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KNEC KCSE History and Government Paper 1 Question Paper / 2015 KCSE Tharaka South Joint Examination

KNEC KCSE History and Government Paper 1 Question Paper / 2015 KCSE Tharaka South Joint Examination

2015 KCSE Tharaka South Joint Examination

History and Government Paper 1

SECTION A (25 Marks)

Answer All questions in this section


State two ways in which the Akamba interacted with the Agikuyu in the pre-colonial period.

 2 marks


Give two ways in which the knowledge of iron working helped in the migration of the Bantu.

 2 marks


State one reason why the government may limit the freedom of speech in Kenya today.

 1 marks


Name the treaty which marked the spheres of influence in East Africa in 1886.

 1 marks


Give one main social objective of education offered by missionaries in Kenya.

 1 marks


Give 2 resolutions passed during the second Lancaster House Conference.

 2 marks


Who appoints secretary to the cabinet in Kenya?

 1 marks


Identify two ways through which colonial land policies promoted settlers agriculture in Kenya.

 2 marks


Give the main reasons why KANU refused to form government after 1961.

 1 marks


What is the main purpose officers in Kenya who are charged with management of the equalization fund in Kenya.

 1 marks


Name two financial officers in Kenya who are charged with management of public finance both at national and county level.

 2 marks


Identify one negative impact the Indian Ocean trade had on the people of East Africa.


 1 marks


State the merits of parliament supremacy in Kenya.

 2 marks


State two ways in which the office of the presidency promote national unity in Kenya.


 2 marks


State two ways in which the constitution protects persons with disabilities.

 2 marks


Give the main functions of the government chief whip in Kenya’s parliament.

 1 marks


Name one commission established by grand coalition government soon after post- election violence.

 1 marks

SECTION B (45 Marks)

Answer any three


a) State five similarities in the social organization of the Agikuyu and Luo during the pre-colonial period.(5 marks)
b) Describe the political organization of the Kamba during the pre-colonial period. (10 marks)

 15 marks


a) State five ways in which the Kenya Railway line promoted economic development in Kenya. (5 marks)
b) Explain five problems encountered by railway builders during the construction of the Kenya Uganda railway line

 15 marks


a) State any five terms of Devonshire White paper of 1923. (5 marks)
b) State and explain any five reasons why the colonial government encouraged settler farming in Kenya up to 19th C. (10 marks)

 15 marks


a) Identify five causes of the Mau Mau uprising in 1952. (5 marks)
b) Explain five role of women in the struggle for independence in Kenya. (10 marks)

 15 marks

SECTION C (30 Marks)

Answer any two questions


a) Outline the stages through which a bill passes before it becomes law in Kenya. (5 marks)
b) Describe the structure of the court system of Kenya. (10 marks)

 15 marks


a) State five challenges faced by the national government of Kenya in its attempt to raise revenue for development.
b) Explain five ways through which the government of Kenya controls public finance. (10 marks)

 15 marks


a) Identify three methods used by British to acquire colonial possessions in Kenya. (3 marks)
b) Explain the impact of the partition of East Africa on Kenya. (12 marks)

 15 marks

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