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Maseno University Masters Courses

Maseno University Masters Courses

Welcome to Ugfacts.net/ke , on this page you will find details on Maseno University Admissions and Intake 2024-2025. It is our aim to provide this information as accurately as possible. Kindly check out our top pages on KUCCPS Admission letters 2024-2025 – KUCCPS Admission Lists 2024-2025 – Fees Structure for All Institutions – 2024-2025 Intake for Schools and List of Courses Offered .

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Maseno University Masters Courses | Maseno University Masters Programmes | Maseno University Masters Courses

Maseno University Masters Programmes

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Master of Arts, Linguistics
  • Master of Arts, Kiswahili
  • Master of Arts, Literature
  • Master of Arts, History
  • Master of Arts, Women in History
  • Master of Arts, Religion
  • Master of Arts, Theology
  • Master of Arts, Philosophy
  • Master of Arts, Music
  • Master of Arts, Fashion Merchandising
  • Master of Arts, Textile and Apparel Design
  • Master of Arts, Social Development and Management
  • Master of Arts, Anthropology
  • Master of Arts, Communication and Media Studies
  • Master of Arts, Literary Studies

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  • Master of Education in Special Needs Education
  • Master of Education in Curriculum Studies
  • Master of Education, Pedagogy
  • Master of Education, Planning and Economics of Education
  • Master of Education, Educational Administration
  • Master of Education, Education Technology
  • Master of Education, Social Science education
  • Master of Education, Language Education
  • Master of Education, Creative Arts Education
  • Master of Education, Educational Psychology
  • Master of Education, Guidance and Counselling
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Pedagogical Skills
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education Evaluation
  • Post Graduate Certificate in ICT application in education
  • Post Graduate diploma in Education
  • Master of Medicine (MMed), in Family & Emergency Medicine
  • Master fo Medicine (MMed), in General surgery
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Medical Physiology
  • Master of Arts, Political Science in International Relations
  • Master of Science, Climate Change and Development
  • Master of Science, Urban Environment Planning and Management
  • Master of Science, Environmental Science, Geography

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  • Master of Science, Conservation Biology
  • Master of Science, Aquatic Sciences
  • Master of Science, Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Master of Science, Applied entomology
  • Master of Science, Cell and molecular Biology
  • Master of Science, Botany
  • Master of Science, Analytical Chemistry
  • Master of Science, Environmental Chemistry
  • Master of Science, Inorganic Chemistry
  • Master of Science, Organic chemistry
  • Master of Science, Natural Products Chemistry
  • Master of Science, Physical Chemistry
  • Master of Science, Theoretical Physics
  • Master of Science, Experimental Physics
  • Master of Science, Hospitality Management
  • Master of Science, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
  • Master of Science, Plant Ecology
  • Master of Science, Genetics
  • Master of Science, Microbiology
  • Master of Science, Developmental Botany
  • Master of Science, Plant Taxonomy and Economic Botany
  • Master of Science, Plant Pathology and Agroforestry
  • Master of Science, Community Nutrition and Development
  • Master of Science, Nutrition Science
  • Master of Science,Family Development and Technology
  • Master of Science, Biomedical Science and Technology
  • Master of Public Health, Health Promotion and international Health
  • Master of Public Health, Epidemiology and Population Health
  • Master of Public Health, Management of Health System Services
  • Master of Science, Medical Immunology
  • Master of Science, Applied Mathematics
  • Master of Science, Quantitative Research Methods
  • Master of Science, Applied Mathematics and Applied Statistics
  • Master of Science, Horticulture
  • Master of Science, Crop Breeding
  • Master of Science, Irrigation and Soil Management
  • Master of Science, Pomology
  • Master of Science, Olericulture
  • Master of Science, Floriculture

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  • Master of Arts, Project Planning and Management
  • Master of Arts, Urban Management
  • Master of Arts, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Post Graduate Diploma, Planning and Management
  • Master of Arts, Gender Development with IT

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