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KNEC KCSE Islamic Religious Education Paper 1 Question Paper / KCSE 2014

KNEC KCSE Islamic Religious Education Paper 1 Question Paper / KCSE 2014

KCSE 2014

Islamic Religious Education Paper 1

Answer any five questions in the spaces provided.

(a) Outline six reasons why the Quran is regarded as the final revelation. (6 marks)
(b) Why was the Quran not compiled in to a book form (Mushaf) during the lifetime of the Prophet (P.b.u.h)? (6 marks)
(c) State eight characteristics of Makkah Surahs. (8 marks)

 20 marks


(a) State four teachings of Surah An-Nasr. (8 marks)

(b) Give seven conditions that must be fulfilled by a translator of the Quran. (7 marks)

(c) State five modes of Wahyi. (5 marks)

 20 marks


(a) Describe four ways through which hadith evolved. (8 marks)
(b) Discuss the contribution of hadith to Islamic culture. (7 marks)
(c) The Prophet (P.b.u.h) said “I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in paradise like this”, putting his index and middle fingers together. In reference to the above hadith, explain five ways through which Muslims can care for orphans. (5 marks)

 20 marks


(a) Differentiate between fardh and Swmah saum. (8 marks)

(b) Explain four effects of swalat on a Muslim. (8 marks)

(c) Identify four obligatory acts in the performance of wudhu. (4 marks)

 20 marks


(a) What are the functions of a Kadhi? (8 marks)
(b) State four contributions of Imam Abu Hanifa to the development of Fiqh. (4 marks) (c) Outline the acts that are forbidden for a pilgrim in the state of Ihram. (8 marks)

 20 marks


(a) Discuss the significance of the belief in Qadha and Qadar in the life of a Muslim. (8 marks)

(b) State the characteristics of the Ulul Azm prophets. (5 marks)
(c) State the functions of an Imam. (7 marks)

 20 marks

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