Manager – M&E Unit and Data Centre Operations Careers – MTN Uganda Limited

Manager – M&E Unit and Data Centre Operations Careers – MTN Uganda Limited

Job Title:   Manager – M&E Unit and Data Centre Operations  

Organisation: MTN Uganda Limited

Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda

Reports to: Senior Manager – Network Operations


About US:

MTN-Uganda is the leading telecommunications Company in Uganda, providing payphone, fixed lines, fax/data, internet and mobile services.


Job Summary:   The Manager – M&E Unit and Data Centre Operations will design, plan and manage Data centres space and infrastructure along with the related policies and procedures with the long-term view of the Technology evolution.



  • Consult with Vendors/3pp/Landlords, procurement and Technology staff for project and maintenance support.
  • The Fuel and power tariffs versus budget
  • MTN Group and MTN Uganda Technology roadmap and guidelines
  • Environmental policies and standards
  • Project Zero emission targets


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Budget, within the Business plan cycle, for all aspects related to the evolution, lifecycle and maintenance of the infrastructure and space in the Datacentres.
  • Design and plan the Datacentres and the space there in to meet the business plans and requirements as well as Lead, steer and supervise the related projects.
  • Capacity management of M&E Equipment so that the related upgrades projects are correctly spec ‘ed, steered and executed timeously.
  • Custody of all the Datacentre plans and As-built plans, all records pertaining to the Datacentre M&E infrastructure, electrical cabling/design layouts and space while ensuring they are up to date all the time and in safe custody.
  • Design and constantly update the policies, procedures and processes for the safe management and operation of the Datacentres guided by international and Group standards.
  • Ensure the security, health and safety of the personnel working in the datacentres as well as the equipment installed therein are embedded in all the designs, plans, processes, and works at/of the datacentre.
  • Constantly scan and assess the Datacentre environment in conjunction with the Audit and Risk functions for any risks that may pose a threat to the objectives enlisted above and constantly designing their mitigations.
  • High availability of the M&E infrastructure serving the Datacentre to the Tier Certification of choice, in turn, ensure high availability of the platforms therein hosted.
  • To manage, coordinate, administer and track the Energy costs (Grid, Fuel) at Datacentres and residual MTN owned sites ensuring correctness of billing and fraud detection/intervention.
  • Research and champion all initiatives to drive efficiencies in the energy related OPEX at Datacentres and other MTN facilities.
  • Management reporting and tracking of the performance of the Datacentre against a set matrix (including Capacity, Uptime, Risk mitigation, maintenance activities, spares, Group Carbon measurement, Energy consumption tracking, operational costs, project progress, safety)
  • Plans, approves, coordinates all works conducted in the Datacentre (New installations, commissioning, upgrades, decommissioning, maintenance) and lends expertise to the M&E projects/workorder in other MTN premises under the responsibility of the Facilities unit) ensuring adherence to the Change management process and smooth execution.
  • Manages and evaluates all vendors and contractors with responsibilities in the Datacentre and M&E operation, maintenance, spares stock and projects.
  • Interfaces with the relevant specialised Group function to cascade and drive the Group Technology strategy in M&E technology as well as the Datacentre management, standards, and reporting.
  • Budgets for and manages the energy costs related to the TowerCo contracts, the Electricity and Fuel at Technical facilities with the respective suppliers.
  • Motivates and holds the responsibility over any of the building management systems and tools related to the running of the Datacentres.
  • Interfaces and constantly coordinates with the Landlords for the MTN Owned Managed (MOM) and UTL Sites on matters related to projects .
  • Verifies invoices and initiates payments related to energy costs, spares, TowerCo and contracts related to the Datacentre and M&E portfolio.
  • Team leadership, recruitment, development, supervision, deploys/assigns and scopes, appraise/performance management of the team and the individuals.
  • ERM reporting and project zero champion.

Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Recruits, Develops, supervises, deploys, and appraises all the team within the M&E unit.
  • Manages and evaluates all the Contractors and vendors in the Data centre as well as M&E infrastructure at MTN.
  • Plays a leading role in motivating, scoping, and steering the related projects and the associated budgets.
  • Design, improve and enforce Data centre policies, procedures and standards while ensuring safety is paramount.
  • Approve all works within the Data centre and M&E infrastructure.
  • Budget motivation, control, management, and execution.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation in the Data centre profile.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • The applicant must hold a BSc Electrical/Telecommunications Engineering.
  • Project Management Training.
  • Supervisory/Manager Trainings

Other Training:

  • Electrical Design and Safety
  • DC Power systems
  • Electrical-Mechanical Specification and Scoping

Work Experience            

  • At least 3 years supervisory/management experience as Mechanical and Electrical Engineer in a Telecommunications company
  • Good Knowledge on AC and DC installations as well as on air conditioners, generators
  • Good knowledge of Precision Air Conditioning (cooling systems), High-Capacity Generators, Control systems, Synchronizing panels, PS systems, Rectifiers, and Inverters
  • Good Knowledge on Data Center Facilities operations
  • Electrical-Mechanical Designs, specification formulation and scoping
  • Contract /SLA Management
  • Budgeting and Cost Optimization/Control


  • Business Process Improvement
  • Quality Assurance
  • Reporting
  • Resource Management
  • Scope Planning & Management
  • Software and Hardware Assessment
  • Software Development
  • Systems Analysis
  • Systems Audit
  • Systems Design & Integration
  • Systems Testing

Skills / physical competencies:

  • Results orientation
  • Committed to making a difference.
  • Credibility
  • Building collaborative relationships
  • Engaged management.
  • Developing & empowering
  • Influencing, Leadership, Power
  • Sound judgment
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk-taking, Innovation


How to Apply:

All candidates who wish to join MTN Uganda Limited in this capacity should apply online at the link below.


Click Here


Deadline: 3rd March 2024

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