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KNEC KCSE Geography Paper 1 – 2014 Nakuru District Mock

KNEC KCSE Geography Paper 1 – 2014 Nakuru District Mock

2014 Nakuru District Mock

Geography Paper 1

SECTION A (25 Marks)



(a)Name two exotic species of trees in Kenya (2marks)
(b) State three reasons why it is necessary to carry out aforestation programs in Kenya (3 marks)

 5 marks


(a) State three reasons why it is necessary to carry out afforestation programs in Kenya (3marks)
(b) Give two by-products of sugar-cane (2marks)

 5 marks


Use the map of East Africa below to answer question (a)
(a) Identify the National Parks marked P,Q and R. (3marks)
(b) Give two endangered species of game animals in Kenya (2marks)

Geography Paper 1 Question Paper - 2014 Nakuru District Mock

 5 marks


(a) Name the main human activity which led to the growth of the following town in Kenya.(3marks)
i) Thika
ii) Eldoret
iii) Nairobi
(b) State two factors which may lead to development of linear settlement pattern (2marks)

 5 marks

SECTION B (75 Marks)

Answer question 6 and any other questions from this section.


(a) What is fertility rate? (2marks)
(b) Give three problems associated with slow population growth rate (3marks)

 5 marks


The table below shows the value of Kenya’s imports for selected items in year 2005 and 2006.
Use it to answer question (ai). (Values are in million Ksh)

Item/Year 2005 2006
Petroleum 26035 22065
Machinery 37933 25474
Vehicles 14524 14382
Pharmaceuticals 7188 8678

(a)(i) Calculate the percentage reduction of value of imported machinery between year
2005-2006. (2marks)
(ii) Which item had the highest increase in value of imports between the two years? (2marks)
(iii) Using a vertical scale of 1cm represent Ksh.5000 million, draw a comparative bar
graph to represent the data above. (8marks)
(b) (i) Distinguish between invisible exports and visible exports. (2marks)
(ii) Give five measures Kenya has taken to reduce the unfavourable balance of trade (5marks)
(c) Explain three benefits of international trade in Kenya. (6marks)

 25 marks


Define the term nomadic pastoralism (2marks)
(i) Give three breeds of beef cattle reared in Kenya. (3marks)
(b) Explain three reasons why pastoralists practice extensive grazing in Kenya. (6marks)
(c) State five ways in which the government of Kenya is assisting beef farmers. (5marks)
(d) State three factors favouring beef farming in Argentina (3marks)
(ii) Explain three ways in which beef farming in Kenya is different from beef farming
in Argentina. (6marks)

 25 marks


What is fish farming (2marks)
(ii) Name three counties in Kenya where fish farming is commercially practiced. (3marks)
(b) A part from trawling, give three other commercial methods of fish (3marks)
(ii) Describe how trawling method is carried out in fishing. (5marks)
(c) State four problems facing fishing in Lake Naivasha (4marks)

(d) Explain four reasons why fishing Industry is well developed in North West Pacific region
of the world. (8marks)

 25 marks


Distinguish between land reclamation and land rehabilitation. (2marks
(i) Apart from Perkerra irrigation scheme name three more irrigation schemes in Kenya. (3marks).
(b) State five factors which favoured establishment of Perkerra Irrigation Scheme. (5marks)
(c) Describe the stages involved in reclamation of land from the sea in the Netherlands. (7marks)
(d) Explain Four Factors that make polders of Netherland suitable for cultivation. (8marks)

 25 marks


What are environmental hazards? (2marks)
(ii) Apart from windstorms name three other environmental hazards associated with climatic
conditions (3marks)
(iii) State three problems caused by windstorms in Kenya. (3marks)
(b) State Five causes of water pollution. (5marks)
(c) Explain four measures taken to combat noise pollution in Kenya. (8marks)
(e) A group of Form four students from a school in Nairobi Town went out for a field study on
land pollution within the town.
Give four causes of land pollution they may have observed. (4marks)​

 25 marks

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