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Tax Hygiene Checks for Country Offices Request for Proposal Jobs in Kenya

Tax Hygiene Checks for Country Offices Request for Proposal Jobs in Kenya




  • TechnoServe Inc. (TNS), headquartered in Arlington VA, invites your firm to participate in this competitive solicitation for pricing, delivery, and terms of potential sale of tax hygiene check services for TNS offices in multiple countries in Latin America and Africa.
  • We encourage proposals from small businesses, disadvantage businesses, or women-owned businesses.


  • TechnoServe is a leading nonprofit organization operating in 29 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America. We work with hardworking women and men in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries.
  • By linking people to information, capital, and markets, we have helped millions to create lasting prosperity for their families and communities.


  • TechnoServe is currently operating in 16 countries in Africa and 8 countries in Latin America through branch offices or registered local entity (see Attachment A for the list of countries, number of employees and annual budget). Each office is responsible for the proper accounting for that particular office.
  • TechnoServe maintains all accounting records in-house and uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Serenic Navigator) for the accounting system.
  • Our main sources of revenue are the US government, foundations, corporations, bilateral, and multilateral organizations.

    General Requirements & Scope of Work

  • We are looking for a firm or multiple firms with relevant experience in at least three of the countries identified in Attachment A who can complete tax hygiene checks in multiple countries.
  • TechnoServe anticipates the offeror(s) to conduct tax hygiene assignments throughout the year in order to provide TechnoServe with reasonable assurance that we are in compliance with local laws and to avoid any hidden costs associated with potential non-compliance.
  • We anticipate awarding one or more master services agreements (MSA) and then call on our partners to conduct specific tax hygiene reviews in specific countries by issuing task orders under each agreement.

    Specifically, we are looking for a firm that can:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of tax compliance and treatment by taxation area through review of documentation and identify any potential tax risks and recommendations.
  • Review detail of transactions to determine correctness or otherwise of reported taxes including payroll taxes, withholding tax, VAT, and any other applicable taxes in the country.
  • If applicable, identify any quantify any definite or potential tax exposures arising from missing or incomplete tax filings/documentation. If necessary, TechnoServe may engage the firm to assist in resolution of any such delinquencies.
  • All proposals must be valid for at least 90 days.

    Period of Performance

  • The period of performance of any master services contract resulting from this solicitation is anticipated to begin on or about April 10, 2021 and will be valid for two years.
  • Each task order will have a separate period of performance based on the requirements for the particular task order.

    Criteria for Selection

  • The evaluation of each response to this RFP will be based on the requirements set out in the solicitation and any addenda thereto.
  • At the sole discretion of TNS, the top proposals may be selected for follow-up questions or to provide an oral presentation.
  • TechnoServe reserves the right to award the contract to the organization(s) whose proposal is deemed to be in the best interest of and most advantageous to TNS.
  • TechnoServe will not award a contract to any bidder where there is indication of a lack of business integrity.
  • The Organization with the winning proposal will be notified in writing. Those who were not selected may or may not be notified, at the sole discretion of TNS.

    Form / Content of Response


    proposals shall:

  • Be in the English language.
  • Provide an illustrative budget including level of effort, fees, and possible expenses for one tax hygiene for a country office. The budget should be built using the employee and budget figures specified in Attachment A. Budget amounts should be stated in US dollars.

    Provide proposed fees for required services:

  • Partner
  • Associate
  • Other
  • Describe the qualifications, experience, and capabilities of the firm in providing the type of services being request by this RFP. Resumes or CVs of “key personnel” shall be submitted as an attachment. Provide references for work undertaken in the past with similar global NGOs.
  • Include a contact name, email address, and telephone number to facilitate communication between TNS and the submitting organization.

    A brief outline of the organization and services offered, including:

  • Full legal name, jurisdiction of incorporation and address of the company
  • Full legal name and country of citizenry of company’s President and/or Chief Executive Officer, and all other officers and senior managers of the company
  • Year business was established

    Terms and Conditions

  • The Request for Proposal is not and shall not be considered an offer by TechnoServe.
  • All responses must be received on or before the date and time indicated below.  All late responses will be rejected.
  • All unresponsive responses will be rejected.
  • All proposals will be considered binding offers. Prices proposed must be valid for entire period provided by respondent or required by RFP.
  • All awards will be subject to TNS contractual terms and conditions and contingent on the availability of donor funding.
  • TNS reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal or cancel the solicitation process at any time, and shall have no liability to the proposing organizations submitting proposals for such rejection or cancellation of the request for proposals.
  • TNS reserves the right to accept all or part of the proposal when award is provided.
  • All information provided by TNS in this RFP is offered in good faith. Individual items are subject to change at any time, and all bidders will be provided with notification of any changes. TNS is not responsible or liable for any use of the information submitted by bidders or for any claims asserted therefrom.
  • TNS reserves the right to require any bidder to enter into a non-disclosure agreement.
  • The bidders are solely obligated to pay for any costs, of any kind whatsoever, which may be incurred by bidder or any third parties, in connection with the Response. All responses and supporting documentation shall become the property of TNS, subject to claims of confidentiality in respect of the response and supporting documentation, which have been clearly marked confidential by the
  • Bidders are required to identify and disclose any actual or potential Conflict of Interest.

    How to Apply

    Schedule of Events

  • Questions regarding this request may be addressed to Contracts@tns.org and must be received no later than March 5, 2021. Responses to questions will be distributed to all interested parties no later than March 11, 2021.
  • Responses to the RFP should be addressed to the attention of Contracts@tns.org no later than March 22, 2021, 4pm EST.


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