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KNEC KCSE History and Government Paper 1 – 2015 – Machakos County Trial

KNEC KCSE History and Government Paper 1 – 2015 – Machakos County Trial

2015 KCSE Machakos County Trial

History and Government Paper 1

SECTION A (25 Marks)

Answer ALL the questions in this section


Give two examples of early inhabitants of Kenya.

 2 marks


Identify two cultural practices introduced by the Cushites in Kenya.

 2 marks


Identify the title given to the war leader among the Luo community.

 1 marks


State two characteristics of a good constitution.

 2 marks


Identify any two groups that monitor human rights in Kenya.

 2 marks


Apart from the legislative council mention two other bodies that assisted the central government in administering the protectorate during the colonial period.

 2 marks


Identify three recommendations of the Lenox-Boyd constitution of 1957.

 3 marks


Mention one main strategy introduced by Jomo Kenyatta to try and eliminate the social problems that faced Kenya at independence.

 1 marks


State two major challenges facing Health sector in Kenya.

 2 marks


Name two sources of Nyayo philosophy.

 2 marks


Name the education commission that was established in 1982 to review the 8.4.4 system of education.

 1 marks


Give two rule that govern that concept of natural justice.

 2 marks


Who is the head of judiciary in Kenya?

 1 marks


State two operation forts established by the British to enhance political control in central Kenya.

 2 marks

SECTION B (45 Marks)

Answer any THREE questions in this section


(a) Name three similarities in social organization of the Agikuyu and Luo during pre-colonial period.
(3 marks)
(b)Describe the political organization of the Kenyan Somali during the pre-colonial period (12marks)

 15 marks


(a) Identify Five constitutional changes in Executive in 2010 (5marks)
(b) Explain five challenges that Kenyans encountered in the search for new constitution. (10marks)

 15 marks


(a) State five measures used by colonial government in Kenya to force Africans to provide labour in
settler farms. (5marks)
(b) Describe five consequences of colonial land policies. (10 marks)

 15 marks


(a) Name three rights of aliens in Kenya. (3 marks)
(b) Explain six civic responsibilities of Kenyan Citizens (12 marks)

 15 marks

SECTION C (30 Marks)

Answer Any TWO questions in this section


(a) List three methods used by the British to occupy Kenya towards the close of the 19th century (3marks)
(b) Explain six challenges that faced the Imperial British East Africa Company in its Administration of
the protectorate (12 marks)

 15 marks


(a) Identify three methods that have been used to conduct elections in Kenya. (3marks)
(b) Why is parliament an important institution in Kenya? (12marks)

 15 marks


(a)Give three aims of Harambee movement in Kenya. (3marks)
(b)Explain six problems that faced Harambee movement in Kenya. (12 marks)

 15 marks

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