Kenya Human Rights Commission Internships

Kenya Human Rights Commission Internships

The KHRC Internship Programme is one of the leading programmes in the Kenyan democracy and governance sector in terms of offering hands-on training for human rights practitioners.

The Commission hosts between 15 and 18 interns annually and fully involves them in all aspects of its operations.

Application requirements:


  • Interns should apply to the Internship Committee at the Kenya Human Rights Commission.
  • A letter describing why you are interested in interning with the Kenya Human Rights Commission and what special skills or experience you have that would fit with our programmes.
  • A resume / curriculum vitae showing academic accomplishment, work experience, volunteer experience etc. Please include your email address.
  • The names, phone numbers and email addresses of two references (one academic and one work-related preferred).Please include the title and organisation of the referees and a few words indicating the context of your work with them.
  • A brief unedited (professionally) writing sample that should be an academic essay roughly five pages long on any issue around human rights.International applicants only:
  • Summer internships require a minimum commitment of twelve weeks.Fall and Spring teams usually involve a commitment of 3 months.If your availability does not match the time period above, please inquire about alternatives.

    Internship Dates:

    1st quarter Team (January – March)

    Deadline for receipt of applications – December 1st

    Advise applicants by; December 18th

    2nd Quarter Team (April – June)

    Deadline for receipt of applications – March 1st

    Advise applicants by; March 18th

    3rd Quarter Team (July – September)

    Deadline for receipt of applications; June 1st

    Advise applicants by; June 18th

    4th Quarter Team (October – December)

    Deadline for receipt of applications; September 1st

    Advise applicants by; September 18th

    International Applicants:

    Summer Team: May – August

    (Firm application deadline February 1st)

For more information and application, see: Kenya Human Rights Commission Internships – Paid internship positions

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