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KNEC KCSE English Paper 2 – 2014 KCSE COMA Joint Exam

KNEC KCSE English Paper 2 – 2014 KCSE COMA Joint Exam

2014 KCSE COMA Joint Exam

English Paper 2


Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.


It is difficult to get a job. Most seekers are aware of the challenges before they can finally celebrate the new job. And a part of winning this game is having a great Curriculum Vitae (CV).

A CV is a brief description of who you are and what you can contribute to the organization you are planning to join. It is a summary of the package – the brand; which is you. Unfortunately, many people pay little or no attention to the crucial document. They pick clues, but never quite manage to give their CVs the professional look it deserves.

A basic CV should include personal information, academic professional qualifications, employment history and references. Other information may include your career objective, the level of training, hobbies and references. Personal information includes your full names, gender nationality, date of birth, email address, and phone number. The names should always be written in full and abbreviations must be avoided. Many women often leave out the date of birth from their CV and forget that age is a crucial statistic in job placement. However, a CV is not a social dating tool, and must be as complete as it possible can.

The level of the detail in the CV should also be well balanced. You should avoid over or under disclosure of information. In other instances the format of the CV, the content and even the presentation, may be governed by intrinsics requirements of a particular sector. Some job sectors mayrequire additional information that is not normally included in a standard CV. Besides content the presentation also needs appropriate consideration. Clear headings with bold emphases will give your CV a professional look. Using a standard font type and size also gives the CV a mature uniform look. In addition, numbering and bulleting will help the CV look orderly and attractive to the eye. Writing the CV in capital letters should be avoided except in presenting titles, names and nouns. This is because a CV written exclusively in capital letters is difficult to read and requires much more attention to understand.

Always make sure that the information in your résumé is accurate. Most employers will seek to confirm the veracity of the content of your CV during the interview process or through independent background checks. And unless you are an “accomplished” expert liar, it is unlikely that you will get away with lying in your CV; especially if the untruth involves vital information such as education and employment history.

Finally, make sure that all the information presented in the CV is independently verifiable. For instance, claims of excellence in academic performance must be accompanied with requisite certificates and testimonials.

When it comes to a job search, nothing should be left to fate. It is your duty to present yourself as comprehensively as possible via well-written CV. If need be do not hesitate to consult a professional.

(a) Is it true that prospective job seekers do not pay enough attention to the CV? Explain (3 marks)

(b) According to the author, how does one create a well balanced CV? (2 marks)

(c) Make notes on what should be on the content of a CV. (4 marks)

(d) What three things does one ought to do to give their CV a professional look? (3 marks)

(e) ‘Many women often leave out date of birth from their CV’ -(Rewrite in the passive) (1mark)

(f) Why is it not wise to lie in the CV? (2marks)

(g) Of what use are numbers and bullets in the CV? (2 marks)

(h) Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the passage (3 marks)

crucial _____________________________________________________________________

 20 marks

2.LITERATURE (25 Marks)

Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow.


The boy’s name was Waiyaki, the only son of Chege. He was quite young; not of Kamau or Kinuthia’s age. He had not even gone through his second birth, Waiyaki was however, already tall for his age. He had a well-built athletic body. His hair was tough and dry with kinks that finished in a clear outline on the forehead. Just above the left eye was a slightly curved scar. He had got it from a wild goat. The goat had run after one of the herds boys. Seeing this, Waiyaki had taken a stick and run after the goat shouting. The goat had turned on him and jabbed him with its horns, tearing the flesh to the bone. His father arrived in time to save him. That was along while ago. The wound had healed leaving him a hero among the boys although he had run after the goat for sheer fun and enjoyment of the scene. That, however, was not the sole reason why the other boys, young and old promptly followed him.

Chege, his father, was a well known elder in Kameno. He had now only one wife, who had borne him many daughters but only one son. The other two wives had died during the great famine, without any children. The famine had been preceded by a very rich harvest. Then locusts and worms and a blond drought came to bring death to many. Chege had barely survived. His daughters were now well married, apart from one, who had died early. The other elders feared and respected him. For he knew more than any other person, the ways of the land and the hidden things of the tribe. He knew the meaning of every ritual and every signs. So, he was at the head of every important ceremony.

Many stories ran around him. Some people said that he had the gift of magic. Others said that he was a seer and Murungu often spoke to him. And so they said that he could see visions of the future like Mugo wa Kibiro, who along time back prophesied the invasion of the Gikuyu country by the white man. Some even said that Chege was actually related to Mugo. Nobody knew this for sure Chege himself claimed nothing. Ever since he had warned people against Siriana Missionary Centre and they had refused to hear his voice, he had talked little, keeping all thought to himself. Chege had told the people of the ridges what had happened to the people of Murang’a, Nyeri, and Kiambu. He told them of Tumutumu, Gikuyu, Limuru and Kijabe. They doubted his voice saying:

“How do you know?”
“See them the butterflies.”
“Butterflies? You have never left the ridges!”
“They are there, beyond the ridges, putting up many houses and some taking the land.”
“How could you have seen the light beyond?”
“Fools, fools,” he muttered to himself in despair.

Nairobi was already flourishing and the railway was moving across the country in the land beyond where not many from the ridges had been. And they lowered their voices and whispered together:

“The white man cannot speak the language of the hills.”
“And knows not the ways of the land.”

But the white man had come to Siriana and Joshua and Kabonyi had been converted. They had abandoned the ways of the ridges and followed the new faith. Still, people shrugged their shoulders and went on with their work, whispering:

“Who from the outside can make his way into hills?”

However, he remembered something in his old age, a light shone in his eyes, a flicker of hope. He would guard it and divulge the knowledge to none but the right one.

(a) What happens just before this excerpt? (3 marks)

(b) What circumstances cause the ordeal above? (3 marks)

(c) Who are butterflies? Illustrate. (2 marks)

(d) Describe the peoples attitude towards Chege (2 marks)

(e) What is the irony in Chege’s warning about Siriana Missionary Centre (2 marks})

(f) “How could you have seen the light beyond?”(Rewrite in reported speech) (2 marks)

(g) Discuss the role of Waiyaki as evident in this excerpt. (2 marks)

(h) In a paragraph of about 50 words with your knowledge of the novel, describe the ritual of the
second birth. (5 marks)



 25 marks

3.POETRY (20 Marks)

Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.


The Guilty of Giving
You’ve seen that heap of rags
That pollutes the air-conditioned
City Centre
That louse that creeps about
In the clean core of sophistication;
You’ve seen him waylay his betters
And make them start
Especially when they have no change
You recall the day you came upon him
And were startled by his silent presence
Intruding into you preoccupation:
You hurled a coin
Which missed the mark
And rolled into the gutter
Where he groped for it
With a chilling grotesque gratitude
That followed you down the street
You dived into the nearest shop
To escape the stare
Of the scandalized crowd
That found you guilty
Of recalling attention
To the impenetrable patience
They had learnt not to see.

Laban Erapu

(a) Who is the Persona in this poem (2 marks)

(b) Paraphrase the subject matter of this poem (3 marks)

(c) Explain the title of the poem by discussing three different ‘ guilts’ (3marks)

(d) Identify three poetic devices used by the poet. (6 marks)

(e) What is the tone of this poem? (3 marks)

(f) Explain the meaning of the following lines: (3 marks)

And make them start

Which missed the mark

To escape the stare

 20 marks

4.GRAMMAR (15 Marks)

Answer the following questions.


Rewrite the sentence below as instructed.
(i) Water has been being carried by the cooks (Begin: The cooks …..)

(ii) The Executive is committed to implement the constitution (Rewrite correctly)

(iii) Annabel and Mabel could sing very well _________________________? (Add a tag)

 3 marks


Fill in the blank with the adjective form of the words in brackets
(i) The accused is yet to be proven…………………………………………….(GUILT)
(ii) The ………………………………… (MISCHIEF) boy startled the cat.
(iii) Your speech was ………………………………………………. (REMINISCE) of Osama’s

 3 marks


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of LIE’ and ‘LAY’.
(i) Jessica has……………………………………………… in the shade all afternoon
(ii) My turkey had ………………………………….. three eggs before Christmas.
(iii) Whoever says a dog is feline must be a ……………………………………………………………..

 3 marks


Replace the underlined words in each sentence with one word with similar meaning
(i) The meeting was put off ……………………………………………….for lack of quorum
(ii) The baby lets out………………………………. a cry every time its mother leaves the room
(iii) I’m sorry I can’t put up ……………………………… the visitors; I don’t have enough room

 3 marks


Fill the blanks with the correct word
(i) The girls…………………………………… their uniform on the clothesline yesterday
(ii) I entirely agree …………………………………… your proposal
(iii) The KCSE results were ……………………………………………. on the KNEC website

 3 marks

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