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KNEC KCSE English Paper 1 – 2014 Homa-Bay Mock

KNEC KCSE English Paper 1 – 2014 Homa-Bay Mock

2014 Homa-Bay Mock

English Paper 1


Follow the instructions below.


Imagine you are the ahead of languages department in your school. You intend to hold a meeting to discuss setting and administering joint evaluation examinations with two neighbouring schools. Write a memorandum to the subject teachers in your department to attend the meeting.

 10 marks


The Head teacher of your school expects you to treat the four guest teachers to a dish of your
choice. Provide the school head cook with the recipe for the dish.

 10 marks

2.CLOZE TEST (10 Marks)

Read the passage below and fill the blanks with the most appropriate word.


Everyone who participates in a discussion must also be an active listener. This means (1)_______________if you don’t have anything to say at a particular time, you have to be (2)______________. You need to examine ideas as (3)________________ are presented and figure out whether you (4)______________them. Then, when its your turn to (5)____________, you can make a meaningful comment.

As you listen to what others say, try to be (6)_________________. Free yourself from preconceived ideas. Don’t be like the person who says “my mind is made (7)_________________. Don’t confuse me with facts.” This sort of a person comes to a discussion too (8)___________________ to accept any (9) ____________different from their own. If left unchallenged, such a person can (10)________________ the whole discussion.

 10 marks

3.ORAL SKILLS (30 Marks)

Answer the questions that follow.


Read the following oral poem and then answer the questions that follow
Oh! It has dawned
Oh! It has dawned
You asking for a loin cloth to take where?

Ii ii ii it has dawned
You asking for a loin cloth to take where?

Uncircumcised man of Ngiro
It has downed
What do you need a loin cloth for?

Now only your mother can help you
Uncircumcised man of Ngiro
What do you need a loin cloth for?

Won’t you call your mother to plead for you?
Oh! It has dawned

Ii ii ii it has downed
What do you need a loin cloth for?

(i) Identify three aspects of oral performance that make this oral poem easy to remember (3mks)

(ii) In what way’s would you make the performance of this oral poem effective (3mks)

(iii) If you were to perform this oral poem, what preparations would you make to ensure that the
performance is effective (4mks)

 10 marks


A form one student is trying to compose a poem with alliteration. She/he has come up with the following list of words. Advice on five pairs that alliterate.

few unity shirt
cease carrot photic
one chalk when
unimpaired own pew
kite chef youth


 5 marks


Pick out the words with long vowel sounds.

Coat look further moan
Card should steal showed
More still ……. fool

 5 marks


Read the conversation then answer the questions that follow
Kiprop :There’s still a lot of sexism in football. Why cant the Kenya Football Federation let
Filomena play in the Premier League?

Yano: Oh, come off it, Kiprop. KFF has nothing to do with the Filomena’s case. She can’t
play in Premier League because she doesn’t belong to any team in the league, simple.

Steward: But, excuse me, Yano Filomena doesn’t belong to a team because KFF wouldn’t let
her join one. Moreover ………………..

Yano: Just a moment, Steward. You know quite well that the teams in the Premier League
are all men’s teams. How were they going to enroll Filomenha?

Kiprop: Four enough, that’s the point I’m making. Why should the teams be exclusively
male? Why can’t a super player like Filomenha…..

Yano: Sorry for the interruption, Kiprop. But evenly sport has its rules and in football there
are no provisions for mixed male and female teams

Steward: I thought Gor Mahia Foot ball Club wanted to…..

Kiprop : Why can’t they change the outdated rules? Sorry Steward. You were saying

Steward: Well, I was just going to say Gor Mahia, “Kogalo’ had wanted to consider
Filomenha’s application to join them, but KFF told them to consult FIFA first

(i) What makes this conversation effective? (6mks)

(ii) In a conversation, how do we know it is our turn to speak? (4mks)

 10 marks

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  1. I did my first knec exam module 1 in nyeri national polytechnic , i repeated and got a pass , I have done my second knec exam and I have a fail , I really want a remark because I really don’t understand how I failed


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