marks


(a) State two advantages of using a questionnaire for gathering information. (2mks)

(b) Give three factors to consider when designing the output in program development. (2mks)

 4 marks


(a) Differentiate between pure binary and BCD code as used in data representation. (1mk)

(b) Convert 2D1616 directly to binary. (2mks)

 3 marks


State the stages of system development in their logical sequence

 3.5 marks


Explain any two cultural effects as a result of use of ICT.

 4 marks


Name three responsibilities that are carried out by network support professionals.

 3 marks


Give three software requirements mandatory in a computer lab.

 3 marks


A school intends to set-up e-mail. List 4 activities likely to be provided by mails e-mail facility.

 2 marks

SECTION B (60 Marks)

Answer question 16 (compulsory) and any other THREE questions from this section


The gross salary of employees of Becam Technology Centre is based on basic salary; the basic salary is based on grade and additional benefits as follows, a. Employees who have worked for more than 5 years receive an additional pay of 5 % to their basic salary, b. Monthly commissions are based on monthly sale of computers and accessories profit as follows:

Monthly sales Profit Commission Rate (%)
Above 100,000 20
Between 50,000 and 100,000 15
Between 0 and 50,000 5
Below 0 Deduction 5% from their basic.

(a). Draw a flow chart that would be used to calculate the gross salary. (14mks)

(b)Write down the output if the employee worked for ten years, with a grade that earns Kshs. 10,000 and he made a profit of 55,000. (1mk)

 15 marks


(a) Define the following terms as used in spreadsheet. (4mks)
i. Absolute referencing

ii. Value

iii. Worksheet

iv. Workbook

(b) State 6 advantages of using spreadsheet over manual spreadsheets (6mks)


(i) Name four types of database models (2mks)
(ii) Give three parts of a report layout in design view. (3mks)

 15 marks


(a) State three major types of Networks. (3mks)

(b) Give the full forms of the following acronyms (2mks)




(c). (i) List 5 advantages of fiber optic cables. (5mks)

(ii) List two disadvantages of fiber optics (2mks)

(d) State three types of hubs

 15 marks


(a) Describe three different ways a computer may store negative numbers. (6mks)

(b) Give the acronym name for the following (3mks)
(i) BCD

(ii) ASCII

(iii) EBCDIC

(c) State and describe any two areas of Artificial Intelligence (2mks)

(d) What is Virtual reality? (1mk)

(e) List three components of a Virtual reality gear. (3mks)

 15 marks


a) Define the term operating system (1mk)

b) Describe any four functions of the operating system (4mks)

c) Explain how one can manage his/her disks using windows. (6mks)

d) Explain with the use of DOS how one can create a text file in C: called John, with text Welcome
Home. (4mks)

 15 marks

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