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Maseno University Grading System

Maseno University Grading System

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Maseno University Grading System – Details:


Grading Systems and Suggested U.S. Equivalents
Primary and Secondary
The Kenya Certificate Primary Education and the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education use the same grading system… Each subject is graded on the basis of a 12-point scale. 12 points is the highest and 1 point the lowest score. These points are accompanied by an expanded grading system of A, A-, B+ … E. This system takes into account the level of performance as a major criterion for determining the quality of candidates to be considered for further education. Institutions offering further education and training for secondary school leavers are required to use these grades and points to select suitable candidates for their training

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Primary and Secondary
A 12 A
A- 11 A
B+ 10 A
B 9 B+
B- 8 B
C+ 7 C
C 6 C
C- 5 C
D+ 4 D
D 3 D
D- 2 D
E 1 F

There is an average grade based on performance in the eight subjects. Where a candidate sits for more than eight subjects, the average grade is based on the best eight subjects. Selection is based on the best eight and performance in the individual subjects. (The University of Nairobi requires for admission an aggregate minimum C+ from at least 7 approved subjects obtained at the same sitting

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University Grading
First Class Honours A Excellent 70-100% A
Second Class Honours – Upper B Good 60-69% A-
Second Class Honours – Lower C Satisfactory 50-59% B
Pass D Pass 40-49% C
Fail E Fail 0-39% F

Polytechnics (Two possible systems are used)

1-2 Distinction A
3-4 Credit B
5-6 Pass C
7-9 Fail F
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A 75-100% 4.0 A
B 65-74% 3.0 B
C 50-64% 2.0 C
D 40-49% 1.0 C
E 0-39% 0.0 F
Teachers’ Colleges
A 80-100 A
A- 76-79 A
B+ 72-75 A
B 68-71 B
B- 64-67 B
C+ 60-63 B
C 56-59 C
C- 52-55 C
D+ 48-51 C
D 44-47 C
D- 40-43 F
E 0-39 F

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