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KNEC KCSE English Paper 1 Question Paper / 2015 KCSE Kirinyaga West

KNEC KCSE English Paper 1 Question Paper / 2015 KCSE Kirinyaga West

2015 KCSE Kirinyaga West

English Paper 1


Follow the instructions below.


Your elder sister who lives in Mombasa is organizing a get together and has invited you to stay in her house for four days. She is required to prepare a dish for six guests.
(a) Email her a recipe of your favourite dish. (14 mks)
(b) Prepare a packing list of the personal items you will need for the vist. (6 mks)

 20 marks

2.CLOZE TEST (10 Marks)

Read the passage below and fill the blanks with the most appropriate word.


Samuel Wanjiru, the (1) ________________ olympic champion, could not have died from falling (2)
_____________ the balcony, a pathologist has (3) ________________. (4) ________________ in a court inquest into the (5) ________________ of the former athlete, former chief pathologist Dr. Moses Njue said he was told that the (6) ________________ Wanjiru would occasionally jump off the same (7) ______________, and that he could not have died from the same.
Dr. Njue told the court that Wanjiru died from an “Independent” hit at the back (8) _______________ his head. Njue referred to a postmortern he conducted on May 27, 2011 (9) _________________ with Government Pathologist Dr. Johannesen Oduor, Dr. Emily Rogena for Wanjiru’s mother and Dr. Peter Ndegwa who was representing Wanjiru’s (10) ________________ Trizah Njeri.
He told the court that Wanjiru, being an athlete, fell over the balcony “like a cat” facing foward.

 10 marks

3.ORAL SKILLS (30 Marks)

Answer the questions that follow.


Read the poem below and then answer the questions that follow
He clasps the crag, with crooked hands,
Close to the sun in lonely hands
Rung’d with the azure world, he stands.
The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls,
He watches from his mountain walls
And like a thunderbolt he falls
(i) Identify and illustrate two mnemonic effects (sound devices) in the poem (4 mks)
(ii) What has the poet achieved by use of the patterns above (1 mk)
(iii) Which words would you stress in the last line and why? (2 mks)
(iv) What gesture would you use while reciting line 1 of the poem? (1 mk)
(v) Imagine you are perfoming this poem to learners who are visually impaired (blind). Explain two ways in which you would ensure that they get the message effectively. (2 mks)

 10 marks


Classify the words below according to the sounds indicated below
seal, mirage, keys, portion, ratio, axe, pleasure, daze
/s/ /z/ / / / /

 4 marks


For each of the following letters, provide a word in which the letter is silent
(i) r ___________________________________________________________________
(ii) h __________________________________________________________________
(iii) t __________________________________________________________________

 3 marks


Study the genre below and answer the questions that follows:
A counsellor wanted to teach her students about self esteem, so she asked anyone who thought they were stupid to stand up. One student stood up and the counsellor was suprised. She didn’t think anyone would stand up so she asked him, “why did you stand up?”
He answered, “I didn’t want to leave you standing up alone”
(i) Classify the genre above (1mk)

(ii) State two functions of the genre above (2 mks)
(iii) State and illustrate two characteristics of the genre (2 mks)

 5 marks


You are giving a talk on the dangers of HIV/AIDs pandemic to a group of young people. Your talk centres around loss of relatives and friends, orphaned children and the general impoverishment of your village. Describe any two possible ways of ending the talk and explain the advantages of each one of them.

 2 marks


(f) Read the conversation below between two students from Masomo Mazuri High School and then answer the question that follows:
WAKONYO: (Shortly after attending an English symposium)
Good morning, Kebu. How are you fairing on with your academic work?
KEBU : Good morning. I don’t even wish to talk about my performance. I didn’t get the score
I had promised.
WAKONYO: Come on, Kebu, you are taking your failure too much to heat. I know it is a great
disapointment to score a grade below what you expected in the pre-mocks and I
sympathise with you but you must not allow it to make you so unhappy.
KEBU: (Looks sullen) It is all very well for a lucky lass like you, Wakonyo. You have
passed and you would not feel cheerful if you were in my place.
WAKONYO: (Leaning forward) I know, but you must pull yourself together, and wake your
mind up. You will pass next time. Remember the old saying, “If you dont suceed, try, try, try
KEBU: I think the other version of the saying has more sense to it. “ If at first you don’t succeed, quit,
quit, quit at once!
WAKONYO: (Nodding her head encouragingly) Mm……………….
KEBU: I should just give up
WAKONYO: Oh nonsense! You’ll never do anything if you don’t persevere. Now why do you think you
KEBU: Last term had been very challenging for me. I was down with malaria for three weeks and I
could not prepare properly.
WAKONYO: Well, you did have bad luck, I am sorry. But I am sure you will do well in the mocks and
National Exams, so you must make your mind to win through
KEBU: I wish I had your will power. Still, I will take your advice and put more effort.
WAKONYO: That’s the way forward! And Iam sure you will register a better grade next time.

Identify and explain three strengths in Wakonyo’s speaking and listening skills (6mks)

 6 marks

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