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KNEC KCSE Geography Paper 2 Question Paper / 2016 KCSE KAMDARA JET Examination

KNEC KCSE Geography Paper 2 Question Paper / 2016 KCSE KAMDARA JET Examination

2016 KCSE KAMDARA JET Examination

Geography Paper 2

SECTION A: (25 Marks)


a) Distinguish between land reclamation and land rehabilitation (2 Marks)
b) State three significance of irrigation farming in Kenya (3 Marks)

 5 marks


a) Name two types of human settlement (2 Marks)
b) Give three functional zones of an urban center (3 Marks)

 5 marks


a) (i) What is geothermal power? (2 Marks)
(ii) Name two sites of geothermal power potential in Kenya. (2 marks)
b) State two reasons why geothermal power is not well developed in Kenya. (2 Marks)

 6 marks


a) Name two environmental hazard associated with climatic conditions (2 Marks)
b) State three negative effects of uncollected garbage on the environment (3 Marks)

 5 marks


a) What is mining? (1 Marks)
b) State three negative effects of mining on the physical environment (3 Marks)

 4 marks

SECTION B (75 Marks)

Answer question 6 and any other two questions from this section.


Study the photograph below and answer questions (a) and (b)

Geography Paper 2 Question Paper - 2016 KCSE KAMDARA JET Examination

a) (i) Name the type of photograph shown above (1 Mark)
(ii) Identify the activity being carried out in the photograph (1 mark)
b) (i) Draw a rectangle measuring 12cm by 8cm to represent the area of the photograph (1 Mark)
(ii) On the rectangle, sketch and label four main features shown on the photograph (4 Marks)
c) (i)Give five methods used to preserve fish in Kenya (5 Marks)
(ii)State five problems experienced by fishermen in Lake Victoria (5 Marks)
d) Outline four differences between fishing in Kenya and Japan (8 Marks)

 25 marks


a) (i) Name two species of coffee grown in Kenya (2 Marks)
(ii)State three physical conditions necessary for the growth of coffee (3 Marks)
(iii)Identify three counties in Kenya where coffee farming is practiced (3 Marks)
b) Highlight five problems facing coffee farming in Kenya (5 Marks)
c) Describe the stages involved in coffee production from picking to marketing (7 Marks)
d) Your class intends to carry out a field study on coffee harvesting in a farm
(i)State two ways in which your class members will prepare for the study (2 Marks)
(ii)Identify three activities the students will engage in during the actual fields study (3 Marks)

 25 marks


(a) (i) Define the term industry. (2 marks)
(ii) Name three Agricultural non-food processing industries in Kenya. (3 marks)
(b) Explain three main factors that influence the location and development of
industries. (6 marks)
(c) Explain the measures that should be taken to control the following effects of
(i) Rural urban migration (4 marks)
(ii) Water pollution (2 marks)
(d) Account for the growth of Iron and steel industry in the Ruhr region of Germany. (8 marks)

 25 marks


(a) Name three types of dairy cattle kept in Kenya (3 marks)
(b) (i) State four condition that favour dairy farming in the Kenyan highlands. (4 marks)

(ii) Explain three problems facing dairy farmers in Kenya. (6 marks)
(c) (i) State three measurers the government of Kenya is taking to improve dairy farming.
(3 marks)
(ii) Compare dairy farming in Kenya and Denmark. (4 marks)
(d) You intend to carry out a field study in a dairy farm.
(i) Give three methods you would use to collect information. (3 marks)
(ii) State two follow up activities you would carry out after the field study. (2 marks)

 25 marks


a)(i) Define re-afforestation (2 Marks)
(ii)State four reasons why afforestation should be encouraged in Kenya (4 Marks)
(iii)Name three provinces in Canada where forestry is practiced on large scale (3 Marks)
b) Explain three problems which hinder the Kenya government efforts to manage and
Conserve forest (6 Marks)
c) Explain three factors that favour the growth of natural forest on the slopes of Mount Kenya (6 Marks)
d) Identify four factors that favour exploitation of forest in Canada (4 Marks)

 25 marks

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