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KNEC KCSE Home Science Paper 1 – 2014 Gatundu Mock

KNEC KCSE Home Science Paper 1 – 2014 Gatundu Mock

2014 Gatundu Mock

Home Science Paper 1

SECTION A (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.


Identify two ways in which the skin protects the body.

 2 marks


Give two factors to consider when using cosmetics.

 2 marks


Mention two ways you would prevent dandruff.

 2 marks


Give two limitations of using a pressure lamp for lighting.

 2 marks


State three good qualities of a kitchen plan.

 3 marks


Give two advantages of using commercial paper patterns.

 2 marks


Define the following terms.
(i) Colostrums

(ii) Hue

(iii) Pressing

 3 marks


What are effects of putting hot food in a refrigerator?

 2 marks


State the two main roles of garnishing in food presentation.

 2 marks


State two factors that make meat dry and tough after roasting.

 2 marks


Differentiate between a rich and plain cake.

 2 marks


State any three points you would note when buying a zip for a skirt.

 3 marks


Mention two safety measures you should consider when arranging furniture in the sitting room.

 2 marks


Give two reasons for keeping potatoes in cold water as soon as they are peeled.

 2 marks


State three disadvantages of using left over foods.

 3 marks


Give two roles of a shank in garment construction.

 2 marks


Draw and name two different symbols likely to be found on care labels of a woolen garment.

 2 marks


Name two types of tacking stitches.

 2 marks

SECTION B (20 Marks)

Answer all questions.


You have visited your cousin and she requires you to help her with house chores.
(a) Describe the procedure you would follow to thoroughly clean a hurricane Lamp. (7 marks)

b) Explain how to launder her fast coloured nylon petticoat. (8 marks)

(c) Thorough cleaning an enamel plate. (5 marks)

 20 marks

SECTION C (40 Marks)

Answer any two questions from this section in the spaces provided.


(a) Explain four reasons for using a time plan while performing household tasks. (8 marks)

(b) Describe how to prepare a front and back facing using one well labeled diagram. (6 marks)

(c) Suggest four problems experiment during pregnancy and give a possible cause and remedy. (6 marks)

Problem ½ mark Cause ½ each Remedy ½ each

 20 marks


(a) Explain four reasons why polythene bags are popular for storage of food in the refrigerator.
(8 marks)

(b) List four functions of beverages in a meal. (4 marks)

(c) Explain four qualities of a well constructed furniture. (8 marks)

 20 marks

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