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KUCCPS Inter University Transfer Form 2024-2025

KUCCPS Inter University Transfer Form 2024-2025


KUCCPS Inter University Transfer Form | See details on how to download university transform form…

It is common for individuals to feel that they have chosen the wrong course or the wrong university. With the KUCCPS inter university transfer a person can apply to transfer to another university and pursue the course that they want. The KUCCPS inter university transfer procedure and forms can be easily found and filled online. Here is a detailed guide to help you ensure that you move to your university of choice.

You can only transfer to another university when the opportunity for transfer is open. In most cases, this is usually by the end of May. You must be a government-sponsored student too in order to be considered for the transfer. Find out more about the requirements and procedure for initiating the transfer.

Valuable insights about inter university transfer KUCCPS

Applications for inter university transfer are usually done through the KUCCPS inter university transfer portal. A person needs to access KUCCPS website. Prior to learning about the inter-university transfer process, have a look at the requirements for transferring universities.

  • The applicant must ensure that they meet the requirements for the course that they want to pursue in the university they transfer. This means that they have to meet the cut off points for that course in that university. Also, they must establish that there is still capacity for that course. In case the grades are lower or there is no capacity, then the transfer cannot be granted.
  • The student must get approval from the university or the colleges they want to join. This helps to ensure that the applicant has valid reasons for seeking transfer. Suppose a student applies and they do not get the approval from the KUCCPS,then they remain in their respective institutions.


To have your request of transferring to another university, a person needs download a form which must be signed by the heads of the respective colleges or university and then submit the form to the placement service.

  1. Visit the KUCCPS website and access your student account. You will do so by entering your KCSE index number and the year you did you examination as the username. The password should be your ID number and in case you do not have one, you can use your KCPE index number.
  2. Click on the applications and you will find the inter-institution transfer link.
  3. In put all the details required in the inter-institution form.
  4. Next, you will have to download the form you just filled and print it.
  5. Take that form to both institutions, i.e., the institution you want to leave and the one that you want to join. The form must be signed by officials from both sides, the vice chancellor of the university and the principal of the college.
  6. The last step is to ensure that your request to transfer has been approved. You will do this by taking the form to the Placement Service. The best thing is that as long as you are eligible, then then your request will be given and validated. The Inter university transfer KUCCPS procedure is quite a short and straightforward procedure, thanks to the online service.

Here are some more details that are important to know about KUCCPS inter university transfer.

  • This service is not usually provided for free. There is some amount of money that a person must pay through Mpesa. This payment is usually made after a successful completion of the steps in the application process. On your Mpesa application click on the Pay Bill option. Enter the business number 82024-20251. Next enter the year you sat for your KCSE followed by the index number which is 11 digits.
  • Do not make payments prior to completing the application process.
  • Also, be wary of individuals posing on social media as workers of KUCCPS. The inter university transfers service can only be provided through the company’s portal. If another website purports to provide these services, ignore and do not make any payment. Also, money is not sent to phone numbers but the pay bill number of the company.
  • Do not go about complicating the whole process by not reading the instructions carefully. The procedure is very simple.

We can all agree that KUCCPS has come in handy to solve problems that were initially impossible to solve in the past. At least, the education system of Kenya creates some flexibility by allowing students in the university to correct the mistakes they made in choosing the university or the course. Usually, many young people do not have vast knowledge about the courses they choose. After learning for few days, they realize that the courses do not meet their needs and expectations. Thanks to KUCCPS that such issues can be solved today. KUCCPS inter university transfer deadline is set by the Placement board every year and students ought to apply the inter university transfer during this period.

In case a person has further inquiries about this company or its services, they can contact KUCCPS through the email info@kuccps.ac.ke or the phone numbers 0723 954 927, 0734 879 662 or 020 5137400.

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  1. Iam requesting for transfer of kuccps placement from bukura agricultural college to maseno university to enroll a bachelor of animal health

  2. good move. kindly follow all steps involved with alot of care.
    wishing you good luck.

  3. Want to transfer from jooust to kmtc to persue clinical medicine


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