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KNEC KCSE English Paper 2 Question Paper / 2015 KCSE Kericho West Joint Examination

KNEC KCSE English Paper 2 Question Paper / 2015 KCSE Kericho West Joint Examination

2015 KCSE Kericho West Joint Examination

English Paper 2


Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow.


Sales promotion involves taking measures such as advertising intended to win over and attract
customers.Nowadays,people have more money to spend on goods produced in a highly competitive commercial world than was the case twenty years ago. Protection of the consumer is therefore necessary. As far as a law is concerned, both the seller and buyer are treated almost equally. However, the right of the buyers stems from the fact that the purchase of goods involves a contract between the seller and the buyer. The law recognizes that the buyers are responsible for ensuring that they set out to buy.

At times, consumers feel that they are exploited and they complain. At other times, a grievance may be voiced and yet no remedy is affected. This may be due to the consumer’s ignorance of their rights, their unwillingness to complain or simply indifference on their part.

Consumers dealing with public utility corporations, such as Post Office, sometimes experience frustrations yet they are taxed in order that such institutions may be financed. However weak the consumers are, they should at least be safeguarded from trade abuses such as rising prices of monopolies, poor weight and measures, false or misleading statemments,description,brand names or trademarks applied to both goods and services and in hygienic conditions.

The Kenya Consumer Organization is a voluntary organization that looks at the welfare of the consumers. It acts as a ‘watch dog’ on various aspects of consumer problems. These problems include overcharging, poor quality of goods on sale, artificial shortages, faulty packaging and refusal to sells or conditional selling to non-regular customers. If consumers find that what they have purchased is not up to the expected standard, they can direct their complaints to the organization. They are then asked to forward the faulty item plus the receipt to the organization. The item is examined and if the complaint is confirmed to be genuine, the organization sends a representative with the faulty item and the receipt to where it was purchased.

The representative explains the situation to the seller and requests either to replace the item or refund the money. If the seller is uncooperative; the organization then informs the Price Control Department which takes up the matter. Should the trader remain adamant, he or she will be prosecuted and fined if guilty.

Members of the organization also visit factories involved in production of consumer commodities. The aim of such visit is to inspect the processing and general cleanliness of such places and the quality of goods being produced and offered to the consumer. The organization then makes recommendations and if the factory fails to make the necessary rectification, the relevant authority is notified. This may result in legal action being taken against the factory.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that products manufactured in Kenya, either for the local market or export, measure to the international standard and specification. It also educates consumers on standardization. To promote standardization in industry and commerce, his bureau prepares specification and provides facilities for examination and testing of any commodities manufactured, produced and treated. It also controls the use of standardization and distinctive marks. Where necessary, the bureau also tests imported commodities.
The weight and measure department, on its part, ensures that all types of weighing and measuring instruments used in the country are accurate .Regular inspection and examination of these instruments is therefore a requirement.

The ministry of health is charged with the duty of ensuring that foods are hygienically prepared and supplied to the consumer. In conjunction with the ministry of Livestock Development, and especially the veterinary Department, the Health Inspectorate ensures that all slaughter houses are clean and that meat is inspected before being supplied. Health Inspectorate ensures that all slaughter houses are clean and that meat is inspected before being supplied. Health Inspectors also visit public eating-places and markets to ensure that general cleanliness is maintained.

The Dairy Board is a section of the ministry of Livestock Development, and is primarily charged with the supervision of dairy products. These include milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt and cream. The government also provides consumer protection through controlled monopoly and legal restrictions of charges and profits in certain commodities and services .Nationalization of certain commodities and services. Nationalization of certain services such as post and Telecommunications, banking, transport, health, education and water supply curbs exploitation.

(Adapted from commerce by R.N Gichira Macmillan 1982, 86-91)

a) Why do consumers ‘grievances sometimes go uncorrected? (1 mark)
b) How is the position of consumers presented in this passage? (2 marks)
c) Rewrite the following sentence beginning “Both …”
As far as the law is concerned, both the seller and the buyer are treated almost equally. (2 marks)
d) Identify any four bodies that are concerned with consumer protection as highlighted in the passage. (2 marks)
e) What measures are taken by the Kenya consumer’s organization towards consumer protection? (2 marks)
f) In not more than 40 words, summarize the role that Kenya Bureau of Standards plays in consumer protection.
g) How is nationalization of service important in protecting consumers? (2 marks)
h) (i) What measures do you think consumers can take to facilitate their own protection? (2 marks)
(ii) Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases as used in the passage. (3 marks)
i) Legal restrictions
ii) Curbs
iii) Sales promotion

 16 marks

2.LITERATURE (25 Marks)

Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow.


Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow.
FAT PRINCE: Answer him, my little fox: I’m with you.
NEPHEW: I shall answer him according to the dignity of the law. Defendant; preserve the dignity of the law!
AZDAK: Agreed.Command you proceed with trial!
NEPHEW: It is not your place to command me.You claim that the princes forced you to declare war. How can you claim, then, that they-er-“messed it up”?
AZDAK: Did not send enough people. Embezzled funds. Sent sick horses. During attack, drinking in
whorehouse.Call Uncle Arsen as witness.
NEPHEW: Are you making the outrageous suggestion that the princes of this country did not fight?
AZDAK: No.Princes fought .Fought for war contracts.
FAT PRINCE (jumping up): That’s too much! This man talks like a carpet weaver!
AZDAK: Really? Told nothing but truth.
FAT PRINCE: Hang him! Hang him!
FIRST IRONSHIRT (pulling the PRINCE down): Keep quiet! Go on, Excellency!
NEPHEW: Quiet! I now render a verdict. You must be hanged! By the neck! Having lost war!
AZDAK: Young man, seriously advise not fall publicly into jerky clipped speech. Cannot be watchdog if howl like wolf. Got it? If people realize Princes speak same language as Grand Duke, may hang Grand Duke and princes, huh?By the way ,must overrule verdict.Reason?War lost, but not for princes. Princes won their war. Got 3,863,000 piasters for horses not delivered, 8,240,000 piasters for food supplies not produced. Are therefore victors. War lost only for Grusinia, which is not present in this court.
FAT PRINCE: I think that will do, my friends. (To Azdak 🙂 You can withdraw, funny man.
(To the IRONSHIRTS 🙂 You may now ratify the new judge’s appointment, my friends.
FIRST IRONSHIRT:Yes ,we can. Take down the judge’s gown.(one IRONSHIRT climbs on the back of the other, pulls the gown off the hanged man)(To the NEPHEW:)Now you run away so the right person can get on the right chair.(To AZDAK:)Step forward! Go to the judge’s seat! Now sit in it!(AZDAK steps up bows, and sits down)The judge was always a rascal! Now the rascal shall be a judge!(The judge’s gown is placed round his shoulders, the hat on his head)And what a judge!

a) Briefly explain what happens immediately before this extract. (3 marks)
b) “_____________that they_____________er-“messed it up?”
Briefly explain how Grusinians lost the war in not more than 50 words. (4 marks)
c) From the extract identify and illustrate two character traits of the Fat Prince. (4 marks)
d) Why was it necessary that a new judge be sought immediately? (2 marks)
e) And what a judge! What does this reveal about the tenure of the new judge. (3 marks)
f) Identify and explain the effect of the major dramatic device in the extract above. (4 marks)
g) You can claim that the princes forced you to declare war. (1 mark)
(Rewrite beginning: They__________________ (1 mark)
h) FIRST IRONSHORT (Pulling the PRINCE down): Keep quiet! Go on, Excellency! This is the beginning of the end. Outline how this event marked the beginning of the Fat Prince’s end. (4 marks)

 16 marks

3.ORAL NARRATIVE. (20 Marks)

Read the Oral Narrative below and answer the questions that follow.


Two ample women, somewhat past their primes
(the man between lost in his Daily Times)
Discuss their friends for all the world to hear
Some seats away a gallant says,”My dear”
to a strange girl who glares at him.Uncowed

he prattles on, oblivious of the crowd
On every side there’s animated talk
On the state, on love-down to the price of pork
Some stare through windows, hating all the noise,
Stern faced, like masters angry with their boys
The fop uneasy with the tramp beside
Fidgets and sighs and shifts from side to side

A bus stop now
Sighs and farewells, legs and baskets
Jostle in greatest confusion
The queen without stampedes and rushes
to increase the babel within
“Way please! ”get in!”Abi na Wetin”
“Ouch you’ve hurt my toe!”
Time up! The conductor presses “Go”
The hubbub continues. “What does he care?”
The more the noisier, but the richer the fare!

a) What is the message of this poem? (4 marks)
b) Explain the sarcasm in the line
-down to the price of pork (2 marks)
c) Contrast the characters of (the man) and the gallant. (2 marks)
d) Identify and explain two voices in the poem. (2 marks)
e) Describe the character trait of the conductor. (2 marks)
f) Identify and illustrate the use of synecdoche in the second stanza of the poem. (2 marks)
g) Why are the last two lines in the poem significant? (2 marks)
h) What is the tone of the poem? (2 marks)
i) Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases (2 marks)
i) The hubbub
ii) Prattles

 16 marks

4.GRAMMAR (15 Marks)

Answer the following questions.


Rewrite the following sentence as instructed.
i) But for my father’s prompt action, I would be dead by now.(Begin: Had it ______________)
ii) I am sorry you missed lunch.(Begin: I regret__________)
iii) As soon as the meeting ended, the impatient members walked away.(Use :Hardly___________)
iv) He gave her the expensive watch. (Rewrite in the passive voice)

 4 marks


Complete the following sentences using appropriate prepositional phrase made with the word in brackets.
i) Tourists crossed the river_________a boat.(means)
ii) _______________our constitution, children are protected .(accordance)
iii) _____________the lawyer’s negligence, he was fired.(account)

 4 marks


Use the correct form of the words in brackets in the sentences that follow.
i) It_________ (cost) three thousand shilling a year.
ii) The news came as a ____________to the whole nation.(reveal)
iii) His reckless remarks _____________everyone present.(fury)
iv) The parcel had__________(lay) there uncollected for a week.

 4 marks


Rewrite the sentences below, replacing the underlined words with one word with the same meaning.
i) I talk for granted you are the new teacher.
ii) The government has done way with taxes.
iii) The disease is able to be caught by contact.
iv) The magistrate found him guilty of failure to fulfill his part of the contract.

 4 marks

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