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KNEC KCSE Geography Paper 2 – 2014 Cross Country Mock

KNEC KCSE Geography Paper 2 – 2014 Cross Country Mock

2014 Cross Country Mock

Geography Paper 2

SECTION A (25 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section


(a) Define a forest (1mk)
(b) State four characteristics of planted forest (4mks)

 5 marks


2State five characteristics of plantation farming.

 5 marks


(a) State three problems that are associated with low tourist season on Kenya. (3mks)
(b) Name two main inland tourist attractions found in Kenya. (2mks)

 5 marks


(a) What is a manufacturing industry? (2mks)
(b) State three main characteristics of cottage industries in Kenya. (3mks)

 5 marks


(a) Apart from pollution, name two other environmental hazards experienced in Kenya. (2mks)
(b) State three ways in which industrial pollution is a health hazard. (3mks)

 5 marks

SECTION B (75 Marks)

Answer question 6 and any two other questions from this section.


The table below shows the number of tourists who visited Kenya between 1996 and 1999. Use it to answer questions that follow.

Country/Year 1996 1997 1998 1999
Britain 100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000
N. America 80,000 50,000 45,000 48,000
Germany 70,000 40,000 35,000 30,000
S.E. Asia 40,000 30,000 25,000 25,000

(a) Using 1cm to represent 10,000 people, draw a comparative bar graph to represent the data above.
(b) State four possible reasons for the general decline in the number of tourists since 1997. (4mks)
(c) (i) Define eco-tourism (1mk)
(ii) State two objectives of eco-tourism (2mks)
(d) (i) Explain three factors that hinder tourism in Kenya (6mks)
(ii) Identify four measures the Kenyan government has undertaken to promote tourism in the
Country. (4mks)

 25 marks


Use the map of East Africa to answer questions (a) (i) and (ii).

Geography Paper 2 Question Paper - 2014 Cross Country Mock

(a) (i) Name the minerals at the following marked areas P, Q, R, S (4mks)
(ii) Give three types of minerals. (3mks)
(b) Explain how placer method of mining is carried out (5mks)
(c) Study the photograph provided and answer the questions that follow:

Geography Paper 2 Question Paper - 2014 Cross Country Mock
(i) Name the form of energy generated in the photograph. (2mks)
(ii) Name three main areas in Kenya where the above source of energy if found. (3mks)
(iii) Explain four problems which face generation of geothermal power in Kenya. (8mks)

 25 marks


Use the map of North-West Pacific below to answer question (a).

Geography Paper 2 Question Paper - 2014 Cross Country Mock
(a) (i) Name the ocean current marked X and Y (2mks)
(ii) Name two main countries involved in fishing in the North West Pacific fishing ground. (2mks)
(iii) Explain three human factors which favour fishing in the North West Pacific fishing ground (6mks)

(b) The diagram below shows a fishing method.

Geography Paper 2 Question Paper - 2014 Cross Country Mock
(i) Describe how the method is used in catching fish. (5mks)
(c) (i) Explain three measures being taken by the government of Kenya to conserve marine
fisheries. (6mks)
(ii) State four problems experienced in the marketing of fish in Kenya. (4mks)

 25 marks


(a) (i) Apart from petroleum name two other non-renewable sources of energy. (2mks)
(ii) Give three reasons why Kenya imports her oil in crude form. (3mks)
(b) Explain four ways in which Kenya has benefited from the development of seven forks hydro-electric power schemes. (8mks)
(c) (i) Name two developing countries that have developed nuclear energy in the world. (2mks)
(ii) State four disadvantages of nuclear energy (4mks)
(d) Give three reasons hindering the expansion of rural electrification programme in Kenya. (6mks)

 25 marks


(a) (i) Name two districts to the West of Rift Valley where tea is grown on large scale. (2mks)
(ii) State five physical conditions that favour tea growing in Kenya. (5mks)
(b) Describe the stages involved in cultivation of tea from land preparation to harvesting. (6mks)
(c) (i) Explain five problems facing tea farming in Kenya (10mks)
(ii) Name two countries in the world which are the leading importers of Kenyan tea. (2mks)

 25 marks

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