MA Fellowship in Peace and Security

MA Fellowship in Peace and Security

Liverpool Law School LLM Bursaries: The Liverpool Law School offers four bursaries for students joining its taught LLM programme in autumn.

The awards will help students with their tuition fees.

The are offered to encourage the best students, from the UK, Europe and Overseas, to join the School’s expanding LLM programme.

There are two bursaries of £500 each to two students classified as Home/EU and two bursaries of £1000 each to two Overseas students.

Liverpool Law School LLM Bursaries will be awarded on the basis of merit.

Students’ academic performance in earlier degrees they have taken, as well as any other practical or intellectual achievements, will be taken into account. Academicreferences will also be considered.

Students do NOT need to make an extra application for the Liverpool Law School LLM Bursaries.

All students who have registered for the LLM will be considered automatically.

The award of Liverpool Law School LLM Bursaries will be made in the first semester, usually within the first six weeks of teaching.

Payment of the bursaries will be by way of set-off against LLM. tuition fees payable to the University of Liverpool.

Where the student has already paid their fees or has had them paid for them a refund to the amount of the bursaryawarded will paid by the Finance Office.

The decision of Liverpool Law School on the award of the Bursaries is final.

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