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KNEC KCSE History and Government Paper 1 Question Paper 2015

KNEC KCSE History and Government Paper 1 Question Paper / 2015 KCSE Starehe Boys Centre Mock

2015 KCSE Starehe Boys Centre Mock

History and Government Paper 1

SECTION A (25 Marks)

Answer ALL the questions from this section in the answer booklet provided


Give two social ways in which the Kenyan societies interacted in the pre-colonial days.

 2 marks


Name one group of the Luo who migrated into Kenya.

 1 marks


Give two ways in which Seyyid Said encouraged plantation farming at the Kenyan coast.

 1 marks


Give two components of the Kenyan constitution.

 2 marks


Give two terms of the Heligo land treaty.

 2 marks


Give two reasons for Agiriama resistance.

 2 marks


State two results of the Devonshire white paper.

 2 marks


Give one main political effect of the construction of the Uganda railway.

 1 marks


Mention two consequences of Somali resistance.

 2 marks


State two reasons why settlers were persuaded to come to Kenya.

 2 marks


Mention two effects of urbanization during the colonial period.

 2 marks


Name two education commissions appointed to look into African education during the colonial period

 2 marks


What was the main method used by the Imperial British East Africa Company to pacify Africans during the colonial period.

 1 marks


Give one reason why local native councils were established during the colonial period.

 1 marks


State two ways in which the national government exercises oversight over county finances.

 2 marks

SECTION B (45 Marks)

Answer any three questions from this section in the answer booklet provided


(a) State three factors which strengthened unity among the cushites in the pre-colonial period.
{3 marks}
(b) Describe the political organization of the Nandi. {12 marks}

 15 marks


(a) What three factors made it possible for Arab traders to come to the Kenyan coast before 1500.
(3 marks)
( b) Explain six factors that led to the growth of towns along the coast of Kenya before the 19thcentury.
(12 marks)

 15 marks


(a) List three specific constitutional rights of the marginalized communities. (3 marks)
(b) Explain 6 ways in which the government protects the various rights of children. (10 marks)

 15 marks


(a) Give three reasons why the trade union movement was not active in Kenya up to the 1930s.
(3 marks)
b) Explain six reasons why the formation of trade unions in Kenya during the colonial period was important. (12 marks)

 15 marks

SECTION C (30 Marks)

Answer any Two questions from this section in the answer booklet provided


(a) Give three functions of the public service commission. (3 marks)
(b) Describe six measures that have been undertaken to improve the work of the police force.
(12 marks)

 15 marks


(a) Give three ways in which parliamentary supremacy can be limited. (3 marks)
(b) Explain six principles of the rule of law. (12 marks)

 15 marks


(a) Give 5 ways in which national government expenditure is controlled. (5 marks)
(b) Explain 5 challenges the government of Kenya faces in its efforts to raise its revenue. (10 marks)

 15 marks

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