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KNEC KCSE English Paper 1 Question Paper 2015

KNEC KCSE English Paper 1 Question Paper / 2015 KCSE Starehe Boys Centre Mock

2015 KCSE Starehe Boys Centre Mock

English Paper 1


Follow the instructions below.


There is an increase of indiscipline among students in your school. The Principal has appointed a committee to investigate the causes of this indiscipline. You are the secretary of this committee. Write a report based on the observation carried out and include your recommendations.

 20 marks

2.CLOZE TEST (10 Marks)

Read the passage below and fill the blanks with the most appropriate word.


For the record, I think virtues of ___(1)____ books are great. We should all encourage our children to read more. But even the ____(2)_____avid reader is inevitably going to spend his or her time with other media – games, television, movies, the Internet. Yet the question is ___(3)_______these other forms of culture have intellectual values in their own right – different from, but comparable ___(4)_____ reading. Where most critics see a dumbing down, I see a progressive story: popular culture steadily, but almost imperceptibly, making our brains sharper as we soak ___(5)_____ entertainment usually dismissed as lowbrow fluff. I hope to persuade you that increasingly the non-literary popular culture is honing different ____(6)____ skills that are just as important as the ones exercised by reading books.
The most powerful of this trend is ___(7)_____ in the world of video games. And the first and last thing that should be said _____(8)____ the experiences of playing today’s video games, the thing you almost never hear, is that ____(9)_____ are fiendishly, sometimes maddeningly, hard. ___(10)____ dirty little secret of gaming is how much time you spend not having fun.

 20 marks

3. ORAL SKILLS. (30 Marks)

Answer the questions that follow.


(a) Read the following poem then answer questions below.

The Verdict
He took a good look
At the nuisance tooth
And in awe exclaimed
‘Tis the food and the mood
To blame for the maim! 5
Large loomed his tools on the mouth
And off came the tooth with its roots!
Njoki Gathumbi

(i)Identify with appropriate illustrations, a sound device that has been used predominantly in the poem. (1 mark)

(ii)Explain the use of the apostrophe in line 4. (1 mark)

(iii)Would line 5 be said in a rising or falling tone? Give reason. (1 mark)

(iv)A classmate has been asked by your teacher to present the poem in front of the school during assembly. He comes to you for advice. Write down two suggestions you would give him in order that he will present confidently. (2 marks)

(b) Identify the silent letter in each of the words below. (4 marks)
(i) succumb
(ii) calm
(iii) whet
(iv) coup
( v) poignant
(vi) plumber
(vii) honourable
(viii) debut
(c) For each of the following set of words, identify the odd one out according to pronunciation of the syllables highlighted. (3 marks)
i. pleasant, preach, pretty
ii. weapon, wed, weed
iii. breathe, breath, breadth
(d) Read the conversation between Joe and Linda then answer questions that follow.

JOE: Hello Linda. Good to see you.
LINDA: Good to see you too Joe. Did I see you at the party last night?
JOE: Yeah, I guess you must‘ve.
LINDA: Your guess is good. And you were with . . . . .
JOE: Lillian.
LINDA: Of course, it had to be her. You two have become quite an item of late.
JOE: I’m tempted to accuse you of being snoopy, but yes, you’re right about Lillian and I. (shrug)

List down three aspects which help the two conversationalists to take turns as they speak and listen to each another. (3 marks)

Mention two things that signify this as an informal conversation. (2 marks)

(e) Read the following group discussion then answer questions below.

Chairperson: Welcome to the meeting. You will remember our teacher asked us to discuss the
importance of religion in one’s life. As the chairperson, I will begin by giving my opinions then will listen to yours. Religion is a belief in a supreme being …
Amy: Aaah! The usual stuff! There are those of us here who ascribe to atheism . . .
Chairperson: Shut up Amy! That, as far as I am concerned, is not part of our discussion!
Georgina: Bwana Chair, you realize that you have not assigned anybody to take down the
Chairperson: I will take down everything that is said and report back to th3e teacher.
Tony: I do not see why people go to church anyway. As for me, that’s the time to
oversleep and only wake up when the sun is directly overhead.
Allen: Chair, as far as I am concerned, it cannot be overstated that religion plays most
important roles in the lives of all of us. For starters, it is the guiding principle to what is right or what is wrong, that which is moral, or to the contrary . . .
Chairperson: You people are now jumping the gun. You didn’t allow me to finish what I
wanted to say initially . . .
Zaddock: You Mr. Chairman are completely incapable of leading this meeting! How can we
go on without having decided on method of procedure?
Chairperson: I give up. Somebody else can take it up!

(i)What would you say was the greatest handicap during this meeting? (1 mark)

(ii)Mention any two shortcomings in contributions by two different members. (2 marks)

(iii)Now show a member who makes an appropriate contribution, and mention in which way. (1 mark)

(f) Read the following conversation then answer questions

BUYER: Good evening. How much are you selling that radio?
HAWKER: 1800 shillings. Best price as we close for the day. Can I wrap it up for you?
BUYER: Not so fast friend. It is the radio I’ve been looking for, but 1800 is way too expensive.
HAWKER: How much are you willing to pay for it my brother?
BUYER: I have 1000 shillings. I know of a friend who bought it at that price the other day.
HAWKRER: That’s too little my brother. Your friend must’ve bought his before the budget was read and VAT applied, which made the price to shoot. Okay, I will take 1600.
BUYER: I have only 1000 shillings.
HAWKER: I will take 1500, but nothing lower than that.
BUYER: 1000 shillings my only bid. If you will not accept that, allow me to go try elsewhere. (Walks away)

(i)How would you describe the results of the negotiation in this particular case? (1 mark)
(ii) List down three strategies of negotiations that the buyer lacks. (3 marks)

(g) You are the secretary to a committee set up to organize the end of year party for your dormitory/school. You have been asked to approach the managing director of one company that makes refreshments, to seek donations. Make a telephone call in which you speak to the personal assistant to the managing director, and successfully manage to make an appointment to meet the managing director at a later date. You must include at least eight exchanges. (5 marks)

 30 marks

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