Kyambogo University Online Payment

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 Kyambogo University Online Payment

  1. To initiate payment, go to your dashboard and click on “Pay Now” against the form you want to pay for. This will take you to the payment page containing the details of the form you want to pay for.

    Click on the “Print Payslip” button to proceed with payslip printing

  2. Your generated payslip will now be ready for printing. Just click on the print button on that page and you are good to go!

    Print out your payslip and pay the indicated amount in an appropriate bank. Currently only Stanbic and Crane bank are supported.

    After payment, you should be able to receive a notification SMS and e-mail notifying you about receipt of your payment. If you do not receive any SMS, please check your dashboard. Form payment status should be “PAID”

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pay application fee from any bank?
You can only pay your application fees to any branch of Crane bank, Echo bank or Stanbic bank. Any payments to any other bank will not be processed.
2. I have paid but have not received any notification SMS. What can I do?
If you do not receive any notification SMS, log into your admission account and check the status of the form you have paid for Status should be ‘PAID’. If the status doesn’t change within a few minutes, kindly contact us using the contact form on this site.
3. I have finished filling my form and the payments as well. What next?
You wait. We advise you to keep visiting this site to get updated on when successful applicants will be notified. Also note that an SMS will be sent to the mobile number you provided informing you about your admission status.
4. I have forgotten my password.
Sorry for that. You can recover your account by clicking recover from the login page or by clicking here.
5. Can I pay my application fee using university bankslips.
Not really. You are supporsed to use a payment slip printed from this system. Payments done using any other slips will not be processed.

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