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KNEC KCSE History and Government Paper 1 – 2014 Homa-Bay Mock

KNEC KCSE History and Government Paper 1 – 2014 Homa-Bay Mock

2014 Homa-Bay Mock

History and Government Paper 1

SECTION A (25 Marks)

Answer all the questions in this section.


Identify two areas of study in political History

 2 marks


Give two cultural practices that the Agikuyu borrowed from the cushites

 2 marks


What was the main significance of the Kaya to the Agiriama in the pre-colonial period

 1 marks


A part from trade, identify two reasons why the Arabs came to the East African Coast before
the 15th C.A.D

 2 marks


Identify the main factor that led to the decline on Gedi along the East African Coast.

 1 marks


State two ways in which the constitution guarantees National Unity in Kenya.

 2 marks


Give two special rights enjoyed by people with disability in Kenya.

 2 marks


What was the main reason for calling of the Anglo-German treaty in 1890.

 1 marks


Give two reasons for the decline of the Maasai power from the mid 19th C.

 2 marks


Identify two roles of the Governor in Kenya during the colonial period.

 2 marks


What was the main reason why the British compelled the Africans to pay hut tax during the
colonial period.

 1 marks


Give the main reason for the formation of trade unions by the Africans during the colonial

 1 marks


Give two reasons for the calling of the second Lancaster house conference in 1962.

 2 marks


State one function of the supreme court in Kenya.

 1 marks


Name the accounting officer in a ministry in Kenya.

 1 marks


What is the main function of the Attorney general in Kenya.

 1 marks


Identify one function of county Assembly in Kenya.

 1 marks

SECTION B (45 Marks)

Answer any three questions from this section.


(a) Give three social reasons for the coming of the Christian missionaries to the East African
Coast by the mid 19th C (3mks)
(b) Explain six factors that facilitated the spread of Christianity in Kenya (12mks)

 20 marks


(a) State five reasons why the British Government encouraged settler farmers to come to
Kenya (5mks)
(b) Explain five problems faced by settler farmers in Kenya during the colonial period. (10mks)

 15 marks


(a) Outline three characteristics of the political Associations that were formed in Kenya between
1919-1939 (3mks)
(b) Explain six achievements that were made by the early political Association formed in Kenya
between 1919-1939. (12mks)

 15 marks


(a) State five internal factors that led to the Revival of multi-party politics in Kenya from 1991
(b) Explain five challenges experienced in implementing multi-party democracy in Kenya (10mks)

 15 marks

SECTION C (30 Marks)

Answer any two questions from this section.


(a) State three characteristics of a good constitution (3mks)
(b) Explain six advantages that Kenya enjoys from the use of a written constitution (12mks)

 15 marks


(a) Outline the processes through which a bill passes before it is tabled in the national assembly
for debate (3mks)
(b) Explain six ways in which parliamentary Supremacy is exercised in Kenya (12mks)

 15 marks


(a) Identify the composition of the cabinet in Kenya (3mks)

(b) Discuss six functions of the cabinet in Kenya (12mks)

 15 marks

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